Dinder National Park

This Sudan National park is found in Sudan (northern Sudan). it was gazetted as a protected area under Sudan National parks and reserves in 1935 on the banks of river Dinder after which it was named. other rivers cross in the park include Rahad river.
The park covers an area of 7,1823sq km. It is also listed as UNESCO Biosphere reserves together with another Sudan National park.Dinder Suadan Park is known for its bird watching adventures and is an important Ramsar site in Sudan.
The area of the reserve is along a transitional eco-system of two exotic vegetation zones namely Ethiopian High plateau and the Sudanese arid sahara. The types of vegetation in the park include meadows,riparian forests,acacia woodlands and open savannah grasslands.


More than 180 species of birds including Ostrich are recorded in Dinder national park while many species of fish and mammals are part of the fauna in the park. Some of the animals in the park include roan, bushbuck, oribi, hartebeest, giraffe, reedbuck, greater kudu, waterbuck, dik-diki, lion, leopard, jackal, hyena,elephant and cheetah among others

The park is located in eastern Sudan on the banks of Dinder river. Access to the park isĀ  via Galegu Airport. The route from Khartoum the capital to the park headquarter is 470km.

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