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Walking Safaris in Africa Walking safaris tend to be a lot more interesting because the experience is quite different from the usual game drives done in vehicles. Walking safaris in Africa give you an opportunity to have a closer interaction with the locals, get a closer look or even touch the different attractions you may […]

Walking Safaris Zambia

The walking safaris are definitely more thrilling along with involving when compared with the open vehicle safari. You can wonder why to prefer a walking safari instead of a vehicle safari; considering a walking safari, there’s a personal encounter with wildlife rendering it even more enjoyable and also remarkable.The walking safari usually begins early in […]

Zambia Walking Safari

The walking safaris in Zambia are certainly more thrilling in comparison with game drive in the wilderness. With a walking safari Africa, there is a closer encounter with the wilderness, the smell of the earth, the screeching insects crawling below, sights of the wild animals…and so much more The Zambia walking safari usually starts quite […]

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Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

This remarkable trekking safari in Rwanda goes to come across 700 from the world’s making it through types of mountain gorillas only based in the rain forest jungles from Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.Besides trekking the large gentle creatures, take nature walks with the forests for other primates, watch the wild birds, take […]

Malawi Walking Safaris

Walking and Trekking Malawi possesses such beautiful as well as diverse scenery all through, that walking in addition to trekking is well-liked in almost all of the areas, as well as along the lakeshore. Walks through all of the national parks as well as wildlife reserves are common for game viewing although trekking is normally […]

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Walking Safari in Uganda

More than 40% of Uganda’s land is covered in natural forests and reserves which is an estimated 4.9million hectares of Land. Many of the forests in Uganda lie along the Equator in central and South Western Uganda. The distribution of forest cover is such that 15% is under Park and Game reserves run by Uganda […]

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Why Visit Uganda For Gorilla Trekking? More than half the population of the world’s mountain gorillas is surviving in the lush forest habitats of south western Uganda. It is the only place you’ll find the endangered giant apes (besides it neighbor Rwanda) in a harmonious habitat-almost unspoilt by global warming. An estimated 6 families of […]

Morocco Hiking & Trekking

For trekking devotees, the finest destination this country has to offer you are the tall Atlas Mountains . This area is so isolated and is rarely explored by people except for the resident Berber tribe. There is a variety of treks on can participate in and these range from short-distance walks in the cedar forest […]

Simien Mountains National Park Trekking

Simien Mountains National Park , Trekking & Wildlife Tours The Simiens National Park was founded in 1961 is located in Gondar a city in Ethiopia and it is one of the most astonishing parks in the country. The Park is located within the same vicinity as the Simien National Park and due to the rugged […]

Ethiopia Trekking & Hiking Holidays

Ethiopia as a country has one of the best hiking destination places in the whole world due to the diverse landscape that it has to offer. The country is filled with many mountains where you can go for a hike, ridges and valleys and many more other places where hiking takes place and all you […]