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Togo is one of the countries in West Africa. It has borders with Ghana towards the west, Burkina Faso in the north, Benin in the east and the Gulf of Guinea in the south. The country is bordered by the short coastline of Gulf of Guinea.

This west African country was under German colonial rule from 1884 (by treaty) and 1905 as a German colony until 1914 after the world war I. After the German defeat in Gold coast after the World War I, Togo was taken over by the British first and then the French until its independence in 1960.

Culture of Togo is a fine combination of 37 tribal groups with the most popular being Ewe, the Mina, and the Kabre community. The official language spoken in Togo is French although local languages such as Gbe Aja and Kabiyé are used.

Weather in Togo

Weather in Togo is very enjoyable and pleasant. The country experiences tropical climate, which is said to be very exotic. There are two distinct seasons in the country- The wet season and the dry season. The wet season or the rainy season is from April to June and again from September to October. The best time for visiting Togo is months of August and early September.

The temperature in the country is from 23°C to 32°C in the southern part. In the northern part of the country, the temperatures are from 18°C and goes up to 38°C. Togo has varying mean temperatures. The coastal part of the country has 26°C while the north the temperature is 26°C. August temperatures of the country are between 20°C and 38°C.

Tourist Attractions

Some of the national Parks in Togo include Fazao-Malfakassa, Fosse aux Lions and the Keran National Park. These are the home to Togo’s best wildlife which includes primates, elephants, birds and other species of mammals. Keran National Park has one of the largest herds of African forest elephants in West Africa.

Lome is the capital city of Togo located along the coast of Togo. Some of the main attractions in this port town include Lome Grand Market, Voodoo Market, Togo National Museum, Lake Togo, Beaches, University of Lome, Lome Cathedral and 2 Fervrier Sofitel Hotel. The city also has pretty good sand beaches for weekends and holiday gateways. Other tourist towns to visit in Togo include Aneho, Kpalime, Davie, Aneho, Togoville and Notse. Aneho is famous for its beaches, old architectural works, and good weather

The National Museum in the city is another place for tourists. Located just behind the building of Palais des Congres, this museum displays wide range of collection. For exquisite batiks works and exquisite leather items, a visit to the Village Artisan is a must. Visitors can see and buy the country handcrafts and see the persons at work.

Travel Guide

The best time to plan for a visit in Togo is in the months of August, early September. Tourists can also travel to Togo from November to April which is the dry season. The rest of the year is rainy season which is particularly good for bird watching and water sports.

Getting there

Flights to Togo are easily accessible from other West African countries such as Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. TThere are many airports in Togo are Kolokope Airport, Djangou Airport, Lome -Tokonin Airport, Akpaka Airport, Sansanne Mango Airport, Akpaka Airport and Sokode Airport

Alternative travel is by road from neighboring countries using buses and private car hire. The route from Accra Ghana to Lome is 3 hours. A ferry also carries goods and passengers to Togo. Ferry services are available from Togo. It will take 3 hours to drive to Lome from Accra.

Lome has private buses, charter flights and car hire services to get you around Togo’s cities and towns.

Hotels and Accommodation

One of the popular holiday hotels is Fevrier Sofitel Hotel in Lome. The 2 Fevrier Sofitel Hotel is the tallest building in Lome with thirty-six stories and is housed in the posh area of Place De L’Indépendance in Lome. The Avenida Hotel is a 5 minutes walk from the hotel, airport and central business centre. Other popular hotels in Togo include The Mercure Sarakawa Azur Hotel, The Corinthia Two Fevrier Hotel and The Ibis Lome Centre.

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