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Simunye is a town that is found in the south western part of Eswatini just 30 kilometers away from the border between Eswatini and South Africa. It is located near the Lubombo Mountains and it is a home to the Royal Leopards football club that is well known by all football lovers in the country. Simunye is a home to a lot of tourist attractions that should not be missed by any tourist travelling to the country and these include the Simunye Nature reserve named after the town, the Hlane royal National Park which is the largest National park in Eswatini, the Mlawula Nature reserve and many more others.

Besides the above mentioned places that every tourist should check out, some of the other attractions in Simunye that are worth checking out include the Mhlume sugar company, the Indingilizi gallery, the Manzimyame protected landscape, the university of Swaziland and the Hawane Nature reserve among others. There are also many various activities that one can carry out while in Simunye and these include fishing, hiking game drives and many more others.

Things to do and places to visit while in and around Simunye

Simunye Nature reserve

The Simunye Nature reserve which was named after the Simunye town is one of the tourist attractions that you should visit while on a trip to Eswatini. The Simunye Nature reserve is adjoined to the Mlawula Nature reserve and it is the Mbuluzi River that separates the two. With a guided tour you will be able to access the Simunye reserve and some of the activities that you can engage in while here include trekking, animals viewing, birding and a botanical lecture which is done by the tour guides.

Hlane Royal National Park

The Hlane National Park was opened up in the year 1961 by the King Sobhuza II. It is the largest National Park in the country and as one of the top tourist attractions in Simunye, there are a lot of activities that tourists can engage in while here and these include game drives, birding and hiking. The animals that you should look out for while in the Hlane Royal National Park include elephants, blue wildebeest, warthogs, roan antelopes, giraffes and lions among others. The Hlane national Park is also a home to over 250 bird species some of which include the buff streaked flufftail, the African broadbill, the blue mantled crested flycatcher, the burnt necked Eremomela, the yellow billed oxpecker, the bush blackcap, the white eared barbet and the red Bateleur among others. When you visit the Park you will not have to worry about where to stay because there is a camping site where you can spend the night.

Mlawula Nature reserve

The Mlawula Nature reserve which is adjacent to the Simunye Nature reserve is a home to some wildlife species that is both bird and animal species. The reserve can be visited all throughout the year and some of the activities that you can carry out while here include hiking, game drives, mountain biking and birding among other activities that can be done outdoors. Some of the animals that you habitate within the Mlawula include hyenas, wildebeest and impalas which can all be seen either by hiking or driving through the reserve.

The Mlawula game reserve is a home to over 350 bird species that breed from the different habitats that are found in the reserve. some of the bird species that you should definitely look out for while in Mlawula include the whisked tern bird, the African black duck, the African palm swift, the crowned Lapwing, the European nightjar, the Egyptian goose, the scooty tern and the red billed teal among other species.

Shopping in Simunye

Simunye has a lot of shops from which you can get yourself souvenirs at an affordable price for your family members back home. While shopping you might as well get a taste of some of the best locally made dishes in the various restaurants around the town of Simunye.

Mhlume sugar company

The Mhlume Sugar Company which is located in the Lubombo near Simunye is a major landscape in the area and it employs almost 3/4s of the entire population in Lubombo. This is an opportunity to the tourists who have never seen how sugar is manufactured from the first process to the last one and you also get to taste the after products of sugar while still at the factory. Note that when visiting the sugar factory you must follow all the rules and regulations that they set up in order to avoid accidents while inside the factory.

The Manzimyame protected landscape

The Manzimyame protected landscape can also be accessed from Simunye. It was set up to protect the dense forest that is found in the area making it one of the most important protected areas in Eswatini. A guided tour around the dense vegetation in the protected area can easily be procured so that you get to explore this wonderful piece of nature that has remained untouched from the time it was declared a protected area.

The Lubombo Mountains

Located just a few kilometers away from Simunye, the Lubombo Mountains offer tourists the perfect backdrop while in Simunye. The Lubombo Mountains are a top tourist destination for tourists who love rock climbing and it also has some of the best hike routes in the country. Once you get to the top, you will have a clear view of the whole of Simunye town and the neighboring towns as well.

The Mbuluzi Game reserve

The Mbuluzi Game reserve is found in the Lubombo province just a few minutes away from Simunye. The Mbuluzi Game reserve is a privately owned reserve and self-drives are the norm for all those that do not want to go with a tour guide. some of the wildlife species that you will be able to see in the Mbuluzi game reserve include warthogs, bush duikers, hyenas, hippos in the Mbuluzi River, giraffes, leopards although these are best seen at night and extremely rare, Zebras and crocodiles. Note that the Park does not have any predatory animals which makes it easy for tourists to walk around as they enjoy the beautiful nature that is found in the Reserve.

Where to stay while in Simunye

There are a lot of accommodation facilities that you can try out while in Simunye and some of these include:

The Singwe Lodge

The Singwe lodge is a self-catering accommodation facility that houses maximally eight people. The rooms have a clear view of the Mlawula River and although some of them have bathrooms inside, others have their bathrooms outside but they are extremely clean so you don’t have to worry about them. The minimum days for booking are two and each rooms goes for an average of 89 dollars per night.

 Mbuluzi campsite

The Mbuluzi is found next to the Mbuluzi River and it has one of the most amazing sights of the river flow. The campsite is a self-catering one and it has no electricity and therefore it will be the right place for tourists who want to experience the real wild side of the country. The rooms at the campsite go for roughly 11 dollars per night and if you are in need of catering services, you will need to book in advance so that everything is prepared beforehand.

The Mpangele lodge

This is a self-catering lodge and every room per two people goes for 71 dollars per night. The minimum days that you can book are one day and all the rooms are self-contained. If you want a catering service you will have to inform the management in advance so that everything is prepared otherwise you will have to prepare your own food.

The above are some pf the facilities although they are not the only ones. Most of the accommodation facilities found in Simunye are self-catering meaning you will have to put your cooking skills to the test however you will still have a chance to order out.

Simunye is an all year round destination making it the perfect place for one to visit with family and friends. Although it would be better if you first find out the whether it is the right time with your tour operator so that everything from accommodation to transport are booked in advance before you travel.

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