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House Boating Safaris Zambia

HOUSE BOATING ON LAKE KARIBA Now this has got to be by far the most pleasurable options to take several days. Without worrying about probable rainy periods, this can make a beautiful outing.House boating breaks on Lake Kariba happen to be popular as generally, the days are actually relaxing at the same time sun-drenched. The […]

Lake Tanganyika

Tanganyika is a one of several Rift valley lakes and the lengthiest fresh water lake in the world. It actually was initially recognized by legendary explorers; Richard Burton and John Speke who had been during the time pursuing the source of the Nile. It has the massive shoreline runs around Tanzania, Burundi, Congo DR and […]

Port Louis Mauritius

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean North West coast. As Mauritius’s biggest city and main port, the city is a vibrant commercial centre with many administrative units of Mauritius since it was established in 1735. Historically, the Port was a major stop for merchant ships of early traders like […]

Lake Victoria

lake victoria

In Uganda is placed the largest lake in the world…Lake Victoria.  This fresh water lake is typically identified as Nyanza, is without a doubt two times the entire area of Wales and additionally provides the natural boundary between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The lake stands out as the heart on the African continent, the source […]

Egypt Nile Cruise Holidays

Egypt is the charming destination that everybody would like to see at least once in a lifetime. Whenever you think of Egypt, you will spontaneously think of the ancient ruins, antiques, pyramids of course and the River Nile which is the longest river in the world. There are several ways to discover the beauty of […]

Aswan Egypt Tours

Aswan is found in the southern region of Egypt on the eastern banks of river Nile. As one of the ancient cities in Egypt, Aswan is though to have derived its name from the Egyptian goddess called Swenet. Swenet was the ancient name of the city now called Aswan. Aswan Tours and Attractions Aswan is […]

River Nile Tours Jinja

Jinja is a major commercial centre and the second largest city in Uganda. It is located 80km east of Kampala, on the banks of Lake Victoria at the source of the River Nile. Jinja is more than an industrial town; it is actually the source of the world’s longest river, Nile the flows northwards and […]

Blue Nile Falls Ethiopia

The Blue Nile Falls are a top tourist destination in the north western part of Ethiopia near Bahir Dar due to their enormous beauty that they add to the city of Bahir Dar. The Blue Nile falls get their water from the Blue Nile River whose source is the Lake Tana that is also located […]