Tozeur, a desert resort in Tunisia

Northern Africa is arid, which is not new for (almost) anyone. And much less populated than many of the regions are located in the

desert oasis

. Tozeur is the name of one of the oasis that few have ever heard about it .

In this case, the oasis of Tozeur is known for hospitality to tourists, its architectural heritage and the many facilities surrounded by hundreds of thousands of palm trees, a site with curiosities such as a golf course in the desert become one of the main tourist centers of the Sahara .

A Travel Guide To Tozeur

Tozeur is the capital of the governorate of Tozeur, Tunisia, a meeting point for hundreds of years in the trade routes of the caravans crossing the Sahara. In the old part of town, enduring colonial architecture and customs and activities that refuse to let time pass.

From the city, many tourists make a base for exploring the Sahara, in addition to walking the streets of the city with buildings of brick features yellow or brown.

In the old downtown streets are narrow and the walls of brick decoration display like few other places in Tunisia. The city lives with friendliness abundant tourist arrivals, considered as a desert resort. The counterpart for the city is the continuing dependence of the flow of tourists from the fluctuations in political and armed conflict, especially in the Middle East.



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