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Togo is one of the countries in West Africa. It has borders with Ghana towards the west, Burkina Faso in the north, Benin in the east and the Gulf of Guinea in the south. The country is bordered by the short coastline of Gulf of Guinea.

This west African country was under German colonial rule from 1884 (by treaty) and 1905 as a German colony until 1914 after the world war I. After the German defeat in Gold coast after the World War I, Togo was taken over by the British first and then the French until its independence in 1960.

Culture of Togo is a fine combination of 37 tribal groups with the most popular being Ewe, the Mina, and the Kabre community. The official language spoken in Togo is French although local languages such as Gbe Aja and Kabiyé are used.

Weather in Togo

Weather in Togo is very enjoyable and pleasant. The country experiences tropical climate, which is said to be very exotic. There are two distinct seasons in the country- The wet season and the dry season. The wet season or the rainy season is from April to June and again from September to October. The best time for visiting Togo is months of August and early September.

The temperature in the country is from 23°C to 32°C in the southern part. In the northern part of the country, the temperatures are from 18°C and goes up to 38°C. Togo has varying mean temperatures. The coastal part of the country has 26°C while the north the temperature is 26°C. August temperatures of the country are between 20°C and 38°C.

Tourist Attractions

Some of the national Parks in Togo include Fazao-Malfakassa, Fosse aux Lions and the Keran National Park. These are the home to Togo’s best wildlife which includes primates, elephants, birds and other species of mammals. Keran National Park has one of the largest herds of African forest elephants in West Africa.

Lome is the capital city of Togo located along the coast of Togo. Some of the main attractions in this port town include Lome Grand Market, Voodoo Market, Togo National Museum, Lake Togo, Beaches, University of Lome, Lome Cathedral and 2 Fervrier Sofitel Hotel. The city also has pretty good sand beaches for weekends and holiday gateways. Other tourist towns to visit in Togo include Aneho, Kpalime, Davie, Aneho, Togoville and Notse. Aneho is famous for its beaches, old architectural works, and good weather

The National Museum in the city is another place for tourists. Located just behind the building of Palais des Congres, this museum displays wide range of collection. For exquisite batiks works and exquisite leather items, a visit to the Village Artisan is a must. Visitors can see and buy the country handcrafts and see the persons at work.

Travel Guide

The best time to plan for a visit in Togo is in the months of August, early September. Tourists can also travel to Togo from November to April which is the dry season. The rest of the year is rainy season which is particularly good for bird watching and water sports.

Getting there

Flights to Togo are easily accessible from other West African countries such as Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. TThere are many airports in Togo are Kolokope Airport, Djangou Airport, Lome -Tokonin Airport, Akpaka Airport, Sansanne Mango Airport, Akpaka Airport and Sokode Airport

Alternative travel is by road from neighboring countries using buses and private car hire. The route from Accra Ghana to Lome is 3 hours. A ferry also carries goods and passengers to Togo. Ferry services are available from Togo. It will take 3 hours to drive to Lome from Accra.

Lome has private buses, charter flights and car hire services to get you around Togo’s cities and towns.

Hotels and Accommodation

One of the popular holiday hotels is Fevrier Sofitel Hotel in Lome. The 2 Fevrier Sofitel Hotel is the tallest building in Lome with thirty-six stories and is housed in the posh area of Place De L’Indépendance in Lome. The Avenida Hotel is a 5 minutes walk from the hotel, airport and central business centre. Other popular hotels in Togo include The Mercure Sarakawa Azur Hotel, The Corinthia Two Fevrier Hotel and The Ibis Lome Centre.

Zanzibar Tour Operators

A trip to Zanzibar Island

Discover the history of Ugunja established more than 300 years Ago

Like many African countries, Tanzania and its island capital Zanzibar are a set of beautiful attractions to have on an African trip. Zanzibar(Ugunja) is an island off the east coast of Tanzania and thus one of the biggest islands in the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar  is truly a peaceful spot to enjoy your vacations or crown off your safaris from the Game Parks or reserves across Tanzania. It covers an area on 1464sq kilometers, 36 kilometres away from the Tanzania coast in the Indian Ocean and is 76 kilometres from Dar es Salaam

Zanzibar Town is made up of two sections, the “old city” known as Stone Town and then the newer part of town called Ng’ambo. The entire Island comes with a deep, exceptional history which happens to be written on its winding streets, through the pretty ancient architectural designs, food, music and within its people too. The breathtaking beauty of its coastline and the magnificence of the historical Stone Town make Zanzibar one of the world’s famous touring destinations for honeymoons and beach holidays

Stone Town

With the vibrant celebrations to the unique heritage, and fresh environment this place undeniably has a thing or two for all! Stone Town is the capital of the island Zanzibar and even offers plenty of the attractions over the island.

One of the very first sights in this town is the House of wonders which also is the main island museum. This 130 year old building is a former mansion of one of the Sultans of Zanzibar and was the first site to have running water and electricity. The balcony of the house is a good place to have an overview of the town.

The old fort is another sight in the town. The fort is a famous art and craft centre-a good place to shop for antiques and gifts cheaply.

The old slave market of Zanzibar is not far way from here. The market gives you a bigger picture of the slave trade times. Across the market is the Anglican church which statues and a monument to commemorate the trying times of slavery in Zanzibar. The church was built in the courtyard where slaves were auctioned before they were shipped to mainland Tanzania port of Bagamoyo and later sold to the Arabs.

Other interesting sights in the town include the central market. This market is known for its freshly sold spices and food grown on the island. You probably want to buy some of these excellent spices to take home for yourself or as gift for your parents.

A stroll through the narrow alleys in the town takes you back in time-times of the explorers and slave trade. Afternoons in the countryside are best ways to relax on the island away from the noise of the port and the buzzing markets. There are many farms on the island growing sugarcane, coconuts, palm oil plantations and finally spices such as nutmeg, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and many others.

Nature and wildlife

Although this island is not as gifted as mainland Tanzania in Africa safari adventures, you’ll surely find a few extraordinary forest reserves that have remained pristine for many years.

Jozani Forest reserve boasts the Red Colobus monkey an exceptional primate distinct by the distinctive coat pattern, feeding habits and then noises. There are several sights including bush babies, Sykes monkey, duikers besides chirping birds and more 50 species of colorful butterflies. Ngezi Forest reserve is small safari gateway for Zanzibar holidays with sights like the local flying fox, duikers and hotting owls. You do not want to miss the Pemba fox, which is extinct specie only found in Kidike Root Site.

Shopping in Zanzibar

For those that love shopping, the markets have fresh fruits, great tasting seafood, beef, spices and lots other goods that are suitable souvenirs as well as gifts.

Different types of carvings of pots, models of dhows, silver necklaces, clove pomanders, crafted baskets and coffee spoons are some of the distinct items you have to purchase. There are so many things that you can be lured to get.

Food and Dining

Zanzibar and Tanzania rhyme for spices and delightful cuisine. The food at the island has a distinctive taste with a blend of home grown spices. Some of the foods you’ll be served include potatoes, pilau (spiced rice), chappati, peas, fish, chicken, beef stew and many other Tanzanian delicacies.  Be sure to ask the guide to help out with identifying the food on the menu-Believe me you’ll need the help.

There is an option of passing on your recipe for dinner to the chef at the restaurant but this comes at an extra cost. Remember that we are on an adventure and tasting the different dishes of Zanzibar is no exception.

Some of the best restaurants to have dinner include Mercury Restaurant where tables are set a deck overlooking the beach.

Zanzibar Beaches and the sea

When you mention beach holidays in Africa, Zanzibar is one the destination top of the list. The turquoise waters are dramatically lined with saying palms and pristine sand. If you are the kind that likes peace and quiet…Zanzibar is your home.  Adventures are endless here with surfing, sport fishing, scuba diving or even take a boat ride to mainland Tanzania for Serengeti safaris and tours of the neighboring islands of Lamu and Pemba.

Book your Zanzibar Holidays here and you not miss a thing about Zanzibar, Kenya and Tanzania. We will have your tours privately tailored, hotel accommodation booked and flights arranged on time.


There is a ferry that leaves the port at Dar-es-salaam at 7am. It is advisable that you the departure times right because you might find the ferry gone. Besides, an early arrival and boarding is good enough to get the best seats for the cruise.

The ferry has first class section and the economy class. Alternatively tourists and travelers can use the deck for best views of the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean. The ferry ride to the island’s port is roughly a two hour ride.

As you draw closer to the big island, there is sight of the island’s capital Stone town which is the biggest attraction on the island. Your arrival at the port is not spared of the hustlers and travel agents looking for tourists or travelers with no agenda. If you have visited most capital cities around Africa and Asia, you must be familiar with what I am talking about here.


What kind of accommodation would you expect on island? Believe me Zanzibar is quite exceptional in the range of accommodation to choose from. Of course there are many backpacker’s options in motels and Inns such as St Monica’s guesthouse, Princess Samle Innn and others.

There are also some luxurious hotels and  resorts near the beaches to spend the night.

Zanzibar Tour Add-ons

Trips to Zanzibar islands are not isolated with tours of Pemba Island which forms part of the Zanzibar archipelago. Pemba island is about 50 km long from the mainland coast of Tanzania and is the second largest island off the Tanzania Indian Ocean coast. The two islands share a long history of Early explorers and traders an was thus known as ‘Al Jazeera Al Khadura‘-the green island regarded more fertile than its neighbor Zanzibar.

Other interesting islands to tour off the Tanzanian coast include Lamu, Seychelles, Mombasa and many others.


Mozambique Tour Operators

logo Africa Wild Truck.png
Africa Wild Truck is a local Tour Operator based in Malawi that was born from a big passion for t...
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Mozambique Travel agents and safari companies are the answer! All Mozambique travel agents are registered with the tourist board and are already equipped with first Mozambique tourist information, can organize a Mozambique holiday to the different islands of the Bazaruto archipelago and also find you the best Mozambique hotels that fit into your budget plans.

