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Sudan Tourism

Sudan is ranked the largest country in Africa located in the north east with borders on the Red Sea. Although political unstable, the country has some wonderful attractions. Visit sudan all through the year although its climate varies from North to south but temperature range around 28ºC and as low as 19ºC.

Dinder National Park

This Sudan National park is found in Sudan (northern Sudan). it was gazetted as a protected area under Sudan National parks and reserves in 1935 on the banks of river Dinder after which it was named. other rivers cross in the park include Rahad river.The park covers an area of 7,1823sq km.
Khartoum is the Sudanese capital found on the banks of the Blue and White Nile. On a 2day sudan tour, the train from Khartoum will take you to Wadi Halfa on the Egyptian border, to Atbara along the Nile, Abu Hamed, the Nubian desert, desert villages and so much more. In Khartoum is the national museum on El Neel Avenue where you’ll see exhibits of the two Egyptian temples of Buhen and Semna and other Sudanese antiques. The presidential palace is a must see as well as for the old Khartoum Mosque, Souqi market and the port on the red sea.

Sudan travel

Sudan has two airports one in Khartoum and another smaller one from Ad-Dabbah. Khartoum International Airport (KRT) is the main airport located in Al-Amarat near Khartoum city centre.
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