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Piggs peak which was found in the year 1884 is located in the Highveld areas of Eswatini in the Hhohho district. Piggs peak became prominent after the discovery of gold in the area and it was named after a colonialist by the names of William Pigg who first noticed the gold mines. Piggs peak is surrounded by gorges and Mountains making it the most beautiful tourist attraction in the Highveld region of Eswatini. God was mined in the year 1889 and 1957 at the Piggs Peak although at the moment the area is known for having the largest timber site in the whole country.

While visiting the Piggs peak, you do not need to worry about accommodation because there are quite a number of facilities ranging from basic, mid-range and luxurious accommodation facilities and these are in form of hotels, guest houses, lodges and cabins. The two accommodation facilities that you should definitely look out for include the Orion Piggs peak which is the largest hotel in the area and the Protea Piggs Peak hotel.

There are a lot places to see and things to do while in Piggs peak like exploring the Bulembu village which is just 19 kilometers away from Piggs Peak, the Maguga dam, the peak crafts Centre where you will be able to get some of the country’s best handmade crafts, the Emlembe Mountain which is a good destination for hiking, the Devil’s bridge which easily connects Eswatini and South Africa and the Phophonyane falls among others.

Bulembu is found at the border of Eswatini and as you use this route to enter into the country, you will be rewarded with some of the best sights like the Maguga dam, the Phophonyane nature reserve, the iron ore old mina and many more other.

Activities and tourist attractions found in Piggs peak

 Phophonyane nature reserve

The Phophonyane nature reserve is found in Piggs peak and can easily be accessed from the Bulembu town that is located at the border of Eswatini. The reserve has a wide range of vegetation which acts as a habitat for the wildlife that is the red duiker, the bushbucks and Narina Trogon among others. These can be all be seen during a guided walk through the reserve.

Within the Phophonyane reserve are the Phophonyane waterfalls which add to the beauty of the area.  A hike to the falls can be easily organized and before you get to the falls, the surrounding rare tree species, birds and animals will keep you entertained and the final reward will be at the falls where you can relax and take a dip in the pool below. Do not forget to carry your camera while going on this adventure of hiking to the Phophonyane falls.

Go shopping in Piggs peak

Due to the increased the increased number of tourist in Piggs peak, there has also been an increase in the businesses that have been opened in the area to facilitate the tourists and among these includes the many souvenir shops and stalls. These sell all different kinds of souvenirs that you can buy and take back to your family back home and while shopping you can also enjoy some local food dishes at the restaurants that are found in the area.

 Komati River Gorge

The Komati River Gorge can be found along the Komati River and a wonderful site that every tourist who visits Piggs peak should try out. The Gorge is found nestled between the dense vegetation that adds to the beauty of the place and it is also located next to the Maguga Dam wall which is considered to be the fourth highest wall in the Southern part of the African continent.

 Maguga Dam

The Maguga Dam which is located in the Nkomati valley is one of the tourist attraction sites that you should really check out while in Piggs Peak. It was constructed to provide electricity and supply water to the highlands of Eswatini and the Dam’s wall is the fourth largest in Southern Africa rising to a height of about 115 meters high. It is a stop Centre for tourists who are driving through Eswatini to the Kruger National Park which is located in the neighboring country that is South Africa. Some of the activities that you can carry out at the Maguga Dam include fishing, boat rides, birding. Exploring the cave paintings, traveling to the nearby Phophonyane falls and enjoying a Mountain bike ride in the area.

Ngwenya Mine

The Ngwenya mine is known to be the oldest mine in the whole world with red iron ore also known as ochre. The mine is believed to be more than 40,000 years old and it is also known as the Lion’s cave and with the help of a tour guide, you will be able to get a tour of the old mine and after that you can head to the Information Centre that is located within the vicinity and learn more about the mine. The red iron ore that was mined here was and is still used by the locals as a way of communicating to their deceased relatives, communicating to the spirits and it is also used during traditional weddings as a sign of blessing the marriage. You can get to know all of this by visiting the mine while on a trip to the Piggs Peak.

Nsangweni Bushman paintings

Nsangweni Bushman paintings are found in the caves that are not located far away from the Maguga Dam in Piggs Peak. The rock paintings are believed to be the first place where the San Bushmen settled and the evidence can be seen on the rock art that is found in the area. The Bushman paintings tell a story of how the Bushmen used to live and the paintings are of the different wild animals like zebras, giraffes, the tools that they used during hunting and dong house chores and paintings of families.  A visit to the place is like a walk to the past and the rudimentary ways in which the local people lived.

Ngweya glass factory

The glass factory was set up to help in the recycling of glasses around the country. The owners of factory get the broken glasses from the community and whoever brings them the glasses is paid according to the weight of the glasses he or she has brought. Besides creating a good environment for the Eswatini people to live in, the glass factory has also created a way in which the locals can easily earn a living hence reducing crime. An exploration of the glass factory will show you how the glass is crushed, melted and in the final stages new art craft is made from the melted glass and this is sold in the different parts of the country and you can also get one as a souvenir from Eswatini.

The Malolotja Nature reserve

The Malolotja Nature reserve which is a top tourist attraction site in Eswatini is one of the places that you should visit while in Piggs peak. The reserve might not be the best place to go for an animal viewing due to the poaching that was done before but the government has tried and re-introduced some animal species that you will see when you get there and these include Zebras, the red hartebeests, baboons, the eland which is mostly seen while hiking among others. It is also a home to over 120 bird species that can be seen during the wet season and these include the blue swallow bird, the bald Ibis, the blue crane bird, the Stanley’s bustard, the half collared kingfishers and many more other.

The Malolotja reserve also offers the canopy tours where tourists get to enjoy the longest zip line in the country above a wonderful scenery created by the dense vegetation in the reserve and it is also a good destination place for all hikers as it has some of the most difficult and yet entertaining hiking routes in the country.

Best time to visit Piggs Peak

The best time for a visit in Piggs Peak is from February to May and this is because most of the activities can be carried out during this time but the peak season is experienced in the months of August and October. Therefore if you are visiting in the Peak season note that prices on almost everything is doubled and you should book in advance since there will be a lot of people during this period.

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