There are a variety of things to do on your Mozambique holiday such as bird watching, wildlife tours, hiking, scuba diving and snorkeling, swimming, choose to sail away on a traditional dhow to the Bazaruto marine park and have an amazing time.

Mozambique Tour companies listed here are trusted travel agents and can organize Mozambique safari and holiday itinerary including Mozambique hotels bookings, accommodation, flights , ticketing , car hires, arrange 4X4 vehicle safaris, transfers and above make you feel welcome and at home in a foreign Land!

Before you commit on which Mozambique tour operator and safari company to use, look at and read travel reviews and articles of previous tours in Mozambique, which recommendations are given and then zero the best tour companies in Mozambique. Some of them include;

Tours & Travel Mozambique

Tours & Travel Mozambique is a fresh, youthful Mozambican Travel Agent that shows the best of Mozambique, from the beaches, to the wildlife. Our staff and guides are all Mozambican giving you a true African experience.
Phone: 2130 2155
Avenida 24 de Julho 776, Maputo, Mozambique

Orient Travel & Tours

Mozambiquewe book airline ticket, hotel reservation, local transport, and religious tour.
Orient Travel & Tours Mozambique is a specialist leisure travel agency offering Airfares, Accommodation, Tours, and Exciting Holiday Packages.We offer dream travel packages and deals in order for you to experience great vacations or tours all across the world.
Fernao Magalhaes no 586 Hotel 2001
Maputo, Mozambique
Today 8:00am – 12:30pm, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Phone +258 21 300 862

World Around Tours

World Around Tours specializes in holiday packages, hotel bookings, car rentals, visa assistance, group bookings for meetings, conferences, tickets to special events, etc. May the purpose of visit be business, leisure, honeymoon, family vacation, meetings, conferences, special events, etc, we can assist with all your needs. We adhere to our principles in providing quality assistance with best care and attention to details.
No. 418, 4th Floor, 33 Andar
Mozambique Maputo, Mozambique
Phone 00258 2132887

Tours Maputo

Tours Maputo is Mozambique’s freshest Travel Agency giving visitors access to the best Maputo and surrounds. City tours, and much more
Av. 24 de Julho 776
Maputo, Mozambique

Simara Travel and Tours

Welcome to Simara Travel and Tours, Lda., over 10 years in the travel industry. Is one of the tour operators located in centre of Maputo. Recognized by the Department of Turism in Mocambique and AVITUM- the Association of the Travel and Tour operators Agencies in Mocambique.
Av. 24 de Julho nº 1249
Maputo, Mozambique
Phone Tel: +258 21 303825/29, Fax: +258 21 303830

Tel/Fax 27 (0) 13 750-1885
Mobile 27 (0) 82 697-6058
E-mail :Tours
to enquire about Day Tours and Overland Tours

Thompsons Indaba Safaris
Tel: 013-7900401
Fax: 013-7900406
Cell: 00 27 0829263716
Fly In Safari Company
+27 21 858 1562

Mokore Safaris
7 Stable Close, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263.4.883462 (Harare House)
Cell: +263.712.621245

The T. Jeffrey Safari company
P O BOX 217 1505 west saint Mary’s road
(866) 470 0470

Travel Tips

Situated on the south east coast of Africa, Mozambique is ranked among Africa’s coastal gems. It is popular for its crystal clear blue waters, beautiful coral reefs and large variety of marine animals. This once Portuguese settlement has a diversity of cultures which attracts numerous adventure devotees.Since the overwhelming civil war that lasted for approximately 17 years which ended in 1992, Mozambique started rebuilding itself.  This area has also started to open its boundaries to tourist travels for individuals who want to experience the pristine environment.

Travel Advise To Mozambique

Great Neighbourhood

Mozambique is neighbored by Tanzania, Swaziland, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi and Zimbabwe and it also acts as a base if anyone is interested in visiting the neighboring countries. And equally a visit in Mozambique can turn out into a tour to the neighboring countries.
Getting Around

The road network is well planned and majority of the prime routes in Mozambique are maintained frequently.2WD vehicles are used to access to access majority of the prime centers and other popular towns, although a 4WD will provide better travel advantages and present an opportunity to travel to further destinations. There are many car hire companies to cater for those interested in self-drive tours.If you rather be driven in a safer and convenient ride, there are many mini buses operated by professional drivers heading to and fro the main cites.If you prefer to experience this wonderful country, travel more full safaris, as over-land travel adventure companies offer the best packages. In most cases these companies combine a number of on-land tours which pass through various countries, thus offering travels the chance to go through a diverse African countries travel experience.

Climate and weather
Mozambique weather is characterized by mild climate with normal temperatures ranging in the higher twenty -20 degree Celsius. The days are sunny and moderately warm all through the year making the country perfect for maximum- enjoyment tours.During the summer time which is between October – April, it is usually hot, rainy and wet. Then between april and September which is the winter season, it is much drier and comfortable for visitors who are not familiar with the warm and very humid weather associated with this area.

That does not actually mean that you shouldn’t travel Mozambique during the summer season because the temperature and amounts of rainfall vary among the different parts of the country. The Niassa & Nampula high lying areas are the most ones while the coastal areas in the north east areas are very hot.The northern area receives higher rainfall amounts as compared to the south.

So if you are planning to have a tour through Mozambique, the most appropriate time to visit is that nearing the winter season. The drier season usually makes animals gather in larger groups as compared to those in the summer. This summer season offers and ideal  fishing platform because of the large fish that flood the water during this season of the year.

Diving In Mozambique

Mozambique is an internationally popular diving country with many spectacular reefs that hold a diversity of marine life. The moderately warm waters with rich marine life that includes sharks, whales, colored fish and dolphins make this a perfect diving destination for visitors to enjoy.
Buzaruto Archipelago is the most popular area among diving fans and is comprised of 4 islands namely Bnguerra, santa Carollina. The corals at archipelago and the crystal clear waters present the best ranking scuba diving and snorkeling in Africa. If your tour in Mozambique is limited to one destination, then this is the perfect place to visit in the whole of Mozambique.

The Metical is the monetary currency used in Mozambique. It was new currency was introduced in the middle of 2006 and is used together with the old Meticais which are slowly being faded out.  In the southern regions of the country, the Us Dollar, Pound Sterling and South African Rand are used widely for transactions.Credit cards are somewhat accepted, but specifically by large tourist related businesses and large hotels. So generally you must be aware that your credit card will not be accepted in Mozambique.

Health Precautions
Being a risky area to catch malaria, it is very important that very important that visitor take good precautions while preparing to visit.To lessen the malaria risk, it is recommended that travels regularly wear trousers and long sleeved shirts and use reliable mosquito repellents on the uncovered skin as often as possible.To refrain mosquitoes from entering, windows and all doors to your accommodation facilities should be well screened and also endeavor to used treated mosquito nets.Another important aspect is to take anti malaria drugs. However, you should be aware that there are some side effects related with some medications, therefore consult from a travel clinic or your personal doctor to make sure that you are properly protected before taking any medication.

Because of the destruction that resulted from the sad historic war, the country is still rebuilding itself and all it hopes for is a better future by taking good advantage of its naturally endowed beauty.So if you are after having an ecosystem tour, adventure or leisure tour, this country is a pleasant humid destination that will satisfy your every need. It is a true example of paradise.


Namibia Tour Operators

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SAWOTO World Safaris PTY Trading as Safari World Tours is a Dynamic Travel and Tourism company th...
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We are a small DMC which offers personalised service to international holiday markers. We run sch...
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Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania & many more….Africa is an extraordin...
Quest Tours and Safaris is a premier transportation and tour company offering Airport transfers, ...
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Things To Do On A Safari in Namibia

Namibia is a Desert like country that is located in the southern part of the African continent is a real gem for all tourists who want to experience Desert life and also get a feel of the unique culture that is practiced in the area. From the capital city of the country which is Windhoek and the many other tourist attractions that are located within the country will keep you on your toes and that is why you should add Namibia on your bucket list of countries for you to visit on the African continent.

Skeleton Coast Safari

Explore the Skeleton coast which is located in the northern part of Namibia is filled with a lot washed up ship wreck, whale bones and the coastline has a wall of sand a few fit high and some locals believe that the accommodation is haunted and this adds to the fun. It was named skeleton coast because it is believed that many of the ships that belonged to pirates were wrecked here. The best way to explore the skeleton coast and get to see many of these shipwrecks is by flying over the place and this can be done in a helicopter or small plane. This is an experience one is supposed to experience personally.

Fish River Canyon Tour Namibia

Explore the Fisher River canyon which is located in the southern part of Namibia. It is considered to be one of the largest canyons in the world and on the African continent and it is one place that you will want to explore while in the country. It is extremely good for all those that want to go out for a hike and site seeing especially in the evening when the sun is setting. There will be tour guides who will take you around the canyon and don’t forget to take your camera, put on your hiking shoes and carry lots of water as you enjoy your hike.

Take a drive to the moon landscapes, these are located just a few minutes away from Swakopmund and they can be seen up to central Namibia. They were named moon landscapes because of how they look like that is they have holes in them and they are so barren in that when you visit them it will feel like you are taking a walk on the moon.

Visit Namib-Naukluft Park

Drive to the Namib-Naukluft Park, this is located within the Namib Desert and has a unique landscape that is filled with sand dunes and wild life that is used to the Desert heat and some of the animals that you will see include gemsbok, hyenas, black maned lions, giraffes, hyenas and many more others. It is also a good place for one to see the Naukluft Mountain which is located within the same area and you can take a hike up especially if you are an adrenaline junky.

