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Sibebe Rock

Eswatini is located in the southern Part of the African continent and it being a small country it is in most cases ignored by tourists and only used by many who are travelling to South Africa. This landlocked country is however a home to many outstanding features that will keep you busy all throughout your staying the country and one of the attraction sites that you should look out for is the Sibebe Rock which is located in Mbabane the capital city of Eswatini.

The Sibebe rock is located in the North Eastern part of the capital city of Eswatini that is Mbabane in the Picturesque pine valley. The Sibebe rock rises to a height of 1488 meters high making it the largest granite rock on the African continent and the whole world. It has some of the best hiking routes in Eswatini and once you get to the peak of the rock, you will have some of the best views around the country. Climbing the rock is extremely dangerous but worth the trip especially for tourists who love adrenaline high activities but for those who have a fear of the unknown, you can still get a great view of the Sibebe rock from below even without climbing it although there are some things that you will miss seeing like the mini forest, the waterfall and the boulder that are found at the top of the granite rock.

Activities carried out at and around the Sibebe rock

There are not many activities that you can engage in while at Sibebe but when you visit the surrounding areas, you will get quite a lot of activities that you can easily engage in.

Hiking in Sibebe

A hike up the Sibebe rock is one of the few activities that can be carried out on the rock. The hike route is clearly mapped out and there are sign posts and arrows showing you exactly where you should pass. It is extremely advisable that you follow the marked routes so that you do not end up slipping down the rock. The hike route takes about 4 hours before you get to the peak of the rock and some of the things that you will get to see include the cave paintings, the waterfalls and many more others. The hike trail takes you up the rock from where you get to see some of the best view of the Mbabane capital city and half way through the hike you will find a place that is good for an camping.


There are numerous shops especially in the Sibebe community Centre where many art crafts are sold. You can go out there and try buying yourself some souvenirs to take back to your family back home.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing on the Sibebe is done by mainly tourists who have less fear and love adrenaline high activities. Due to the slippery nature of the rock during the rainy season, it is much better if you try climbing it during the dry season but you will need a tour guide before engaging in this activity and equipment used for rock climbing so that you keep safe.

 Enjoy a cultural walk in Sibebe

There are two communities that live around the Sibebe Rock and each one of these presents their own traditions and cultures. A visit to the two communities will live you with first-hand experience on how the locals in the area live, the culture if the Swazi people as a whole and you will also be entertained with traditional dances and folk songs from the women in the area. A point to note is that if you want to really enjoy your visit with the locals, make sure that you try to  at least engage in some of the activities that they carry out like fetching water, traditional dances and also going to the gardens with them if you have ample time while in the communities.

Explore the waterfalls

These are located along the Ntsantsamu River and they are just a hours walk from the resort. The waterfalls might not be the highest in Eswatini but with a height of 3 meters, they give off a wonderful view to the hikers who visit the Sibebe Rock.

Things to note about the Sibebe

Before climbing up the Sibebe either for a hike or a rock climb experience, there are a few things that you should note and these have been listed below.

  • The rock might look like an easy climb for many tourists especially if you are still at the foot of the rock but it is not an easy one and that is why most of the tourists are advised to put on strong hike boots and follow all the rules and advice given to them by the tour guide.
  • The Sibebe rock can be a very hard rock to climb especially during the wet season and therefore you should be extremely careful as you head out to climb the Sibebe. There have been a lot of accidents on the rock and it is advisable that only those that are have experience in rock climbing should go.
  • Carry lots of bottled water for both your hike and climb up the Sibebe.
  • If you decide to climb up the rock during the rainy season, you should look out for the Lightening because once it strikes you will not be safe at all due to the openness of the rock.

How to get to the Sibebe Rock

It will not be hard for you to get to the Sibebe Rock because of its location in Mbabane. You will have to drive northwards of Mbabane past the pine valley before getting to the rock. There is a Sibebe community project at the foot of the rock and while here you will have an extremely good look at the rock although at times you will have to crane your neck due to the steepness of the rock.