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Eswatini is located in the southern part of the African continent. It is a country that is worth visiting and one of the outdoor activities that is carried out is cycling. Cycling in Eswatini is not majorly done in urban Centres due to congestion but when it comes to the different reserves and rural towns, this is the best outdoor activity that will take you around showing you all Eswatini from a different point of view. There are different places where you can enjoy cycling while in the country and some of these include the Mlilwane sanctuary, the Ezulwini valley and the Hlane National Park among others.

What you need to know about cycling in Eswatini

  • There are no definite routes put for cycling and you have to maneuver with the cars especially in the big cities.
  • Bicycles are always around for hire but make sure you check them to find out if they are still in good condition.
  • Most of the cycling is done in the rural areas where it is free from traffic and congestion.
  • You can cycle through the country for as long as you have a map on your own but sometimes it is better to go with a tour guide especially within the different game reserves that allow cycling.
  • Make sure you have a lot of drinking water on you because the water in Eswatini is not safe for drinking.
  • And do not forget the necessary equipment for safety that is knee and elbow pads and a helmet while riding.

Cycling in Bulembu town

Bulembu is located in the Northern part of Eswatini as you head to the border of South Africa. It is a little bit isolated from the rest of the country making cycling a fun exercise while on your trip. There are not a lot of people in the once former ghost city which makes the roads in the town free and safe for cycling. The bicycles are always around for hire but you should first check and find out whether the bicycles that you are using are safe and then you can cycle through the town where you will meet locals, go the different volunteer Centres in the area and also cycle to the highest peak in Eswatini which is also known as the Emlembe Mountain.

Cycling through the Mbuluzi game reserve

The Mbuluzi Game reserve which is located in the Northern part of the country and is located near the Mlawula reserve. Cycling through the Mbuluzi Game reserve will be only done with the help of a tour guide and they will take you around the reserve where you will be able to get to see the different wild animals and birds found within the reserve.

Some of the wild animals that you will get to see while cycling through include Impalas, baboons, and warthogs, hippos which are extremely rare, crocodiles, giraffes and kudus among others. Some of the bird species that live and breed within Mbuluzi include the dwarf bittern, the African finfoot and the Narina Trogon among others. Cycling here is best done during the dry season when the roads are not flooded and muddy.

Cycling through Nhlangano

Nhlangano is the fourth largest city in the country and stowed away in one of the corners of Eswatini. The town has a small population making it easy for tourists to cycle through the town. Cycling is the best way to explore the Nhlangano town that is you can cycle through the town, to the grand valley and then back to your accommodation.

Cycling through the Ezulwini valley

The Ezulwini valley is one of the most visited places in Eswatini due to the different tourist attractions and numerous outdoor activities. Also known as the place of heaven, Ezulwini valley can be explored on a bicycle and you will get to see the many caves in the area where the San did their paintings, cycle through the markets and get to meet the locals and also do some shopping. All you need is to get a clear map of the Ezulwini valley which shows you the different cycling routes you should use to avoid the traffic.

Cycling in Mbabane

Mbabane is the largest city and also the capital city of Eswatini. Cycling in Mbabane is not an easy task as you have to compete with other motorists which might cause accidents sometimes. There are different places within Mbabane that you can cycle to and some of these include the crafts market, the Malolotja game reserve, the Sibebe rock and Mantenga cultural reserve among others.

Cycling in Malolotja game reserve

The Malolotja game reserve is located just a few kilometers away from Mbabane and it is a perfect place to go cycling. You are provided with bikes that you will use and there are several routes within the Resreve that you can use for cycling. You will get to cycle along some animals that live within the reserve which include antelopes, zebras, Oribis, the red hartebeest and wild pigs among others.

Cycling to the Sibebe rock

The Sibebe rock is located in Mbabane and is the largest granite rock in Africa. Most of the hikers travel to the rock just to get a closer look at it and the best way to travel there is by cycling. Cycling to the rock will give you time to interact with the locals who are in the Sibebe community Centre and also do some shopping for souvenirs.

Cycling through the Mantenga village

The Mantenga village was set up to introduce tourists to the beautiful culture of the Eswatini people and it is located in the Mantenga Nature reserve. You will be welcomed by the locals using the Swazi language and after that you will be introduced to the many things that commemorate the culture. Once you are done with that, you can then cycle to the waterfalls in the village from where you can rest and also get to see some birds especially the indigenous Narina Trogon.

Cycling through Siteki

Siteki is a town that is found in the Lubombo Conservation area. Due to its small nature the town can easily be cycled through during your exploration and visit the locals, do some shopping and cycle through the whole conservation area on your bicycle.

There is no better way to explore the country other than on bicycle and although the it sometimes becomes hard especially when you cycle through areas that have no people especially on highways, it is still worth it because you will get to meet different local and with permission, you can also take photos and also get to all those areas that cannot easily be reached while on a bicycle.

Cycling through Eswatini is sometimes done by tourists traveling to the neighboring countries and it is on this note that you should know that cycling through the country is safe. You can either book a hotel in the areas where you are cycling from and for those that are just passing through, the best thing to do is camp in safe places before you continue to your destination. 

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