Explore the Dune 45, the climb up this 85 meters high sand dune is a worthwhile experience and as you get to the top, you can easily view the dune valley which during the morning and evening hours is covered with exquisite light leading to it being described as a moonscape. Considered to be the highest dune in the country, you cannot miss out on this exciting adventure while in the country.

Go for a cultural walk with the Himba tribe, they are believed to be the first people to live in the country and their nomadic lifestyle shows you how important livestock is to them. Come and safari with the Himba and learn about language that has a clicking sound to it clicking throughout a conversation and the ever burning Holy fire which the locals believe connects them to their ancestors and you will also not believe that they have zero knowledge about technology.

Mahango Game Reserve Safari

Visit Mahango Game Reserve, if you want to experience true wilderness on earth, Mahango Reserve is the best place to go. Located in Northern Namibia, it’s an exclusive conservation area and it has features like rivers which have trees and grasses on its banks and the trees include the baobab. Mahango is a home to wild life like antelopes, Duikers, elephants, situngas, and the big five for the game lovers. One can easily see the animals mostly during the dry season as they wander around looking for water.

Take a trip to Swakopmund , a place that every adrenaline junky is meant to visit while on a safari to the Namibia, the desert curves provides the perfect place for quad biking, and the it’s a playground for sand boarding, paragliding . You can also go dolphin and whale watching, visit the national aquarium, view the colonial architecture while in the area. And believe me this is one trip that you will not regret taking while on a safari to Namibia.

Take a walk through Rocks at Spitzkoppe, this is one place that you do not want to miss while in Namibia and this is because of the large rock that is located in Spitzkoppe. It is a perfect place for all those that love photography because the rock provides a good backdrop for the photos and it is also a good hiking place for tourists. If you are a fan of rock paintings then this is also a good place for you to visit and these rock paintings were believed to be done by the Bushmen.

Namib Desert Exploration Safari

Explore the Namib Desert, the Desert is commonly known by many tourists as a very harsh place with extreme hot weather conditions but the Namib Desert is one place that you will want to add to your bucket list while on your trip to Namibia. There are also many animals that you will see when you visit the Desert like the black maned lions and at night, go quad biking and other Desert related activities and you get the chance to gaze up to the beautiful stars while camping. Make sure that you go with a tour guide on your trip and pack appropriately while you head out in the Namib Desert.

Go horse riding in Aus, the Aus city is located in the Northern part of the country and there is a herd of wild horses that are found in the area which you ride out into Desert and explore all that it has to offer you. You will definitely need a tour guide who is good at taming these wild horses before you head out to enjoy the heat on a horse back in the Namib Desert.

Explore Deadvlei, this is one of the pans that is located in the area and there are about 900 year old acacia trees that can be seen here when one visits the country. It is also a good place to be taken back down the memory lane of the stone- age period and what better place to be frozen in time other than the Deadvlei in Namibia.

Explore the cape cross which is located in the western part of the country. It is a perfect destination place for most of the tourists who love staying at the sea side and all the animals that habitate along the sea shores for example the seals and the beautiful scenery that surrounds the cape will relax anyone who is extremely stressed and that is why when you visit Namibia, hire out a car and go visit the cape.

Visit the Painted Lady in Bundaberg Mountain, if you love art then this is the place to be because it is a home to more than 50,000 art paintings which were done by the ancient people and the paintings are used for healing and communication purposes and these paintings were dyed using things like animal blood, charcoal and sandstone. The lady who was painted is the most attraction as she is surrounded by different animals which are spiritual according to the local though researchers believe the painting is of a man.

Visit the Canyon Roadhouse for a car viewing in the Desert. The canyon Roadhouse is a collection of old cars all across the yard and even inside the restaurant and since it is located within a Desert, it is a good place for one to relax after touring the Desert. They are kept in very good condition due to the dry air that is in the area and the beauty about the place is that after spending a day viewing cars, you can rest in the rooms that are also located in the area.

Etosha Safari Namibia

Explore the Etosha National Park, this is considered to be the best National Park in the country and a drive through it will leave you with an experience that you will never get anywhere else while you are in the country. There are several animals, birds, the large salt pans that are located within the park and not forgetting the beautiful landscape that is in the area will get you going back to Etosha each time you visit Namibia.



Rwanda Tour Operators

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Primate Vacations is an East Africa based Safari Company. We opened as business Nyumbani Group in...
Go self drive rwanda is a car rental agency which offers the best self drive rwanda services. we ...
Rwanda cars for rental is a great 4×4 car hire and car rental company based in Kigali that o...
Its an all female guides and Driver run company based in Kigali, Rwanda, that aims at giving equa...
UMURAGE SAFARIS offers distinctive travel experiences. Accurately translated, ‘‘Umurage’’ means H...
Serengeti Safaris Tansania.png
East Safari Tours is a pioneering leader in East Africa tourism industry, dedicated to bringing y...
Logo low res.jpg
Ngeye Trekking Safaris is a Ugandan owned DMC specializing in providing personalized private and ...
1000 Hills safaris offers the best Rwanda Safaris, Gorilla Trekking Tours and Wildlife Safaris. C...
WhatsApp Image 2020-07-26 at 12.09.02 (1).jpeg
Amryl Life Tours is designed to deliver the immersion of tourists into the Rwandan culture to par...
Go Safaris Africa
Go safari Africa specializes in building one-of-a-kind luxury safaris throughout East African. Ou...
logo ns round.JPG
Neza SAFARIS is an indigenous DMC & seasoned safari operator in Rwanda that focuses on packag...
logo b.png
we are tours and transport services located in Kigali- Rwanda our services offered : mountain gor...
Wild Hikes Rwanda is a government registered company located in Ruhengeri, Rwanda. Wild Hikes is ...
Nature Trails East Africa is an eco tourism company organizing trips in Uganda and other east Afr...
Virunga Ecotours is a tour organizer company operating in Rwanda with its headquarters based in R...
Kal Tours and Travel is a registered East African Rwandan based tour company focusing on providin...
Enclose Africa Safaris is a domestic safari specialist company, specialized in arranging thrillin...
We are Based in Rwanda land of thousand hills we provide tour guiding itineraries  for gorilla tr...
TRAIL TREK AFRICA is a travel and tour organization that was formed in 2018. We hope to provide i...
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Volcanoes Safaris

Volcanoes Safaris owns and runs four eco-luxury lodges in Uganda and Rwanda (Kyambura Gorge Lodge, Bwindi Lodge, Mount Gahinga Lodge, Virunga Lodge) and specialise in safaris to see the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees in the neighbouring forests. For over 15 years Volcanoes Safaris has been at the forefront of great ape ecotourism and continues to be a leader in the region.
Rwanda – Kigali
Tel: +250 252 502452
Mobile: +250 (0) 78830 2069

Wild Whispers Africa

Wild Whispers Africa is fully registered within Uganda – “The Pearl of Africa“. We’re a dependable East African Safari & Tour Operator Company with extensive experience of several years in the Eastern African tourism industry.
Wild Whispers Africa takes you to track the mountain gorillas and other wildlife adventure tours!
Tel : +256312107945 /+256793503426.

Insight Safari Holidays

Insight Safari Holidays offers you the best holiday experience of East Africa  and because we know Uganda and Rwanda  as only a professional and knowledgeable native insider can.
+256414 580794 or +256 392 613687 :

Access Rwanda Safaris

Access Rwanda Safaris will make you feel at home and take care of your wishes as much as possible.
Our long experience in tour operating is an insurance for a wonderful and memorable stay in Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi or DR Congo. A holiday you will never forget because of its fantastic flora and fauna, its scenery and its hospitality.
(+250) 788524799
(+250) 788744129

