Sidi Toui National Park Tunisia

Another of Tunisia’s wildlife park, Sidi Toui Park is located north on the border of the Sahara desert making it a source of life in this semi desert area. The park covers an area of 6.3hactres under undulating hills and steppes raising to 172m above sea level.

Much of the park’s vegetation is made up of ujube trees, esparto, the endemic Periploca laevigata and Zizifus that are only found in Tunisia.


There are more than 20 different species of animals in Sidi Toui Park among them the sand fox, gazelle, wild cat, gazelle, goundi, small geboise and the pale hare among others. The park also has fossils of the gastropods, fish, reptiles, and cephalopods among other rare species. Whip tail, desert monitor lizards. Grass snakes and the horned viper are among the desert reptiles you’ll find in this park.

Getting there

The park is accessed via the Ben Guerdane 50km to Ouara or near the Libya border on 20km drive into Tunisia on the north west. Sidi Toui National Park is located next to the natural area of Jeffara and el Hmada.



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