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There are a lot of outdoor activities that are carried out in this small country and among those quad biking is among them. Quad biking in Eswatini is not a common activity and it is mostly done at the some resorts. The trails that are used for quad biking are clearly mapped out and the length of the quad drive is determined by the tour guide depending on the experience you have and how fast you learn the basics of riding the quad bike.

Quad biking in Eswatini is mostly done by the Swazi trails and the places where you can go and enjoy the quad bike experience that is the Hawane resort, the Ezulwini valley and the Nkonyeni golf estate. These are the major places which offer quad biking although there are other places where you can go and these include the Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary and the Mlawula Nature reserve.

Quad biking in the Ezulwini valley

The Ezulwini valley which is known as the place of heaven is found in the western part of Eswatini and is one of the top tourist destinations when it comes to outdoor activities one of them being quad biking.  Quad biking in the Ezulwini valley is carried out in the Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary.

Quad biking in the Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary

The Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary is located in the Ezulwini valley and it is one of the most visited wildlife Centres in the country. Best known for her large number of bird species that amount to about 240 birds, the sanctuary has quite a number of clearly demarcated routes where you can go and enjoy your quad bike. A tour guide will be around to show you the routes to take or better yet you can get a map that shows you the quad routes. The activity that is best carried out during the dry season and some of the animals that you will get to see while quad biking include Impalas, the red bush duikers and the Oribi among other things.

Quad biking in the Nkonyeni golf estate

Nkonyeni golf estate is one of the largest golf estates in Eswatini. Best known for golf, the estate also offers some of the best quad biking experiences in the country. You will gather at the estate grounds where a tour guide will give you the guidelines to follow before you are allowed to get onto the quad bikes. There are different routes that you can try out some of which are short and others long. After your quad experience, you can enjoy all the other services offered at the estate.

Quad biking in Mlawula nature reserve

The Mlawula Nature reserve is located in the North eastern part of Eswatini. The Nature reserve is separated into three zones that is the Rhyolite ridges, the Ndzindza plateau and the Siphiso valley and in one of these sections is where quad biking takes place. There are over 30 kilometers of quad routes within the reserve where you can enjoy quad biking. The bikes are always available for hire at the reserve office for a small price and after that you will take on some of the best quad routes where you will be rewarded with the sights of the different animals and birds in the reserve and not forgetting the looming Lubombo Mountains.

What you need to know about Quad biking in Eswatini

It is not a commonly participated in activity but you will find that it is an exciting one that you should not miss out on. It is best done during the dry season when the roads are clear and not flooded and slippery. You will have a tour guide with you a tour guide with you so that you do not get lost and to also show you the ropes.

The quad trails are not fixed and they can easily be adjusted according to the preference of the tourists. The first trials of quad biking are done at the premises of the accommodation which you chose and after that, the quad routes are determined by the tour guide.

Everyone who is below 16 years is not allowed to participate in quad biking even with the permission of their parents.

Is Quad biking safe?

Quad biking in Eswatini is safe for as long as you put on the safety equipment that is used during the quad bikes that is a helmet, knee and elbow pads and then gloves for your hands so that you avoid blisters on your fingers.

Where can I get a quad bike in Eswatini?

Quad bikes are always on hire in the different accommodation facilities that offer quad biking as a sport and note that you do not need to have prior experience for a quad bike.

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