Keran National Park

This park is found on the Kamongou river banks in northern Togo. This Togo national park was established in 1971 to protect Keran forest reserve and Oti reserve which is found on the banks of river Oti.

This park is dominated by open savannah woodlands, swamps, shrubs, riparian forests and woodlands growing on rocky outcrops.  The park also protects Mare-aux-Lions, a small wetland area close to the Koumongou River where one can come across birds and mammals of different types.

The park is located near Naboulgou, a town in northern Togo.


; There are many species of mammals in Kergan National Park. Many of the animals congregate along the river banks during the dry season  and these include bay duiker, elephants, bushbuck, Sitatunga, Bongo, red flanked duiker, roan, reedbuck, hartebeest, waterbuck and many others. Many of the species of antelopes are threatened by increased poaching activity and encroachment on the forest reserve.

The best time to plan for a visit in Togo is in the months of August, early September. Visitors can also arrive in Togo from November to April.



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