Lake Ichkeul National Park Tunisia

Lake Ichkeul Park is one of the famous Tunisia National Parks covering almost 12,600hac on the shores of Lake Ichkeul in the northern district of Tunis Bizerte. This park is a world heritage site conserved as an important bird sanctuary in North Africa. However there are many other interesting plant species and wildlife.

The park is also drainage for 6 seasonal rivers in the rainy season that pour their waters in the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Bizerte.

Since 1980, the Ichkeul Lake is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Tunisia. This large national park consists of around 600 plant species and more than 3 lakhs wintering water birds of 180 different species. Situated in the plain of Mateur and just a stroll away from the capital city Tunis, Lake Ichkeul is an important wetland for the avifauna (birds’ varieties found in a particular geographic area).


More than 300 different birds have nests in the swamp/wetlands that surround the lake. Some of the migratory birds here include storks, flamingos, wild ducks, greyland geese and many others that feed on the plankton that grows on the lakes.



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