P.O. Box 6025 KIGALI, RWANDA Kicukiro Sector, Gasabo District, KIGALI, RWANDA

South African Tour Operators

3.50 (3 reviews)
Our passion is to enrich people’s lives. We believe that a safari travel is a lifetime memory tha...
White on Black Logo 630x200.jpg
5.00 (1 review)
Ker & Downey Africa is an adventure travel company that chases exceptional moments for advent...
Krugerpark trips Google + PP.PNG
5.00 (1 review)
Kruger Park Trips The young and energetic team of Kruger Park Trips Company is constantly on the ...
final edit of logo timeline copy.png
5.00 (1 review)
Timeline Travel brings  Packages In South Africa and also South Africa holiday packages. We offer...
Vaya Africa Travels Logo 001.png
5.00 (1 review)
We are an incoming Tour operator In Johannesburg, Cape Town and correspondence in Botswana, Kenya...
Victoria Waterfall Zimbabwe.jpg
CC Selfdrive 4×4 Tours are tour guides in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. We also do the...
We at Ibubesi Tours offer exclusive tours to Kruger National Park at very affordable rates, striv...
South Africa is the home of the big 5, has over 900 species of birds and offers the perfect locat...
MoAfrika Tours is a touring company with a difference. We don’t specialise in just taking our gue...
Infinite Africa is a travel company based in Nelspruit, South Africa. We are passionate about Afr...
We at African Adventour love to go the extra mile for our clients by offering Scheduled Tours as ...
We are a African Safari Specialist who work hand in hand with our guests to create bespoke safari...
To travel is to live. Join us on the road to African discovery as we explore what this magnificen...
AES 6.jpg
We do tours and safaris in Southern African countries, this includes South Africa, Namibia, Botsw...
We are a privately-owned Game Reserve and we are situated in Colenso, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and offer g...
Sarah Tours is a full services Tour Operator supplying over 200 tour itineraries in Morocco and S...
South African Adventures is a local Tour Operator based in Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. ...
We are a one stop travel company and travel agency, dealing in bespoke tours and safaris through ...
Cape Town Trike Tours offers visitors a totally unique, fun and private touring experience in Cap...
Kruger National Park Safaris tailor-made for you A great love for the outdoors, wildlife, travel,...
From humble beginnings in 2015, Jumbo Tours and Safaris has grown to become the most sought after...
Your dream wildlife safari in Africa’s most renowned wildlife habitat can become a reality when y...
Logo (Rhulani Safaris).jpg
We are a company that specializes in Small Group/ Private and Photographic Safaris in the Greater...
my logo nonto.png
Swaziland Excursion Travel offers a range of holiday packages to our premier destination, Swazila...
Zulu safaris.PNG
  Durban is the coastal gateway to the province of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and locally k...
DA Logo (1).jpg
Who is Destination Africa? Destination Africa Pty Ltd in South Africa was formally registered in ...
Think outside, with us you do not require a box!!  If you are looking for a South African adventu...
Afrika Nzuri Logo_Final Black_small.JPG
We are an Incoming Tour Operator to Namibia and South Africa. Specializing on Customized Safaris ...
African Outposts.jpg
Established 26 years ago, African Outposts provide a professional travel service for memorable an...
Mashalas Travel is a leading tour operator offering the best cultural tours in South Africa. Our ...
Garden Route Tours -
Welcome to Southern Circle Tours and Safaris Southern Circle Tours and Safaris is South Africa...
Kruger Wildlife Safaris has been in the safari business since 1998 and ever since we have been sh...
Nestled inside the Greater Kruger National Park, our lodges offer our guests an intimate and up-c...
Enrico’s Tours & Safaris is a Dynamic Travel and Tourism company that primarily focuses...
About Nhongo Safaris Global excellence award winning Nhongo Safaris is a family-owned safari tour...
We are your Africa travel experts. An established Tour Operator since 2002. Submit an enquiry wit...
Our Company was established in 2016 to provide a hussle free shuttle service for our guests. We P...
Food4X4Adventure Logo.png
Food4x4Adventure is a Cape Town based tour company offering personalised All-Inclusive Tailor-Mad...
Exclusive Africa Logo.jpg
Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania & many more….Africa is an extraordin...
New Nomad Logo-01.png
Nomad Tours & Safaris is one of the leading Group Tour Operators in Africa. Over the last 23 ...
Rent a Bike Goa.jpg
Rent My Bike Goa provide the best Bike Rental Service in Goa, so get the Bike On Rent in Goa and ...
Airport transfers-local and international Tours-city,soweto and safaris shuttles-single and group...
Jumbari Family Safaris specialises in family safaris which are also eco friendly. We tailor-made ...
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South African Safari and tour operators are companies that will help you arrive the best South African safari, South African honeymoon holiday, or some excursion off to the coast in Cape Town or to Garden route in Durban

If you are arranging a trip to South Africa and you don’t want to go through the stress of finding the best South Africa Travel package to the best South Africa destinations like Kruger National Park, game drives to Sabi Sands Game Drive, Cape Town tours, Vehicle hired/ Self Drive tours, include the best South African hotels and accommodation and South African flights too.

Finding the best South Africa safari and tour operator is not a piece of cake! Get to go through travel reviews and articles of several tourists who have visited South Africa before! Getting to know details of tour operators will help you identify which South Africa travel agencies are credible and offer value for service.

You can still see that there are numerous companies covering anything from bird watching safaris, wildlife, game, mountaineering, game drives, walking safaris, hiking, Lion safaris, big five safaris, scuba diving, microlighting, hot air balloon safaris, bungee jumping, beach holidays, luxury honeymoons, and several tourist attractions. Some of the tour companies include;

Wilderness Safaris

Now 30 years old, our ecotourism and conservation company, based in Maun, Botswana, with regional offices and locally registered businesses in each of the nine countries in which it operates. We operate and market 70 small safari camps as well as mobile safaris and walking/canoeing trails in the pristine wilderness areas of Africa (Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa


andBeyond strongly believes in giving back to the local communities, which it does by providing employment and land ownership opportunities as well as by building local schools and clinics. This philanthropic spirit has been recognized by numerous international hospitality and conservation awards including the prestigious Conde Nast Traveller’s World Savers Award for Wildlife Conservation, awarded to the flagship Phinda Private Game Reserve in 2008.

This company’s outstanding reputation and collection of international accolades are well-deserved and, by incorporating a stay in an andBeyond property, you can rest assured that some of the proceeds from your trip will be reinvested into sustaining the natural environment in which you are staying.
164 Katherine Street
2010 Sandown, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone +27 11 809 4300

African Sky Safaris & Tours

African Sky Safaris & Tours is a small, highly experienced South African tour operator. Over the years we have hosted a great number of international visitors on private guided tours in South Africa and safaris in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. The company was founded in 1998 as a closed corporation in the Republic of South Africa (Cc No 1998/024392/23). African Sky Safaris & Tours is an experienced tour operator based in South Africa’s capital city of Pretoria. We specialize in luxury private safaris and tours in Southern Africa, including the countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. These incredible destinations offer a host of unforgettable adventures, from the vibrancy of cosmopolitan Cape Town to the wild throes of the Okavango Delta or Kruger National Park, the remote romance of the Namib Desert to the tropical wares of a private island in the Indian Ocean.
Phone +27 12 809 1632

Safari With Us

We arrange African safaris and tours to various locations and attractions in Southern Africa. These include popular parks such as Kruger, Pilanesberg, Chobe and Victoria Falls.
Physical Address:
Safari With Us
Nxai Pan Suite
Safari Club Hotel
68 Pomana Road
Kempton Park
South Africa
Official Telephone Lines: +27 76 692 4335
Absolut Tours & Safaris
Specialists in group- individual travel, car rental and self-drives in Southern Africa. Tel +27(0) 21 5568365.

Suva Explorers
Shuttle serv., day tours, tours, southern Africa highlights; unforgettable experience.
Tel +27 12 259 0859

Enjoyable and fun-filled tours. Western Cape, Garden Route, Cape to Kruger, Namibia. Tel +27 (0)21 8548064.

Climax Tourism Services
Affordable tours and safaris for small groups and families. Scheduled or tailor-made. Tel +27 (0)12 9911619

Quiver Tree Safaris
Highlights of Southern Africa; Kalahari, Namib; affordable camping tours. Aircon vehicles. Tel +944 (0)208 6052156.

Andulela Experience
Meet authentic people, explore traditions, participate. Discover real South Africa. Tel +27 (0)21 7902592.

Wimberger Private Tours
Private Minibus tours with own guide; more than 15 years experience; choose your dream route. Tel (0)21 9130801

New Frontiers Tours
Full service ground handler. Group tours; self driver tours; transfers; hotel bookings. Tel +27 (0)31 2082955

Mkulu Kei Horse Trails
Near Morgan Bay. Horseback eco safaris along the scenic Wild Coast. Quality horses.Tel 0027 (0)43 8411525

Magic of Desert Tours
4×4 camping expeditions into the Kalahari; best guide; RSA and Botswana. Upington. Tel +27 (0)54 3325787

Swaziland Tour Operators

my logo nonto.png
Swaziland Excursion Travel offers a range of holiday packages to our premier destination, Swazila...
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Swazi Trails Adventure

Swazi Trails contact details are as follows:
tel: +(268) 24162180
cell/mobile: +(268) 76020261
P.O.Box D133, The Gables, H126, Swaziland

Woza Nawe Cultural Tours

woza nawe cultural tours – woza Nawe Responsible Cultural Tours is situated in the hills
of Swaziland on the Community Farm of kaPhunga, about 55
kms from the nearest town, Manzini.

Woza Nawe Tours (Myxos)
Tel:+268 505 8363
Cell:+268 604 4102
Address:Box 2455, Manzini, Swaziland

Swaziland is on the list of smallest nations in Africa as well as certainly one of its most incredible. It is enclosed and bordered by Mozambique and South Africa, which means you can add it to your South Africa safari itinerary. I t is easily accessible from South Africa by road. Swaziland is loaded with incredible tourist attractions and destinations such as game parks, rock art and paintings, waterfalls, museums and its beautiful, warm and friendly people.

Swaziland Safari Holidays

Wildlife safaris in Swaziland are an important part of any visit to Swaziland. There are around 3 game reserves namely Mkhaya Game reserve, Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary and Hlane Royal national park, which is the biggest. You can have a unique safari experience by viewing the game either on foot or by using an open roofed vehicle. Regular sights in the parks include elephants, leopards, buffalos, lions, cheetah and several species of birds. At the heart of Swaziland, in Ezulwini the capital city is the beautiful quiet Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary where the endangered white and black rhinos are protected or catch a glimpse of hippos, blue wildebeest, impalas, zebras and crocodiles.

Visit Phophonyane Nature Reserve on the border of the Ngwane gneiss and find a remarkable diversity of habitats, beautiful scenery, the old rocks of Phophonyane on which the river runs into a waterfall as it cascades down the cliff, several endemic plants and birds. You can visit the reserve on nature walks, using a mountain bike or with a 4X4 vehicle that will drive you to the peak of Gobolodlo mountains.

Maguga dam on Nkomazi River along the Piggs Peak and Mbabane corridor is a wonderful place to experience the peace and serenity of the water dam fringed by the high mountain ranges. The dam is a major livelihood to the local people and the country. You can take pictures of the dam as a Souvenir. There some ancient and eroded rock painting at Nsangwini, Sandlane and Dlangeni

Retreat to a more relaxed safari experience by visiting the candle factory in Malkerns valley and buy yourself a unique set of the hand made candles. The glass factory at Ngwenya produces some interesting handmade jewellery from recycled glass material besides other products like table ware, flower vases and other utensils. You could also visit a craft market for more collectibles of African souvenirs and fabrics.

