Africa Tour Operators

Djibouti National Reserves & Parks

Although Djibouti is located in the dry Horn of Africa, there are a few National parks and protected areas to visit on any safari tour to Djibouti. There are more than 820 species of plants including olive trees and boxwood, 40 reptiles, 455 species of fish, 360 different birds and more than 60 species of […]

Ivory Coast National Parks

Although rarely visited, there are several National parks and reserves. Some of the most popular reserves in Banco National Park, Comoe NationalPark, Tai National Park  and Marahoue National park. Other national parks in Ivory Coast include; Banco National Park Banco National park is located in the district of Attecoube in the capital Abidjan along the […]

Malawi Wildlife Safaris

The natural features in Malawi make up the largest tourist destinations in the country and some of them are the numerous National parks and game reserves that act as habitats for the many wild life that is found in the country.  For all the nature lovers, Malawi has got you covered and it has now […]

Morocco National Parks and Reserves

Talking about Morocco, every body thinks of vast desert sand dunes and the sun all year long. Morocco National parks will surprise you with some interesting species of wild animals, birds and plants. Mother Nature has blessed Morocco with magnificence and beautiful mountains from the High Atlas Mountains to Casablanca on the coast!   Toubkal […]

Tunisia National Parks and Nature Reserves

Tunisia has a total of 8 national parks featuring some of the rarest plant species and animals that are almost not seen anywhere else in the world. There are some located in the desert and other near water logged region in central Tunisia. Although there are not many animals to watch, Tunisia’s national parks are […]

Mauritius Wildlife Tours

Mauritius is easily the most desired holiday destination within the world. Mauritius is actually a group  of islands situated within the Indian Ocean numbering to nearly 100 islets.The majority of the travel agents  and tour operators in Mauritius provide all necessary particulars exactly what the tourist and travelers are searching for regarding Hotels of Mauritius, […]

Tanzania National Parks

Tanzania has around 14 national parks and more than 10 game reserves occupying more than 45% of the land in Tanzania. Tanzania is the largest country on East African safari and has more vast game parks and than are significantly the largest in east Africa. Besides the large game park area, each of Tanzania national […]

National Parks in South Africa

South Africa is gifted as one of the most wildlife abundant countries in South African with more than 20 national parks managed by South African National PAKS (SANParks). More than 37,000sq km i.e. 3% of South African land is covered by wilderness protected areas that make National parks and game reserves. The most visited South […]

Serengeti Wildlife Safari

Serengeti National Park ranks as Tanzania’s number one wildlife safari destination thanks to its diverse habitat of vast open savannah grasslands, acacia thickets, forests, woodlands, rocky outcrops, and rivers that make a rich habitat fro several game, insects, birds and small mammals. Even with the annual Serengeti Migrations of animals to the neighboring Masaai Mara […]

Botswana Wildlife Safari

Botswana’s vast landscape and the many national parks that are located within has made it a top destination for game viewing in Africa. Unlike other countries in Africa where the game parks are located on mostly unused land, Botswana has put aside almost 80% of its land to cater for the National parks and game […]