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Lake Mweru

 Lake Mweru is found the north western boundary for Zambia as well as the DR Congo. Two important rivers; Luapula and Kalungwishi drain into this lake plus nourish the breeding area for fish on their deltas. The Luapula River streaming from the south shapes the formal boundary between Zambia and then the DRC. Things To […]

Lake Tanganyika

Tanganyika is a one of several Rift valley lakes and the lengthiest fresh water lake in the world. It actually was initially recognized by legendary explorers; Richard Burton and John Speke who had been during the time pursuing the source of the Nile. It has the massive shoreline runs around Tanzania, Burundi, Congo DR and […]

Fishing Tours in Zambia

FISHING IN ZAMBIA ( tiger and fly fishing) The majority of rivers as well as lakes from Zambia carry superior supply of fish, providing much sensible sport activity. But the angler need to be ready to travel longer miles over bumpy roadways, carrying personal camp gear and lastly pitch their camp close to the river […]

Lake Bangweulu

Bangweulu, locally interpreted as ‘the place where the water meets the sky’, is mostly a substantial wetland made up of swamps, lagoons, small islands, the floodplain and the lake.This shallow lake on it’s own can be described as wealthy and assorted habitat having lagoons, a pristine lakeshore, diverse birds, species of fish, wildlife plus a […]

Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is an example of Africa’s premier man made lakes extending across Zambia and Zimbabwe national boundaries at a distance of 300km. It is found on the River Zambezi and its an important commercial monument; sustaining trade tailored fishing and even hydro electric supply for the two countries.Kariba is a extraordinary destination having great […]

Malawi Fishing

Fishing in Malawi is carried out in the different parts of the country in the various towns and water bodies that are located in Malawi. The country has various types of bird species and the Lake Malawi is known to have the highest number of fish species in the whole world and one of the […]

Morocco Fishing Tours

Morocco Fishing Are you interested in fishing? If the answer is yes, then endeavor not to miss out on fishing experiences in the clear waters of Morocco. The country has two ocean coastlines, the Atlantic coastline that run s on 2000 miles and the Mediterranean coastline which is 300miles. Morocco has snow-capped mountains projecting over […]

Gambia Fishing Tours

For quite some time, Gambia has been acknowledged as one among the world’s supreme sea fishing destination. For the few fishmen who have moved an extra mile to Mac Carthy island have seen the greatest   prospective of fish growing at a fast  rate. The first group to visit Bird safari camp were blessed to catch […]