Spend the evening interacting with the local people in the cultural visit to a nearby village like Mantenga, join in their songs, dancing, and learn their language and way of life. There is harvest festival in December and January in which the abundant harvest season is celebrated in a four-day festival called Incwala. Dancing and drum beats fill the air during the ceremonial; rituals. The traditional dress for man mainly includes “emahiya” the lion cloth and women usually wear a lion apron and a cloak together with a skin skirt.

King Sobhuza II Memorial Park is Swaziland’s national museum displaying the origins, history and cultural of the Swaziland people through the years.

For people who enjoy gambling, in Swaziland you will find many trendy casinos in the capital of Ezulwini Valley and neighboring towns. Remember to find appropriate dressing for any evenings or nights out. Buy yourself a map to refer to just in case you get lost somewhere. Find yourself a Swaziland travel guide to help you get an understanding the country and get you the best travel and tour deals.

Swaziland hotels and Accommodation

Swaziland accommodation offers all types of options from luxury hotels, budget hotels, guest houses, lodges and self catering options. In Ezulwini, the capital you’ll find fine options like Reilly’s rock, beehive village, Royal villas and Lugogo Sun Hotel. You’ll also find excellent restaurants, bar and catering at Hippo Haunt in Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary. You can check out which tour operators are providing good Swaziland hotel vacation packages.

Tunisia Tour Operators

Kilinge Adventures is the best tour company in Tanzania for climbing mountain Kilimanjaro, Sereng...
North Shore Tree Services has all the experience, skills, manpower and equipment to complete any ...
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Tunisia Discoveries
Tunisia Discoveries is a leading independent travel agency, based in El Kantaoui Sousse, highly skilled at planning Tunisia Tours as for groups as for individuals.Today, we are proud to satisfy the needs of clients from all over the world combining travel with a unique selection of services and intercultural activities which provide an enriching and authentic experience for our customers.Route Touristique El Kantaoui, H.Sousse,Tunisia
Phone (00216) 73 371 620
Fax (00216) 73 371 620
Mobile :00216 98 536 252
We offer a good choice of one day Tunisia tours which are ideal if you are visiting Tunisia by cruise ship. Our one day tours of Tunisia and shore excursions are available with pick-up from La Goullette port, directly from your cruise ship. Our one day Tunisia tours can be customised to your specifications or you may like to select one of our featured itineraries which appeal to everybody. Explore the ancient land of Carthage and discover this ancient people. Visit a Medina and haggle at the souks, and if you like a little bit of adventure take a 4×4 tour to the mountain region and explore the Berber settlements.

Things To Do

If you are visiting Tunisia for several days, a week or even longer you may want to join one of our multi day Tunisia holidays. We offer numerous Tunisia tours which include all the main highlights.Flights to Tunisia are affordable and all you have to do is to book in advance

You can select one of our coach group tours which offer exceptional value for money and we have numerous different itineraries to select from. Our tours are accompanied by local specialists with whom you will experience the sites, scenes and pleasures of this fascinating country. If you prefer a tailor made itinerary we can also provide this service which is ideal for groups.

Travel Guide To Tunisia

Tunisia is a country of many different and varied landscapes. The northern cities and large towns in particular the buzzing city of Tunis and its Medina is an insight to a modern north African country. You will see numerous Roman monuments throughout Tunisia, the coliseums and theaters, all of which are evidence of the Roman occupation. Our tours of Tunisia also visit the extreme south, the gateway to the Sahara. A visit to southern Tunisia is a must. Here you can visit the Berber dwellings, mountain oasis’s and of course the vast expanse of the Sahara, so empty, silent and beautiful… Tunisia tours.

Zimbabwe Tour Operators

Victoria Falls,Zimbabwe
3.50 (2 reviews)
Zimbabwe odyssey seeks to explore different sites in Zimbabwe for the benefits of local and forei...
Falcon Safaris logo
5.00 (1 review)
Established in 2004, we are a tour operator specializing in packaged tours and safaris in souther...
We are a fully registered adventure company specializing in Canoeing. Our unique canoeing activit...
WhatsApp Image 2018-10-15 at 12.57.12.jpeg
Eland Travel P.B.C is an expert in provision of a wide range of travel and adventure packages. We...
Nyuchi Safaris.png
Nyuchi Safaris is a tour operator based in Harare, Zimbabwe. We provide bespoke safaris and exper...
Southern Dynasty Safaris.png
Southern Dynasty Safaris is an award-winning safari travel company creating exceptional African S...
Tour Operator providing range of African Tours and Packages around Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Bots...
breeze loooogo.jpg
Breeze Africa Tours is a Destination Management Company located in the heart of Victoria Falls. W...
KWAKSZIM Logo LOGO (2).png
Kwakszim Travel and Tours Speciales in Group tours and safari tours. We take our clients to Victo...
Escape To Adventure Safafris Log.jpg
Escape to adventure Safaris is based in Victoria falls Zimbabwe. Some people and even some overse...
We are a Rafting company in Victoria falls zambezi river Zimbabwe over nights trips and day trips...
Logo memorable Journey.png
We are a Tour Operator and Destination Management Company based in Lusaka, Zambia. We tailor-make...
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Finding the best Zimbabwe Safari and Tour operator is not as easy as it seems.there are several Zimbabwe safari operator offering the best Zimbabwe safari packages with tours to Hwange National Park, Mutsadona Park, Victoria Falls, the Luangwa valley, River Zambezi and many other Zimbabwe attractions. All the best travel agents and tour operators will hlep you arrange the best walking safaris, game drives, hiking tours, water rafting trips and so much more. Remember that tour Packages for Zimbabwe holidays include Zimbabwe flights, Zimbabwe Hotels, Zimbabwe tours and transfers.

Premier Tours & Travel

Premier Travel & Tours and Premier Holidays is a group of independent travel agencies committed to offering world class travel and holiday solutions.
Phone    +263 4 704 781

Love Africa Safaris

Love Africa Safaris , 4 Lanark Rd , Belgravia, Harare , Zimbabwe Tel; 08644102489,0715642778,0773288629
Email :;
Skype :royalplatinum1
Twitter :@lovesafs
Like us on

Go Travel

We do bookings for around Zimbabwe, Southern Africa and Around the World! We are the Central Booking Office for Tiger Safaris and Villa de Vumba.

Phone    +263 77 782 2047


5 Watlow Close
Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone    +263 4 498 252

Touring Zimbabwe alone gives a feeling of visiting the whole world in just a single country. Mother Nature has gifted Zimbabwe with so much from the majestic waterfalls, pristine national parks home to several species of wildlife, a wealth of culture, traditions and beautiful people are but part of what Zimbabwe tours give.

Towns and city tours in Zimbabwe are one of the first and easiest ways to discover the best out of Zimbabwe. Harare the capital is the gateway into the country and is mainly dotted with museums, Victorian buildings and showcases the best of an African city on the rise. Bulawayo is however one town you’ll enjoy when it comes to Zimbabwe safaris, ancient Zimbabwe as far as the times of the early missionaries and other small towns around the country. You’ll find ample accommodation and Zimbabwe hotels in each the cities an towns.

Victoria Falls marks the first part of your Zimbabwe tour. The water falls are measured to be twice the size of Niagara Falls and one and a half times as wide. Locally referred to as Mosi oa Tunya-“Smoke that thunders”, Victoria Falls is made up of five different falls-Devils Cataract, Main Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Rainbow Falls and Eastern Cataract which form a cloud flowing over 100m high gorge during the peak flood waters of April.

Part of your Victoria Falls Zimbabwe tours include the canoe rides over the Zambezi river that marks the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, helicopter ride over the falls, sundowner cruises, bungi jumping off the Victoria falls bridge and game safaris to the parks on the banks of Zambezi river. A day or two on your Zimbabwe safaris is good enough to explore Victoria Falls, enjoy the safari rides and so much more of adventures to enjoy.

Mana Pools National Park is one of the largest national parks in Zimbabwe covering several acres of plains and swamp stretching from Kariba Gorge to Kanyemba on the Mozambique border. Besides the vast wealth of animals and birds, Mana Pools provides endless opportunities for canoeing, fishing and boating.

Gonarezhou National Park is situated in the south-east lowveld, and bordering on Mozambique in the driest part of the country. Contrary to the harsh weather, this 5,053 square kilometers park is home to pangolin, wild dog, bat-eared fox, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, roan antelope, nyala as well as the brown mouse lemur SUNI which is only found here. Going without say, Gonarezhou is a bird watchers paradise.

Lake Kariba on the Zambezi River is one of the oldest man made lakes in Africa after Aswan Dam in Egypt built for the purpose of making Hydro electricity available to the people of Zimbabwe in 1950. The 6,000 sq km lake is home to the famed tigerfish, a fighting game fish that offers an excellent challenge. Vundu, bottle nose and barbell are among the fish found in the lake.

Houseboating on Lake Kariba is famous way to relax on the lake. There are many of these floating houseboats available for charter on Lake Kariba specifically. You can catch the golden sunsets on the deck of any houseboat while other services offered by the Zimbabwe hotel on houseboats include swimming on the decks, fishing, game safaris and accommodation in a section of decks with comfortable bedding.

Hwange National Park was named after a Rozvi tribe that was slaughtered by the Matabele chief Mzilikazi. It is the oldest park and by far, the most visited national park in Zimbabwe. Most parts of the park are covered scattered woodland scrub and grassland creating a homely habitat for several species of wildlife, birds, insects and so much more. You can tour the park on safari game drives, guided safari walks and even get the chance to camp in the park for a night or two.

Matusadona National Park lies on the south-eastern shore, and is accessible by boat or aircraft. There is a rough, seasonally passable access road from the south. Sprawling across 1407 square kilometres between the Ume and the Sanyati rivers, the park is a tumble of wooded mountains spilling down from the uninhabited plateau to the creeks and bays of the lake. The Sanyati Gorge is particularly spectacular, and is navigable for 12 kilometres. Camping facilities are available at Tashinga on the Ume River and Elephant Point.

