Malolotja Nature Reserve

This Swaziland reserve protects the unspoilt mountain habitat and wild zones of Swaziland. The Ngweya mountains are a home to several species of mammals and exotic vegetation unique to the region. Malolotja Nature Reserve covers 1800ha on Swaziland’s north western border with South Africa.

The vegetation in the park is Afro montane forest, swamps, tall plains grasses and blooms of lilies, orchids and ancient cycads. Many wild flowers are found in the park growing on the river banks and in the high altitude zones.

The park is drained by several rivers and water streams flowing from the high mountains through deep gorges and ridges to form spectacular waterfalls and rapids down stream, the Malolotja falls are the one of the waterfalls in this region cascading over 90m gorge and into the dense afro montane forest downstream. The upper reaches of the river have crystal clear streams and pools good for swimming.


Some of the animals in the park include mountain zebras, red hartebeest, oribi, reedbuck, wildebeest, jackal, leopards, serval, bush pig and aardwolf, among many others, Some of the animals are found grazing in the grassland areas while other are seen in the evening. Game viewing is good during the dry season.

The park is also a habitat for the Highveld birds which include sunbirds, blue cranes, louries, bald ibis, swallows and many others.

Getting there

This park is not for the self drive amateur as apart from a meagre 15 miles (25km) of driveable road, the rest are 4×4 trails more suited to a mountain bike. However perseverance allows you to access seldom visited parts such as the top of Ngwenya Mountain.

Best time to visit

The Park can be visited all through the year. The summer months are recorded for the period of December to April with occasional rains and thunderstorms. This is the best time to visit the park for game viewing.  The winter months are May to August and very cold temperatures recorded for June and July.


Some of the adventures in the park include nature walks, bird watching, game drives, hiking, mountain biking, night game drives and Swimming in a natural highland pool

Accommodation is available in the park is in rustic huts and cabins.

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