Flights to Sudan

Flights to Sudan

Sudan has two airports one in Khartoum and another smaller one from Ad-Dabbah. Khartoum International Airport (KRT) is the main airport located in Al-Amarat near Khartoum city centre.

There are a number of airlines with flights to Sudan with one stop, two-stop and direct Sudan flights. Finding cheap Sudan Khartoum flights is as easy as a simple click…an online travel website or through a Sudan Travel and tour company. Bookings and early reservations will get you discount Sudan tickets, Airfares and cheap flights.

Flights                                                  Departures    Airports

Etihad Airways                                 Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Heathrow
Gulf Air                                                London Heathrow
Royal Jordanian                                London Heathrow
British Midland International       London Heathrow
Kenya Airways                                  London, Nairobi, Addis Abba, Johannesburg
Emirates                                               London, Sydney, Melbourne
Ethiopian airways                             London, Addis Ababa
Lufthansa                                             Birmingham
Egypt Air                                              London, Cairo
KLM                                                         London Heathrow
Qatar Airways                                     London Heathrow


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