Eastern Highlands are a natural border along Zimbabwe-Mozambique border yet scenic as the Drankensburg in South Africa. The rolling hills cover a distance of 300 kilometres stretching from Nyanga in the north to include Bvumba Mountains near Mutare, Chimamimani Mountains and end south of the Chirinda Forest Botanical Reserve. This part of Zimbabwe has cool weather unlike most parts of the country. November to March is full bloom months with rains setting in.

Seychelles Tour Operators

No entries were found.

Showing 0 results

Authentic Hotel Seychelles

Authentic Hotel Seychelles is a secure and free online booking service for small hotels and guest houses run by local Seychellois hoteliers in our amazing Seychelles archipelago. We provide a personalized booking service for all the accommodations listed on our website, information about Seychelles, hotels and guest house promotions, how to get there, island hoping, sights and other tips to help travelers have the best holiday in paradise possible.
Phone    +248 2 578 025

Just Seychelles

Just Seychelles is a dedicated, specialist tour operator offering Seychelles holidays. Our experienced team regularly visit Seychelles to review hotels and resorts, so we have first hand knowledge to share with you to help you select the right Seychelles holiday package.
39 Gatwick Road
West Sussex
RH10 9RB
Tel : +44 (0)1707 371000

New Adventures

New Adventures emphasize the benefits of individual travel.  Travelers should enjoy a destination on their own terms and at their own pace; exploring the destination that speaks to their  interests, tastes, and backgrounds.
4222 Fortuna Center Plaza, #629
Montclair, VA 22025
Tel: +1 703-680-4984
Fax: +1 703-680-4985

Malawi Tour Operators

Malawian Style is an adventure tour operator based in Lilongwe, Malawi. We specialise in adventur...
logo Africa Wild Truck.png
Africa Wild Truck is a local Tour Operator based in Malawi that was born from a big passion for t...
Justice is Justice Tents Hire, is situated in Salima Sengabay. Justice is Justice Tents Hire is a...
Showing 3 results

Kiboko Safaris

Kiboko Safaris is one of the leading tourism companies based in Lilongwe, the Capital of Malawi. It has been operating for over 14 years and has established itself into a trendsetting tourism enterprise within Malawi.
Mandala Road
Lilongwe, Malawi
Phone    +265(0)1751226, +265 (0) 999 838485

Mulanje Outdoor Adventures

Mulanje Outdoor Adventures is the only locally owned and managed tour operator that specializes in mountaineering excursions on and around Mulanje massif with over 10 years of on the ground experience.
42 Glyn Jones Road
P.O. Box 3112, Blantyre Blantyre, Malawi
Phone    +265 212 880 772, +265 992 229 154, +265 888 413 851
Email /

Heritage Travel Malawi

To focus on corporate travel requirements and provide corporate travel solutions through planning and managing travel options through effective strategies to enhance customer experience and satisfaction and to become one of the leading travel agency in Malawi
Phone    +265 1 820 250/ 827 520 +265 999 681 914/ +265 888 481 914

Ulendo Travel

Malawi is a relaxing holiday destination that offers an opportunity to combine the attraction of swimming, diving, snorkelling and sailing in warm safe waters with gentle hikes through forests or a visit to parks and reserves supporting large numbers of birds and wildlife.
441 Chilanga Drive, Area 10, PO Box 30728, Capital City, Lilongwe 3, Malawi

Tel. +265 (0) 1794 555
Fax. +265 (0) 1794 666
Emergency Contact. +265 888 207 896
2 of the main attractions within Malawi’s national parks as well as wildlife reserves are: their entirely unspoiled wilderness as well as the deficiency of mass tourism. Here You actually feel you are looking at a sight which David Livingstone recognized. There is a actual touch of the stunning “Garden of Eden” about them. Furthermore You will discover the various animals, they are not ruled out for viewing as it is in a theme park.
Types of Safari
There is a great variety of safaris. You can opt for the traditional 4WD vehicle (usually are open) to enjoy the game drives or go on a walking safari to have a better opportunity to explore the country as well as its wildlife up close. Other alternatives comprise of a boat safaris on river Shire. This is a magnificent way to observe the animals at close proximity as they seem unterrified by people within the boat. You can glide close to large schools of hippos and as well observe the elephants drinking only a few meters away. Other encounters can be experienced, for instance, when tracking the huge elephant of Majete. The well-known horseback safaris offer an opportunity to trip alongside the zebras and antelopes.
It is hard to find several countries that can match up Malawi as a bird watching destination. a small number of certainly will come close to the variety of species which can be found and yet fewer have such simplicity of viewing them.
Parks and Reserves
The nine national parks plus wildlife reserves in Malawi have a great diversity of terrain as well as vegetation types, and comprise of areas of true unspoiled wilderness. Within the north are the exceptional Nyika Plateau as well as the Vwaza Wildlife Reserve: one a high-land, and the other on a low-land. The central part has 2 huge game regions: Kasungu National Park found in the west as well as Nkhotakota Reserve found in the east. The latter is at present under development to accommodate tourist activities. within the south, is the most renowned national park; Liwonde national park, along River Shire, however there are in addition 3 game regions moving further south and these are: Lengwe National Park plus the wildlife reserves of Majete (in recent times refilled) in addition to Mwabvi. Close to the southern borders of Lake Malawi is the first fresh-water national park in the world at Cape Maclear. This is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malawi.
The big 5 (which include lions, rhinos, leopards, elephants plus buffalos) can be found within Malawi as well as a grand variety of antelopes as well as the smaller wild cats like the caracels plus the servals. Hippos can also be seen in large numbers, and these are actually almost the representatives of the wildlife in Malawi. Taking a safari to Malawi is certainly going to reward you with memorable experiences, several of game seen within the beautiful surroundings and expect to see no convoys of safari vehicles which is characteristic of many game parks in African. Visitors are somewhat not many, offering everyone a chance to experience the different types of available safari: in a 4WD vehicle, on foot, in boat, or even on horseback with the utmost privacy and tranquility.
Malawi is really an ornithologist’s paradise. a small number of countries in Africa can match up to the great variety of bird species in Malawi together with the somewhat ease of bird watching. Approximately 650 species of birds have been recorded with more than ten per cent not being seen in 10 % not seem in other areas of southern Africa. Prominently known are the fish eagles commonly seen at the Lake as well as along River Shire however, similar to the Lake’s fish, the variety of species is magnificent
The great diversity of fish including more than 600 species, can be seen within Lake Malawi National Park and this variety is certainly unmatched to anywhere found in the rest of the world.

Madagascar Tour Operators

Bradt Artwork.jpg
Enjoy your Holydays on Madagascar without any Language Barrier Experienced Travel Guides are at y...
I am an organizer of ecotourism circuits in Madagascar. Through my local agency Moramora West Adv...
Green Island Discovery Madagascar is the tour operator that will satisfy your curiosity about Mad...
Logo end.jpg
We are an incoming tour operator and DMC based in Antananarivo. We really excel at tailor-making ...
Tsaraventura is a solidarity tour operator based in Antsirabe, we are tailor made tours and offer...
Hello! Welcome to our page Soul Of Madagascar Tours. We are tour operator based in Madagascar. So...
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Lesotho Tour Operators

We are the best tour planners in Lesotho, Our professional team invest energy in planning and org...
We organise adventurous tours on the mountain kingdom to explore the beauty of Lesotho caves, riv...
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SA Maseru Travel Centre

South African Maseru travel Centre was founded to help people around the world reach their dream destinations easily
Maseru Book Centre Building, Kingsway Road Maseru 1st Floor
Maseru, Lesotho 100
Phone    +26622314536, +266 310662, +266 28321062

Leloli Travel Agency

Professional air travel arrangement globally, tour packages, hotel accommodation, group booking & car hire.
Pioneer Mall, Pioneer Rd, Central, Maseru, Lesotho
PO Box 7662, Maseru, Lesotho
Phone: +266 2231 7752
Fax: +266 2231 7741
Cell: +266 5885 1513
Lesotho is a small landlocked country, entirely bordered by the vast South Africa set in the famous Kingdom of the sky, as it is famously referred to. The Maluti mountains are the prime attractions in Lesotho Holidays, its highest peak called Thabana Ntlenyana at some 11,000 m above sea level. the terrain is gifted with volcanic soils and with foot hills extending further into the eastern border, forming the Drakensburg Mountain ranges of South Africa. Horseback trekking is the best way to experience these mountain ranges, visit the splendid grasslands at the foot, visiting the Basotho communities and the Maletsunyane Falls plunging from the central highlands.Lesotho is surely a land loaded with surprises all-around every place.

Maluti Mountains LesothoLesotho Holiday attractions

Hlotse also called Leribe is a small colorful town in Lesotho buzzing with several activities and shopping for a variety of locally made goods and handicrafts. Many of these items are unique expressions of the people’s lifestyle, customs and traditions.

Quthing is a former colonial town/fort that is completely different any other you have ever been to in the world. The horizon is beautiful with rocky outcrops and caves many with several art works and paintings curved by the previous inhabitants many years back. To this date, tourists are allowed to visit these sights, take pictures and enjoy the different embrace the beauty of Lesotho, most noticeable for the dinosaur’s foot prints and Masitise cave house museum.

Unlike other capital cities, Maseru is a casual town, one of the largest cities in Lesotho with an international airport. On arrival, take a guided tour to the neighborhood either on foot or by car and visit the local museum and the people that work and live in this city. People clad in the famous Basotho Blankets fill the streets on their way to the markets and offices every day.

