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Bungee Jumping in Africa This activity is done worldwide in different continents and Africa is one of them. It involves jumping from a high structure tied with an elastic cord around their feet for support. After the jump you are lifted up back to the top.The high place from where you jump from in most […]

The Bloukrans Bungee It always takes one, two to bungee, when it comes to falling off the Bloukrans Bridge, it means you are about to safely jump 216m deep the gorge. As far as the adrenalin goes, you will not get better than this. And also the beautiful sounds doesn’t hurt too. What you need […]

Bungee Jumping Zambia

BUNGEE JUMPING Imagine the thrill regarding jumping straight into space, hovering as some bird thereafter saved from plunging into the fast moving waters below with the help of a haul back upwards at a greater speed with the assist of an elastic cord! Without a doubt, that’s the awful sensation of genuine bungee jumping in […]

uganda travel guide

Uganda Travel Guide

Uganda is found in east Africa in what is popularly referred to as the richest safari region in Africa. It shares its boundaries with Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in the south western mountain borders, DR Congo in the west and southern Sudan for the north. Uganda is a least visited […]