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Zambia Culture and People, Way of Life, Ethnicity

Culture Zambia’s present-day culture is actually a combination of beliefs, some social norms, material and spiritual traditions of more than 70 ethnically different people. Prior to the colonial period, the region currently called Zambia used to be host of several free states. Each boasting thorough trade ties with each other and also the other places […]

Zambia Museums

CHOMA MUSEUM & CRAFTS PROJECT This exceptional museum in Choma over the Lusaka or Livingstone Highway upholds the customs of the Tonga people of the Southern Province. It has got countless traditional crafts for example beadwork, music tools, warrior spears, clay made pottery, jewellery and much more. The Crafts venture stimulates making of local crafts […]

Ethiopia Culture and Lifestyles

As a country with more than 1000 year behind its history and heritage, there is a lot to discover about its people and culture. Ethiopia is home to nearly 80 different ethnic groups that have unique cultural traits, religious beliefs, languages and traditions. Ethiopian People and tribal groups The Ethiopian people can be grouped into […]

Swazi People and Culture

This small country is a rich heritage when it comes to culture, lifestyles and daily life. Special aspects of authentic Swaziland culture are evident in the different things like food, music, homesteads and in every thing. Music and Dance The Sibhaca, a foot stamping dance, vigorous in style, is performed by teams of men throughout […]

Angola Culture and People

Southern Africa is one of the gifted regions when it comes to culture, ethnicity and people. In the same way, Angola is one of the diverse culture countries in Africa. It may be the National Parks in Angola that attract several tourists but the cultures and lifestyle of Angolan is something unique…worthy of discovering!  Thinker […]

Morocco Cultural Tours

The Moroccan culture teaches us about the beliefs and civilization that the people of this country follow. Cultural tours will tell you about the people, their lifestyle and behavior, traditions and other concepts which are believed to be very crucial as well as essential and most requires by the Moroccan natives. There cultural tours arise […]

Kenya Culture

Kenya is known for a tradition made from of several origins. This area happens to be crossed by the records of the extensive and then complex background. In the past facts of human evolution to the present day, Kenya has been some sort of area of unending transform, divergance as well as uniqueness. The earlier […]