Sehlabathebe National Park is located in the central eastern region of Lesotho not far away from Maseru but you’ll need a 4WD because the terrain is rough and fairly inaccessible. It however remains a perfect place for hiking and Lesotho safari with its scenic mountain ranges. Sani Pass is another remarkable destination, north of Sehlabathebe in the eastern border of Lesotho and is particularly good for mountain biking and driving.

The breathtaking road winds deep into South Africa through Drakensburg National Park, linking the two magnificent country side game parks. Another interesting sight in central Lesotho is Maletsunyane Falls, plunging into a single drop at 192m forming a spectacular smoke filled water pool below.

The weather in Lesotho depends on its high altitude; the dry months are from October to April with average temperature of up to 30 °C in the low lying lands and is cool for the high altitudes at 18°C. January and February the peak dry months. May to September is the rainy season with excellent skiing conditions, average temperatures of 20°C for the low lands and -18°C in the highland ranges. Now you know the best time to schedule your safari and tours to Lesotho!

Ghana Tour Operators

private tour guiding is our expertise. It might be your first time thinking to visit Ghana, Niger...
tree logo.jpg
Easy Track Ghana has been providing tours in Ghana and surrounding countries for over 10 years. W...
Eyali Tours is a local tour company in Ghana providing tours, car rental and certified tour guidi...
ABT Logo.png
Ghana a must visit Destination for Birdwatching which has 12 of the 15 West African Endemic Birds...
We offer tour services in Ghana, Togo, and Benin. We book reservation such as hotel, Investment c...
Explore Ghana Tours is a community based company offering historical and cultural experiences to ...
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Ashanti African Tours Ltd

We are experts in African Heritage, Cultural, Birdwatching, Eco, Wildlife Safari, Educational,Historical, Day Trips, Butterfly, Hiking and Biking tours and Tailor made tours of Ghana and West Africa. Other travel services offered conferences, business meetings, hotel reservations, vehicle rentals, airport transfers and event planning.
+233 (0) 332131679, 24 hour contact +233 (0) 541151282 or Skype us at: ashantitoursghana

Sunseekers Tours Ghana

Cultural and Educational tours to Ghana and Africa are the specialty of this dynamic company whose secret of rapid expansion lies in its well-educated and trained tour guides and coach drivers who provide efficient personalised services to make each tour a vibrant learning experience. Memories of Our Tours are Forever …
9 Farrar Avenue (across from Turst Tower)
Accra, Ghana
Phone    233 (0) 302 – 225393 or 231556 or 244070 (Ghana)

Trip Ghana Limited

TRIP offers a complete range of products and services to both domestic and international business travellers and tourists. TRIP’s offerings include tour packages, tailor-made experiences and services, accommodation, craft, travel arrangements, car rentals, lifestyle and entertainment.
Cantonments, Accra-Ghana
P.O.Box CT 6027, Accra, Ghana
Phone    +233 (0) 540 109 999 +233 (0) 303 933 101

Litina Travel & Tour

Get the best fares to business and leisure destinations from us. We organize trade missions too. We are located in Alisa Hotel, North Ridge, Accra.
Location    21 Doctor Isert Road, North Ridge, Alisa Hotel, Accra, Ghana. , 233 Accra, Ghana
Contact Info
Phone    +233 24 426 0789

Gambia Tour Operators

Traditional Tour Gambia Logo
Traditional Tour Gambia is company owned by Alhagie Gibba, a hardworking and dedicated young Gamb...
Logo provide tour guiding services for the tourists traveling from ...
Turaco Bird watching and Expedition Tours,we offers 1.One week birding in the Gambia 2.Two weeks ...
Tour Gambia is a licenced Group tour Company, Rigister by The Gambia Government and Ministery of ...
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Gambia Tours

Gambia Tours is a family run enterprise, which started in 1983 as a ground handling company. The Company was formed in order to assist tour operators and helps provide a solid structure for the tourist industry in The Gambia.
Gambia Tours also participates in several social and cultural events all over the Gambia, e.g. the operation “Clean the Nation”, The “Roots Festival”, The “Banjul Demba Cultural Festival”… As a member of the TTAG (Tourism and Travel Association of the Gambia), Gambia Tours is involved in sustainable and responsible tourism, and schools sponsoring.
Founded    1983
Location    Bertil Harding Highway, Bijilo, P.O BOX 217 Banjul, Gambia
Awards    Gambia Tours won the 28th International Award For Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry in 2003 held in Madrid, Spain.
Phone    +220 446 2601

Bushwhacker Tours

Bushwhacker Tours is the brain child of Mr. Alieu Bayo, popularly known and called Ali. He has 14 years of tour guiding experience in Gambia and an extensive knowledge which Ali and his team will enjoy sharing with you.
Ali was born and grew up in the deeper parts of Gambia, close to the famous Georgetown (Janjanbureh in Gambia), so he will love to take you on a 2-days trip deep inside the heart of Gambia.
Bushwhacker Tours will try and accommodate any changes to a set tour, for your liking if possible, we want to offer you an unforgettable time that will make you come back for more.
You are assured of our services for as long as you want it, while visiting The Gambia. Whether we are busy or not, making sure your satisfied is our priority.
The Gambia, P.O Box 1324 Banjul,The Gambia Banjul, Gambia
Contact Info
Phone    +220 7062502 or +220 9912891
Email or

African Adventure Tours

African Adventure Tours is a Ground Tour Operator, organizing flights, airport transfers, hotel reservations and excursions within The Gambia for tourists all over the world.
Fajara Boosterstation
Banjul, Gambia
Phone    +220 449 7313

Ivindo riverbanks Gabon

Top Gabon Tour Operators

Find a list of top tour operators in Ghana.

private tour guiding is our expertise. It might be your first time thinking to visit Ghana, Niger...
tree logo.jpg
Easy Track Ghana has been providing tours in Ghana and surrounding countries for over 10 years. W...
Eyali Tours is a local tour company in Ghana providing tours, car rental and certified tour guidi...
ABT Logo.png
Ghana a must visit Destination for Birdwatching which has 12 of the 15 West African Endemic Birds...
We offer tour services in Ghana, Togo, and Benin. We book reservation such as hotel, Investment c...
Explore Ghana Tours is a community based company offering historical and cultural experiences to ...
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Visit Gabon if you are looking for just a place to rest and relaxation from the hustles of big cities and stress of every day life. Gabon holidays are ideal and welcoming to all people, both young and old. Visit the west coast beach resorts that make Gabon’s border with the ocean besides the lush green forest jungles that earned it the name- last African Eden! The growing tourism industry is significantly focusing on vibrant with conservation and eco-tourism efforts. Gabon has a good amount of attractions such as art, history and cultural in addition to safari adventure holidays.

Gabon Travel and Tours

With Gabon travel, rest assured of experiencing picturesque beauty of extensive unexplored wilderness, forests and natural diversity such as elusive forest elephants, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, mandrills and some fantastic bird life.

Gabon has more than 10 national parks, Loango National park, Lope-Okanda Reserve in close proximity to La Lope at the central plateau zone which extends further into the north and eastern borders. The central escarpment gives way to the Chaillu Mountains whose peak of Mt. Iboundji stands at 3189 ft. at the foot hills are several river streams like Ogooue that drains into the Atlantic Ocean.Ivindo riverbanks Gabon The floodplain and tropical rainforests particularly make the vast beauty of the countryside. The forest trails will take you to amazing Gabon gorilla tracking and birding experiences.

Experience solitude and privacy from the beaches of north Mayumba and south of Sette Cama. Pointe Denis and Ekwata are good for water skiing, offshore (big game) fishing plus several other water sport adventures. Enjoy night walks on the beach for the sea turtles. Diving and Fishing are also a major part of the beach, oysters, sea urchins and lobsters are part of the catch.

Libreville is the capital of Gabon both captivating and vibrant with business of the French speaking people. Visit the main city on guided tour in a car getting around its famous art galleries and museums, old building and to its craft shops or markets selling African handmade crafts and wood sculptures.

Numerous hotels and dining establishments in Libreville serve both African and continental dishes, all delicious to taste and at affordable prices. Savor the colorful night life of Libreville in its nightclubs, casinos and streets. Overnight is available from luxury/ five-star hotels, standard hotel and in budget tourist camps in major cities across Gabon. Try out the luxury facilities from Point St. Catherine beach camp, Loango lodge and Bom Bom island resort. Make your hotel and accommodation booking before you arrive in Gabon, to be on the safe side.

When to go

It is recommended that you make Gabon holiday in the dry season from May to September and then a short season from December to January. The rains come in Feb to April and shorter rains from October to November making tours quite hard especially becoming muddy and with impassable tracks and roads. The rainy season is the best time to go watching birds as many migrant species come in from neighboring countries. Because Gabon lies in the equator, temperatures are 30ºC on average during the dry season.

Gabon has 3 important airports namely; Libreville Leon M’ba International Airport, M’Vengue El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba Airport and Port-Gentil International Airport. From Europe, departure flights are from London, Italy via Rome and from Marseille, France. South Africa and Nigeria service continental arrivals for Gabon. Cheaper flights are available from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Kenya and other countries. Local connections are by Ethiopian Airlines by Addis Ababa, Air Ivoire through Abidjan, Interair South Photography equipment from Gauteng, Royal Fresh air Maroc from Casablanca, Southern African Air tract from Gauteng and Virgin mobile Nigeria from Lagos.

