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Boat trips in Eswatini (Swaziland)

Eswatini formerly known as Swaziland is a landlocked country which is located in the southern part of the African continent. It is a landlocked country bordered by South Africa and Mozambique and it is also the smallest country on the whole continent. The country is commonly known for her unique culture that the locals portray in the different cultural practices and festivals that are celebrated in the different months every year.  Although Eswatini is a landlocked country, this does not mean that it is not well drained and with the different water bodies in terms of rivers, swamps and Lakes, the best outdoor activity that is carried out that is boat rides is availed to the different tourists who visit the country.

As you enjoy your boat trips around Eswatini, remember that you need to put on a life jacket in order to keep safe. And although the boat trips around the country are a little bit limited, you will definitely have a good time because it is relaxing. The different places where you can go and enjoy a boat trip while in Eswatini include:

Boat rides in the Mbuluzi Nature reserve

Mbuluzi nature reserve is found in the Northern part of the country and is one of the best places to take a boat ride in Eswatini. There are two Rivers that flow within the Nature reserve and these are the Mbuluzi and Mlawula River and this is where the boat rides take place. There are many boats that can be provided by the locals at a fair price and these can take you around the Nature reserve with an experienced tour guide. You can do some fishing while enjoying the boat ride and some of the things that you should look out for include wild animals and birds that live within the nature reserve.

Some of the birds that you should look out for while boat cruising include the Narina Trogon, the Thick billed cuckoo and the dwarf bittern among others whereas the animals that you might see include zebras, blue wildebeest, warthogs and giraffes among others.

Boat rides in the Maguga Dam

The Maguga Dam is located near Piggs Peak as you head out to the border of South Africa and Eswatini. The dam has the highest wall in the southern hemisphere of the African continent. It rises to a height of around 115 meters high and it is used to generate power and also control the water from flowing into the nearby gardens when the levels rise in the Nkomati River. The Maguga Dam is strategically located that is for all tourists travelling to the neighboring country of South Africa can make a stopover at the Dam and enjoy a boat ride.

There are boat houses along the Maguga Dam that can be hired out and these act as both accommodation for those that do not want to stay far away from the Dam and during the day, they are used for the trips around the area.

The Maguga dam is surrounded by different tourist attractions that are found in the area and these include the Nsangwini rock art, the Piggs peak and the Bulembu town among others. All these can be seed from a distance while enjoying a boat ride along the Dam and while there, you can also go fishing and swimming in the River. However all these should be done after the go ahead of the tour guide with you.

Boat rides along the Lake Jozini

Lake Jozini is a privately owned Lake that is owned by the Royal family of Eswatini. In order for one to access Lake Jozini, you will need a special permit and this is the only way that you will be able to enjoy a boat ride here. Unlike other boating destinations in the country where you will find many boats for hire, with Lake Jozini you will have to carry your own boat in order to enjoy a boat trip here. The Lake is also the best place for tourists who want to fish the tiger fish species and this can be done while you enjoy your boat trip around the Lake.

Note that the Jozini Lake is seasonal and it normally dries up during the dry season and therefore you should first find out whether the water levels in the Lake care favorable for a boat ride.

Boat rides along the Sand River Dam

The Sand River Dam is found along the Usutu River and it is one of the many places where boat rides in Eswatini take place. There are boats available for hire and these will take you on a boat trip around the river depending on the hours that you want to spend. Some boat trips take a full day whereas there are others that take half day. While taking a boat trip here, you can also carry out other activities like fishing, swimming and many more other things.