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Eswatini is a small country that is located in the southern part of the African continent and best known for being a hilly and rocky country. Although rock climbing is not participated in all that much, it is a much better sport better than Abseiling. Abseiling is rarely offered to tourists but if you want to participate in it, then an itinerary for abseiling can be procured for you as long as you book in advance.

Rock Climbing in Eswatini

Like earlier on stated, climbing in Eswatini is not a popular activity that most people engage in but there is a climbing club also known as the climbing community that welcomes all people who want to learn more about climbing and the climbing destinations in the country. Rock climbing can be done at two major sites that is the largest rock that is found in Eswatini is the Sibebe rock that is found in the capital city that is Mbabane and the execution rock.

Climbing up the execution rock

The execution rock is also known as the Nyonyane Mountain and it is one of the few places where rock climbing is done in Eswatini. The Nyonyane Mountain has a rich cultural background and it is a significant feature in the country and this is because way back it acted as an execution point and it is also a burial grounds for the royals in the kingdom of Eswatini.

Before the coming of the colonialists in the country, the locals who were found to be guilty of the crime committed in the kingdom were made to climb up the Mountain with spears pointed to their backs and the moment they reached the peak, they were made to jump off the Mountain as punishment and this was to make sure that they never survived and this is why it is called the execution rock.

Due to its strategic location and tranquility it offers, it also became the final resting place of the royals of the kingdom of Eswatini. As you climb up the rock, there is a section that is filled with graves of princes, princesses and other major royals. There are guards and a few locals who take care of these graves to make sure that they are still fine for visiting tourists. You can make a quick stopover here to learn more about the cultural history of Eswatini.

Climbing the Sibebe Rock

The Sibebe rock is located in the capital city of Eswatini that is Mbabane and it is the largest boulder in the whole country and the whole African continent. It rises to a height of about 1488 meters high giving off some of the best views of the Mbabane and the surrounding areas. The Sibebe rock is best climbed during the dry season when it is not slippery. Climbing up the Sibebe rock is not an easy task since it is not well protected and that is why it is sometimes advisable that you just hike up instead of rock climbing because of the lightening that normally strikes the peak of the rock. And since there are no protective boulders up the rock, it is better if you do not climb the Sibebe rock.

There are aren’t many places from where you can go for professional rock climbing in Eswatini however you will find a few rocks that are worth climbing in people’s backyards and for as long as you ask for permission, you will be allowed by the locals and if you are lucky, the children around will also help you carry your luggage as you climb up the rock and remember to carry your own bottled drinking water since Eswatini water is not safe to drink.

Abseiling in Eswatini

Abseiling is an extremely fun activity to engage in and in Eswatini it is becoming a favorite for tourists although it is not yet a top activity in the country. There are different sites from where you can go and enjoy abseiling and some of these include the Maguga Dam, the Mantenga waterfalls, the execution rock and many more other places. Still like the rock climbing experience, abseiling is majorly done by the Swazi trails and all equipment that is supposed to be used while abseiling is provided.

Abseiling is done in different groups and all these get to enjoy this adrenaline high activity and the good thing is that you do not need to have experience to participate in the abseiling because there will be a briefing from the tur guides before you set out.

Abseiling at the Mantenga waterfalls

The Matenga falls are located in the Mantenga nature reserve in the Mantenga cultural village. Before you head out to the falls, you will first get a cultural experience in the village where you will be welcomed by the locals and shown around the different things that depict the unique Swazi culture. After that, you walk towards the falls where abseiling will be done with the help of a tour guide. Please check the safety equipment that is provided to make sure that it has no faults and after that enjoy abseiling and the views that come with it of the Mantenga village and nature reserve from a different point of view and angle.

Abseiling along the Maguga dam

Due to the high nature of the wall of the Maguga dam, abseiling is really accessible. It can be done all throughout the year and all equipment necessary for abseiling is provided by the tour guides. Do not be shocked if you find school children all hurdled waiting to go abseiling as well and for the older people, you will need to show a health card showing that you have no health issues that will otherwise become a problem once you go abseiling.

You can easily book for your abseiling in Eswatini online and in advance so that preparations can be done earlier on. Abseiling in Eswatini can be done all throughout the year but the best time is during the dry season.

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