Luxor Holiday Sky Cruise

Egypt Tour Operators

Egyptian Sidekick is many things. It is a blog, a non-profit organization, a tour organizer, and ...
logo 1.jpg
Egypt promotion Travel (S.A.E) was founded in 2009, Holder of a license from the Ministry of Tour...
Logo 11.png
  Vigo travel is a well-established tour operator with a longstanding reputation for providi...
Le Caire Travel Goal: To be the leading tourism company in Africa and the Middle East on the inte...
Gts Logo
General Travel Services Egypt is a travel company to trust. We, GTS Travel with our two branches ...
Ancient Egypt Tours has been offering tours packages for years. Our main goal is always happy cus...
White Bird.png
White Bird travel inbound tour operator …IATA  Lic and in the field since 1985 our activiti...
Since 1983, Over 35 years of experience as a Top Egypt Travel Agencies in Egypt. We are specializ...
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Egypt is perhaps and probably the most famous and prized tour resort in the world. Egyptian holidays include visits to the ancient towns, old weathered monuments, visits to the great pyramids and time to relax on the beautiful coastal resorts. There are lots of ways to discover Egypt, ranging from luxury private Egypt tours, on luxury Nile Cruises, camel desert safaris, to budget tours of Egypt. An Egypt tour package could in fact be especially designed for you by Egyptian travel specialists. There are lots of Egypt tour operators that will present you with Egypt vacation trips that compliment your spending plan, lifestyle and additionally interests.

Egypt Tours and holiday Packages

Egypt tour packages can be found in numerous styles and budgets. Well guided tour packages include hotel accommodation, travel and tour guide, interpreter and transport. On Luxor Holiday Sky Cruisearrival into Egypt via Cairo international airport, you’ll visit the Great pyramids, Cairo Museum, citadel of Saladin and the sphinx of Giza, head west to Luxor for the Karnak temples, ancient monuments of Alexandria and then to Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea coast. The white sand beach resorts a re a fascination for all Egypt travellers to soak up on the sand, swim in the clear coastal waters, go on diving expeditions or take on jet skiing boat rides. Some of the best resorts include Hurghada, El Gouna and Marsa Alam beaches.

Other interesting places to visit on holidays in Egypt include the Aswan Egypt and the high Aswan dam, the Valley of kings, Alexandria and Catherine ports on the Mediterranean coast, El-Alamein cemeteries, the military museum in Alexandria and much more. Your Egypt holiday can be summed up as a tour of the world’s best heritage sites.

Cheap Egypt holidays are also available and offered by different travel and tour companies and normally comprise of 3 or 4 day trips to Aswan, Cairo the capital, Luxor and other interesting places,. Accommodation is also cheap but also elegant and comfortable. Egypt safari tours include tours to the Sahara desert, to the high sand dunes, salt lake trips, visit different oases like Baharia, Pyramid Mountain, Bedouin village, the museum of the mummies, Abou Shrouf springs and other unique desert monuments and structures.

Egypt Nile Cruise Holidays

Nile Cruise Holidays to Egypt are a luxurious way to experience the river Nile and the Nile valley which is popularly recognized as the place for early civilization. There are a number of boat cruises and ships that ply the Nile such as Ms Hammes, one of the largest cruisers, MS Royal Lotus from Movenpick, Carmen MS, MS Karim, MS Royal Lily, Radamis II, St. George cruiser, Star Godess, Nile Goddes and many others. You’ll find exceptional dinning, sun deck bards, spacious lounges, luxurious cabins and fabulous entertainment on board. Cruisers on lake Nasser are also available, Nubian Sea cruise, prince Abbas, MS Kasr Ibrim and MS Eugenie- you’ll visit the Suez canal, the Nubian monument spend luxury nights under the star filled sky, awesome cuisine served and comfortable rooms.

Egypt hotels and accommodation are part of your Egypt holiday packages and are available from every town or city that you’ll visit on your tours. Get great discounts and offers for luxury and budget hotels in Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Hurghada, El Gouna, Makadi Bay, Safaga, Marsa Alam or Sharm El Sheikh. From Cairo Egypt hotels, you have options like Cairo Khan hotel, Europa Cairo hotel, Le Meridien hotel, Oberoi hotel and others.

Burkina Faso Tour Operators

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Jennifer Tour

Agenzia viaggi con sede a Ouagadougou, servizi di biglietteria aerea e turismo, visita paesi dell’Africa subsahariana come Ghana, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso e Mali.
Jennifer Tour nasce per valorizzare e mettere a disposizione del turista la nostra esperienza e professionalità nei viaggi.
Insieme a voi, potremo pianificare al meglio le Vostre idee di viaggio.
Siamo a disposizione per gruppi privati, scuole, famiglie ed individuali che vogliano realizzare insieme a noi itinerari culturali, di solidarietà, di avventura trekking, escursioni e safari in un’ Africa autentica, il sogno di un grande viaggio.
Location    Av. Houari Boumedienne, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 09 BP 360
Contact Info
Phone    +226 50 30 73 89 / +39 338 13 17 956

VIRAO Voyages

Voyage d’Intégration et de Randonnée en Afrique de l’Ouest (VIRAO) est un organisme de promotion de colonies de vacances en Afrique, Europe et en Amérique.
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 00226
Phone    +226 74 14 70 70

GSI Voyages

Agence de voyages est heureuse de vous accueillir pour vous conseiller sur vos prochains voyages, vos voyages d’affaires, vos séjours ou vos excursion.
Avenue Houari Boumedienne, Secteur 4 Koulouba, Immeuble TSR/GTI 09 BP 84 Ouaga 09
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Today 7:30am – 12:30pm, 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Phone    +226 50 40 24 55

La Palmeraie

La résidence hôtelière La Palmeraie vous accueille dans un cadre idéal pour vos séjours à Ouagadougou(Burkina Faso).
La Palmeraie,un lieu d’accueil idéal pour vos voyages à Ouagadougou(Burkina Faso).
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 01

Benin Tour Operators

Agence Afrivol

Profiter de vos moments de détente, avec AFRIVOL. Nous vous proposerons des sites adéquats , des endroits que vous n’avez jamais découverts. Des conseils dans vos destinations selon vos goûts et votre choix. Car nous avons pour vous des circuits SAFARI,NATURE, DECOUVERTES….et autres.
Avec afrivoltourisme, découvrez autrement le Benin.
Le service tourisme AFRIVOL
Mob: +22997254877

Boss Voyages

09 BP: 401 Cotonou
C/369 Carrefour centrale en face de l’UNAFRICA,  Ex  Immeuble TOP SHOWBIZ Zongo
Tél: + 229. 21 03 75 21 / 21 00 94 82 94 65 00 13 / 97 77 99 01

Jambo Safari

JAMBO SAFARI est une Agence de voyage et de tourisme située à Maromilitaire en face de toxi labo. Elle est pilotée par une équipe de jeunes cadres diplômés, enthousiaste, dévoués, dynamiques et compétents dans les domaines divers de la billetterie, du voyage et du tourisme et de la location de véhicules.
JAMBO SAFARI est une organisation formelle bien structurée qui se propose aujourd’hui, au public béninois, comme un rempart efficace, une solution effective et rapide pour toutes ses préoccupations relatives à l’organisation et à la gestion des voyages et déplacements aussi bien à l’intérieur du pays qu’à l’extérieur.
C/ 397 Maro Militaire
Cotonou, Benin
Phone    (229) 21 09 21 95 / 66 72 63 72

Evènemenciel SA

Phone    +229 21 31 60 60
Agence de voyages, de tourisme et d’organisation d’évènements au Bénin.
Billets d’avion
Service traiteur
Colonies de vacances
Location de véhicules

Cape Verde Tour Operators

Go Volunteer Africa
5.00 (9 reviews)
Go Volunteer Africa is an award-winning volunteer travel operator. Go Volunteer Africa provides s...
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Giggling Gecko Adventures

Long Description
Giggling Gecko Adventures, the premier tour operator for discovering the paradise island, Boa Vista, Cape Verde.

We are a family run business offering accommodation and friendly informative tours of Boa Vista.

Offering affordable tours for the whole family we help you make the most of your time on the island. We believe in giving back to the community of Boa Vista and respecting the biodiversity and environment unique to the island, while providing the thrill of off road driving on one of the most spectacular locations on Earth.

Our apartments are situated 5 min from the heart of Boa Vista on a stunning beach. With a fresh water pool and bar restaurant on site, the apartments can be booked self catering, half board, or full board.

We can help you to explore the real Boa Vista, see the hidden beaches, sleepy villages, vibrant colors, breathtaking views and inspirational wildlife. Meet the locals and dine on cuisine second to none, shop for art and souvenirs, see everything Boa Vista has to offer, with individually tailored service.

We are a Scottish couple living on Boa Vista, our backgrounds in photography and not for profit work inform the way we have molded Giggling Gecko Adventures and the tours themselves. Multilingual with a love for the island we help you bring Boa to life, whether through providing accommodation, taking you on tour, helping you with your photography, facilitating your donations to those who need it on the island, taking you to learn about the wildlife and environment or simply having a chat and enjoying the sunset over a cold Strella!

To provide quality accommodation and friendly, fun island tours that showcase the beauty of Boa Vista while helping bridge t… See More
Accommodation, full day island tours, half day island tours, exclusive full day island tours, turtle tours, whale and dolphin watching tours, catamaran cruises, beach bbq’s, Saturday nights out, bespoke tours, and just about anything else you want to see!
00238 978 6926


Archipelago Choice

Awards 2013 – Best Tour Operator Website at the Travel Mole Web Awards
2012 – Best Small Tour Operator to Western Europe at the British Travel Awards
Products Lots of holidays! Whale and dolphin watching, walking, diving, family activity, honeymoons, sailing, cycling, mountain biking, canyoning, kayaking, swimming with dolphins, jeep tours, birdwatching, fishing, golf.
Specialist tour operator organizing tailor made activity holidays to the Azores and Cape Verde.
Our small, friendly team helps more than a thousand visitors each year enjoy The Azores and Cape Verde – many of whom return with us year after year. We have wonderful friends and colleagues all over the islands who will help make your holiday not only memorable but unique.
Phone +44 17687 75672

Cameroon Tour Operators