Serengeti Balloon Safaris

Having the chance to experience a luxury Hot air balloon rode in any part of the world isn’t a treat just for anyone! For Serengeti National park, the hot air balloon safari is just another amazing wildlife safari excursion like no other.  On one early morning, you’ll have an eagle’s eye views over the animals below, the vast Serengeti plains and also exceptional opportunities to capture beautiful moments and sights.

On the morning of your safari, you’ll be collected from your Serengeti Safari lodge as early as 5h00 to the hot air balloon launch site near

Masaai Kopjes

. The drive to this launch site is rewarded with sights of Serengeti’s nocturnal predators like lion, leopard, jackals and sound of laughing hyenas as they retire after nightly hunt in the wild. It is the only time you have to take some of their picture as they creep around the bush.

On reaching the launch site, the balloon pilot will foremost give you some briefing as you watch the inflation of the balloon with hot air.  Every Morning, a pair of Hot Air Balloons launch into Serengeti skies carrying 12 fortunate people as the sun sets its first rays on the savannah.

The pilot can control the altitude of the hot air balloon: sometimes taking you to a height of 1,000ft altitude for a breathtaking panoramic view of the Serengeti plains or flying at treetop level giving you the chance to take great pictures of Serengeti wildlife below.

Seronera River and valley area is the first destination on your

luxury African safari

. Watch different animals as they visit the river banks to have a morning drink. Many of the predators will be found lying very quietly in the wild. Some of the spotted game includes lions, buffalos, leopards, hippos, cheetah, vultures, wildebeest and eagles as identified by the balloon pilot.

From time to time, the pilot will need to put more heat into the giant hot air balloon giving a gentle roar of the burners as you glide silently over the wild African savannah.

The memorable safari lasts for 2-3 hours and soon the pilot instructs you to keep way your cameras and head for the balloon descend. As soon as the balloon lands, a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine is popped to celebrate the experience that only comes once in a life time.

A sumptuous full breakfast is served in an umbrella tree near the landing point as you view different Serengeti animals. Sunbirds will make the music for the breakfast and some times elephants and other small mammal will arrive to accompany you on the breakfast table.

You’ll receive your

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Certificate

before being driven back to your luxury safari Lodge or campsite, viewing game animals en route. The adventure safari is more convenient if you are staying in a lodge in central Serengeti. The rates for the Serengeti Hot Air Balloon ride are between

USD 500-700

depending on the peak season and weather. A relative experience is also given in

Masai Mara game reserve

on a Kenya Safari.



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