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Wildlife Safaris in Tarangire National Park Tanzania

Tarangire is a wonderful national park to see the seasonal wildlife. During the dry months, River Tarangire River becomes a magnet for numerous migratory wild animals such as elephants, wildebeests, the prevalent elands, buffaloes, zebras, gazelles as well as hartebeests all in overwhelmingly large numbers. Lions as well can easily be seen at whatever time of the year.

Tarangire National Park is home to several dry-country species of antelopes including the uncommon fringe-eared oryx as well as the weird long-necked gerenuk. Large pythons may be seen up in the trees within the swamps especially during the dry season when the swamps are dry.

Best time for wildlife viewing in Tarangire.

During the dry season (which begins in June up to October) is the finest time for viewing wildlife. During this season large wild animal herds migrate into the park moving from the adjacent areas and these are normally trailed by various predators. These Animals can easily be seen since the vegetation is generally thinner and the animals tend to crowd the banks of River Tarangire as the other sources of water are dried up. However in the wet season which starts in November up to May, most of the animals move out of this park so during this time the game drives are not very rewarding.

At present day, the most magnificent attribute of this Tarangire National is it large numbers of resident elephants which in fact is the largest in all parks found in the northern part of the country. Back in the 1980s, these impressive giants were intensively poached, but at present day, their numbers have greatly increased again. According to the last census which was conducted back in 2000, it showed that there were almost 3,000 elephants living in the park. Ever Since 2000, the population of elephants has continued to greatly increase and today Tarangire is having a baby-boom of elephants. While on your safari, you will be able to that the majority of these elephants are actually below 10 years of age while the most of them will actually be baby elephants. In Tarangire, viewing Elephant is very amazing and it is perhaps here that you will be able to see anything between 100 elephants and 400 elephants in just a single day’s game drive.  For those of you who have ever seen elephants, especially out in the wild, then you well certainly understand what an awesome presence it is to come close to these lovely large animals. I can not surely well describe the thrill of see these giants especially in large numbers in words, however a tour in Tarangire National Park will reward you with a personal experience of this amazing encounter.

It is estimated that Tarangire National Park is on an area of 1,600 square miles making it is the fifth biggest national park in the whole of Tanzania. Tarangire NP was named after the brisk River Tarangire that provides the only permanent water source for the wild animals living in this area. River Tarangire attracts various types of wild animals plus birds all in large numbers especially in the dry months hence rewarding you with views of numerous elephants, zebras, wildebeests as well as buffaloes seen drinking water on the river banks.
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