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Eswatini formerly known as Swaziland is located in the southern part of the African continent and a top destination for tourists who want to have a fun filled safari. The name Swaziland was given to the country by the British colonialists during their rule but of recent, the King changed it to Eswatini. As tourists, you would like to know what is so good about visiting Eswatini and it all lies in the activities that you can engage in while here. Below are some of the top things that you should really try out when you decide to take a trip to Eswatini.

Go hiking in Eswatini

Eswatini’s landscape is one that is filled with hills and flat land making it a perfect destination for hiking. There are a lot of places that you can go for hikes in the country and although some of the trails are a bit hectic to take on, others are quite easy giving you an adventure that you will not forget while in the country. Hiking in Eswatini can be done in categories and it all depends on the days that you want to spend on a hike while in Eswatini.

Enjoy a cultural tour in the country

The culture of the people of Eswatini is so strong that you can see it from the way they dress, their way of style, the food they eat and all the other traditions that they engage in. you will definitely want to explore their culture more and one of the better ways of doing this is by visiting the different cultural villages that were set up and get to know how these people live. There are numerous village tours that are organized by tour operators so that tourists get firsthand experience from the locals and if you also want to stay with them in the same house, it can also be arranged.

Rhino trekking

Eswatini is known to have the largest number of rhinos in the southern part of Africa. Rhino trekking trips which can take either half or full day are organized and these help you get a closer look at these wild animals and both rhino species that is the white and black rhino and during your trek you will also be able to see other wild animals and birds.

Go white water rafting

This is considered to be one of the most participated in adrenaline activities carried out in Eswatini. White water rafting was introduced I the country in the year 1991 and although at first it was only carried out at the Usutu River, the activity now can be carried out at the different Rivers. There are different grades that are involved in white water rafting and it is better if you tell your tour which grade you are good at. And note that the rafting can either be done for the full day or half day depending on your itinerary but all in all, you will still have fun while there.

Explore the National Parks in the country

Eswatini is a top destination for tourists who would love to see the great African wild animals in the southern part of the African continent. Many of these National Parks and game reserves are best visited during the dry season and believe me when I say you cannot leave Eswatini without exploring any one of the mentioned Parks and game reserves below.

 Hlane Royal National Park

This is the largest National Park in the country filled with a lot of animals and birds that are worth exploring. You can easily self-drive yourself to the park and get to see some lions, giraffes, impalas, kudus, white rhinos, hyenas although these mostly come out at night, Burchell’s zebras and many more other species.

Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary

Unlike other game reserves in the county this one is a little bit smaller and there are no large predatory animals making it a good place for tourists who would want to take a nature walk through the sanctuary. Some of the wild life that you see while trekking through include zebras, wildebeests, the different types of antelopes and many more others.

Mkhaya game reserve

The Reserve is best known for her large number of black rhinos in the country and it is a good place for tourists to view animals, birds, hike and also get experience in camping while in the reserve. Zebras, hippos, black rhinos, crocodiles, hippos are some of the things you should expect to see while here.

Go for a Zip line experience in Eswatini

The tree top canopy tour in Eswatini takes place in the Malolotja game reserve. There are a lot of zip lines that you can tryout and the scenery provided by the game reserve adds to the beauty of the tour. You do not need to have experience on this tour as there will be a tour guide to take you through the necessary instructions before you are sent off on one of the longest zip lines in the country. Do not forget to take your camera on your canopy trip.

Enjoy Mountain biking in Eswatini

Mountain biking is available in the country especially in the Mlilwane wild life sanctuary. The bikes are available for hire at a small price but before you get on the bike, you will be require to put on some protective gear and also follow the instructions given to you by the tour guide. It is one way of exploring the country especially the unique landscape.

Go camping

What better way to get to know the wild side of the Swaziland than going out for a camping session with your family and friends. There are a lot of camping sites that are scattered all over the country which you can try out especially in the Nationals Parks. Get to experience a night under the African stars as you enjoy a bonfire and watching the wild animals that walk around the camps like the warthogs.

Enjoy horse riding in Eswatini

One of the better ways in which you can explore the country is by enjoying a horse ride. Horses will take you to all the places that you cannot reach with a car and you will be able to get close to nature while horse riding. Some of the horse riding stables that you can try out while in Eswatini include the Nyanza stable, the Hoofbeat safaris, the foresters’ arms hotel and the main horse riding trails in the country is the Chubeka trail. You will have a tour guide taking you through the steps of horse riding and this is mostly participated in by those that are more experienced in riding horses.

Join in the cultural festivals

Eswatini as a country is known for her rich culture and there are several festivals that are carried out every year to celebrate their culture. If you want to get to know more about the rich culture then these festivals are what you should engage in.

  • The Umhlanga reed dance, this is normally carried out every year to celebrate the girl child and virginity. It is only virgin girls who participate in it and they can be seen dancing topless and they present their reeds to the king and it is during this time that the king choses another wife from the large group of girls who come from all over the country to participate in the festival.
  • The Incwala festival, this is all about the king and prosperity of the culture of the people of Eswatini. It is the time that the first harvest form fruits is brought to the king for tasting before the rest of the people in attendance do so and it also includes other rituals that mark the end of the old year and welcoming the New Year.

Enjoy shopping in Eswatini

Souvenirs are something that will always remind you of the different places you have visited and explored and the same applies for Eswatini. Move around the different markets that are found in the country and get yourself some souvenirs in form of clothes, beads, jewelry, food and any other thing that will remind you of Eswatini. The prices might be hiked a little bit especially for tourists but every penny spent on the souvenirs will be worth it.

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