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Nhlangano is the fourth largest town in Eswatini former Swaziland and it is found in the southern part of the country. Also formerly known as Goedgegun during the colonial times, Nhlangano is considered to be the capital city of the Shiselweni and the word Nhlangano is a Swazi word that can loosely be translated as ‘meeting place’.

Nhlangano is the only place and town in Eswatini that has been visited by a ruling British royal. The king of England George VI met the then king of Eswatini King Sobhuza II thanking him for the great participation of the country during the world war. The meeting between the two kings took place in the year 1947 and this is how it was named Nhlangano.

The Nhlangano does not really have a large population and the last census that was taken put the total population of the locals staying in the town at 10,000. There are also a few service Centres in the town some of which include a hospital, a children’s village Centre, a prison and schools that help in providing education to the locals.

Although there are practically no tourist attractions in Nhlangano, there are several outdoor activities that you can carry out while here and these include a hike through the Usutu forest, water rafting at the nearby Usutu river, guided walks and fishing among others.

Fishing Trips

Fishing, this can be done along the Usutu River. There are many fish species that you can get here some of which include tilapias, catfish and many more others and the policy of catch and release also applies here. There are local boats that you can hire out and the main fishing method used is the fish fly method.

Grand Valley Hiking

A hike through the Grand valley, the grand valley is not far away from the Nhlangano town and guided hikes through it can easily be arranged so that you can go enjoy the cool weather there. Do not forget to carry your own water during the hike since the water in Eswatini is not safe for drinking.

Go Shipping

Shopping, due to the increase in number of tourists who visit the area, there are several shops that have been set up and these sell different commodities from crafts, clothes, food and jewelry all designed by the locals. All these can be bought like souvenirs and after a long day shopping, you can also check out the restaurants where you get to taste some of the best locally made dishes.

Bike Tours

Cycling through the town, this works for all tourists who are funs of walking. The Nhlangano town can be explored using bicycles that are always on hire either for half day or full day from the different locals. Before you take out your bicycle for a ride, make sure that you first check to see whether it is in good condition and then head out to the different corners of the town.

Usutu Forest Tours

Usutu forest, the Usutu forest is located near the Great Usutu River and worth visiting. It is filled with a dense vegetation that act as homes to some bird species. A guided walk through the forest is easily arranged and it is also one way to get in tune with nature.

Accommodation facilities in Nhlangano

Most the accommodation facilities around are not located with Nhlangano town itself but they are just a few kilometers away from the city Centre.

Nhlangano BnB

The Nhlangano BnB is located 3.9 kilometers away from Nhlangano. It is a two bedroom house that you can hire while in the country and you will have all the privacy that you need since you will be the only one with your friends staying there. It can house a maximum of six people and the minimum days for booking is one day however you can stay for as long as you can. It is a good place for a family travelling together and you will also have to prepare your own meals while here. The Nhlangano BnB goes for 48 dollars per night although this might slightly change due to seasons.

Phumula Farm guesthouse

The Phumula farm guest house is also an accommodation facility that you can try out while in Nhlangano. It can house a population of about 77 people in the different rooms that they have that is the luxury suites that have an in-built kitchen, double and single self-contained rooms. They have a restaurant from where you can get meals both local and international, a bar, swimming pool, conference rooms for those who would love to have meetings, free Wi-Fi, private parking and the minimum days for booking is one day. The rooms at the Phumula guest house normally go for an average of 35 dollars or more.

Mahamba gorge lodge

This is located in the Mahamba gorge area which is not far away from the Nhlangano. Getting to the lodge is a little bit difficult due to the bad road but once you get there, you will find that it is a good place that is hidden providing guests with the much needed privacy that they need. It also has a policy of one day minimum booking and each room goes for 41 dollars and it houses only four people per night. It is a self-catering lodge which means you will have to cook for yourself and the rooms are all spacious and they were designed using stone and wood giving them a great unique look.

Nhlangano town is an extremely safe town to visit due to the security provided by the police in the area but this does not mean that there are no pickpockets. Therefore you should be careful with your valuables especially if you go into the town when it is crowded. It can also be visited all throughout the year irrelevant of the season however during the rainy season, you will have to use a four wheel drive vehicle due to some of the bad roads found in the town.

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