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Whitewater Rafting in Eswatini (Swaziland)

White water rafting in Eswatini was first introduced in the country in the year 1991 and it was first carried out on the Great Usutu River. It is at moment only done by the Swazi trails who organize the white water rafting trips to the different rafting destinations in the country. White water rafting in Eswatini is considered to be best when compared to the neighboring countries of Mozambique and South Africa. The Usutu River which originates from the neighboring country of South Africa is the largest River in Eswatini. It flows through the country until it flows to the Ocean after the big bend which is one of the tourist attractions that you should visit while in the country. For over the past twenty years white water rafting in Eswatini has been one of the most participated in activity by tourists in the country.

There is no specific time for tourists who would love to go for white water rafting in Eswatini because you can go for the activity all throughout the year however it is also advisable if you first ask whether the water levels are perfect before you travel because when they are low, it is very hard for one to enjoy white water rafting.

What you need to know about white water rafting in Eswatini

  • The River levels change abruptly depending on the season and this might greatly affect rafting.
  • All the equipment that is used during rafting is provided and you are advised not to take any valuables with you because you might lose most of them.


  • Prepare for a capsizing moment at any time because it is sometimes unavoidable and before you start your journey, you will be told what to do in case your croc capsizes along the River.


  • When the water levels are low, children of 8 years are allowed to participate but if the levels are high, only those that are 12 years and above are allowed to participate in rafting. Note that children who are below 18 are supposed to be escorted by two adults if they want to participate in the rafting activity.


  • Cancellation of the trip is to be done at least three weeks prior and this is when you can get a refund on some of the money paid but if you cancel later than that, you might not get a refund.
  • You do need prior experience in order to participate in white water rafting.


  • Participants who are 65 and above years old will only be allowed to participate in the white water rafting only if they have a written permission showing that they do not have any health conditions that can put them at risk.


White water rafting along the Usutu River

The Usutu River is the largest and longest River in Eswatini and it was the first place where the activity first took place in the whole country. It has both grade IV and grade II water rapids that are just waiting to be tried out by any tourists who loves adrenaline activities. There are also some grade V rapids that you can try although they are extremely difficult to tackle and needs only those that are experienced in tackling difficult rapids.

There are two crocs that are normally used for white water rafting along the Usutu River and a minimum of two people are taken in both of the crocs meaning if you are less than two, no white water rafting will be organized for you. There will be experienced tour guides all throughout the rafting and they do this using kayaks.

You can book for the half day trip or full day trip for rafting because either way, you will enjoy your trip. White water rafting along the Usutu River is mainly done between the months of November to May because this is the time when the water levels are high. However if you are visiting during the winter season which runs from June to October, you can also enjoy white water rafting although the experience will not be the same as the other one during the summer season.

White water rafting at the Komati River

When the water levels reduce at the Usutu River, then know that this is the right time for you to switch your white water rafting sessions to the Nkomati River. Also known as the Nkomati River, it is located in one of the largest valleys in Eswatini known as the Nkomati valley. The Komati River is located right next to the Maguga Dam which has the tallest Dam wall in the whole of the southern part of the African continent.

White water rafting at the Nkomati River is greatly affected by the shutting off of the Maguga dam when the water levels are extremely high and this is done to prevent water from flooding the nearby gardens of the locals and their homes. When it is hut off, the water levels reduce meaning it will be hard to go for white water rafting. But when the dam is opened, it becomes the perfect place to go white water rafting in Eswatini.

White water rafting in Eswatini is generally done in a conducive environment and you do not need to worry about your safety because it is extremely safe for all participants. But note that you will need a few personal things like sunscreen, a bathing suit, wide brim hats to keep the sun at bay and it is very important that you listen to what the tour guides tell you while briefing you about what to expect during the whole rafting experience and only carry a camera with you only if you have a water proof way of keeping it safe, otherwise leave it at home or let someone who is not going to engage in the activity take all your photos. The price for the trip keeps on changing depending on the season so just carry extra cash for just in case.