Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Udzungwa National Park is another of Tanzania’s national parks from the Eastern Arc Mountains is part of south central Tanzania. The park covers about 1990 sq km on the slopes of Udzungwa Mountains at 250m altitude to 2,500m above sea level on Lohomero Peak.

The park is considered to be another rich eco-system with several unique attributes as those of neighboring Mikumi National Park. Some of the unique plants species in the park include buttresses layers of fungi, lichens, mosses, ferns, forests.

Sanje waterfalls are a prime attraction, plunging 170m in a misty spray over a rock. The beautiful water falls are a fascination for Udzungwa tourists and hikers.  The trail to Mwanihana peak is another challenging hiking trail that lead through sugar estates and into the high plateau- takes about 2 days to reach this peak that ranks as second highest on Udzungwa Mountains

Different primates are commonly seen in the forest while on nature trails and some of them include Sanje crested mangabey and  Iringa red colobus that are endemic to this Tanzania park and found no where else in the world. Other sights within the parks include different species of forest birds, butterflies, insects, amphibians, reptiles and other small mammals.

Getting there

Udzungwa mountains are reached en-route to Mikumi and Ruaha Tanzania parks. The park is 5hours drive from Dar-es-salaam (350km) and 65km south west of Mikumi National park. The best time to visit the park comes around June to October  for the best hiking  experience before the short rains come in to bring the plants to blossom.

Camping is allowed within the park but you are cautioned to take your camping supplies like water, firewood and food. The are two game lodges located near the park gates with comfortable accommodation such as Udzungwa Forest Tented camp.

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