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Birding in Zambia, Birdwatching Safaris

Zambia is undoubtedly gifted with a range of wildlife, about 750 types of birds through the entire country and for a few habitats; 400 species found in South Luangwa National Park alone. This is valid, because of the variety of habitats including riverine forest, lagoons, lakes, swamps and also national parks and reserves, each one […]

Birding in Kenya

Kenya’s bird watching is probably the best worldwide now with 0.13% of the world’s birds thanks to its unique weather and diverse habitats that include open grasslands, rift valley escarpments, crater lakes, forests and woodlands and others that make Kenya, a birder’s paradise . On a short one day or two day birding trip, you […]

cameroon birding

Bird watching in Cameroon

Located in the dense forested area of central Africa, Cameroon boasts a diversity of biotopes ranging from the mangroves, coastal lowland jungles, montane forests in the North West and vast savannah plateau in the northern region. An eco-system as rich is home to an enormous range of avifauna.  As record of more than 900 species […]

Birding Trips in Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

Birds in Selous Game Reserve With more than 440 bird species that have been recorded inside the park, the Selous is a wonderful place for bird watching. The most eye-catching habitats of birds in this reserve are the islands, channels, sandbanks plus lagoons, together with mighty River Rufiji. A great way to watch the bird […]

Ethiopia Birding Tours

Ornithology (birding) In Ethiopia a heaven for Ornithology are approximately 835 birds species of  recognized to exist in Ethiopia, Twenty three are found specifically inside the boundaries of the country . The majority of these Twenty three endemic birds are broadly distributed, mainly on the southern as well as western highland plateau. Most of the […]

Birding in Malawi

Malawi has a total population of about 650 bird species that have been recorded by the government and although it is a small number as compared to the other African countries, the species that are found in Malawi are worth seeing as some of them are endemic to the country. When we talk about birding […]

Birding in Gambia

Gambia is the best destination for birdwatchers, besides their beautiful climate, Gambia flight takes about 6 hours. From European. Gambia has so many prominent wildlife and about 540 different species of birds such as Gordon Langsbury birding and Little Bee-eaters. Birding is an activity that takes place all year round. Although it something depends on […]