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Tunisia is located in the northern part of Africa; it’s surrounded by Algeria and Libya. Its among the smallest countries across the Atlas Mountain range. Tunisia’s climate can’t be compared to that of Spain; it has mild, humid and cool weather. The tourism sector has developed the country’s economy. Majority of the tourists that visit Tunisia want to enjoy the fine sandy beaches. Getting a flight to Tunisia is now cheap to enable you see its breathtaking attractions that will surely make your holiday memorable.

Best Tourist Attractions In Tunisia

The list is endless if we are to talk about Tunisia’s attractions, every corner and cleft has something to live you mesmerized and wondering how this come into existence. Tunisia is well known for its diverse culture which includes beliefs, religious rituals and traditions that are highly respected by the local people.

Tunisia’s national has been acknowledged as beautiful heritage site and this is because of the different people that settle in the country. Among these include the Phoenicians, Vandals to Byzantines, French, Ottomans, Arabs as well as Berbers.

This kind of diversity has left a big landmark on the country’s attractions such as landscapes, beautiful palaces, grand monuments, ancient forts, museums, art galleries and the archeological sites.Dars in Tunisia is one spot you can’t afford to miss, its home to only noble people giving you a chance to admire the comfort and beauty of the buildings they stay in.

Tunisia is such a charming destination all around the year; it has remarkable events that can’t go unnoticed. During this time, you will enjoy their traditional dance, music and still get to know their different cultures. If you travel during the summer season, you will take pleasure in the fishing season. What usually makes Tunisia a unique destination is the beautiful blend of Islamic and European culture; this is easily seen through their literature, languages, cuisine, arts and crafts.

As you take on your evening walk along the streets of Tunisia, you will discover many bazaars, open air markets and medina selling all kinds of products. This place is so vibrant and will live you overwhelmed. As you carry out your shopping, you will be spoilt by choice and these include works of art, jewelry, antique furniture, books, food items, handicrafts, clothes and accessories.

Since it’s surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, you will enjoy the sandy beaches. The waters are crystal clear to make you delight in the water sport adventure such as scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing, Kayaking, fishing and snorkeling .You will find peace and comfort just sitting along the beach as you enjoy the cool breeze. Delight in the lifetime experience.

Things To Do

Touring Tunisia will be an exciting adventure, all you have to do is to get a tour guide along with a vehicle and explore the beautiful attractions of the country such as Kairouan with its beautiful mosques, ancient medina and the fascinating Roman ruins of Dougga as well as Bulla Regia.You will get a chance to tour the Sahara beckons and discover the lunar landscape of Matmata, where the star wars was shot. Sit back and relax as you enjoy the sunset across the oasis towns of Douz and Tozeur.You will also enjoy playing golf in Tunisia, you may be wondering about this because the country is full of sand but it has demarcated the course where the game can be played. Major areas include Tabarka, Monatir and Hammamet; you will actually enjoy your stay in Tunisia.

Going on a holiday is something that everyone dreams about, People spend the entire year working so hard to save some money and go on a vacation to the desired destination. This is the best way to have your mind relaxed and rejuvenated .As you plan for your holiday, know the best destination to visit. This can only be achieved if you do some research online and find out what different countries offer in terms of a perfect holiday. Don’t get worried about the prices because some are budget friendly. For a fascinating vacation encounter that is cost effective, Tunisai will be the best option.

Tunisia is a stunning Arab destination located in northern Africa with a beautiful environment that will actually fascinate you. It’s a famous tourist spot because of its geographical features which include sand beaches, salt lakes as well as the Sahara desert. It’s well known for its diverse culture, heritage, historical sites as well as museums that make Tunisia holidays memorable. Cultures that exist in Tunisia include French, Spanish, Roman, Byzantine and Vandal. The most charming museums in Tunisia include Bardo museum and Dar Charait museum acknowledged for its big collection of Mosaics. Historical sites that are often visited are the main Mosque of Tunis called Zitouna; it’s a familiar site and a house of worship.

Places To Visit

The Roman remains are situated in Dougga, which is approximately 100kms uphill from Tunis thus making it a vital area of Tunisia holidays. Celebration of traditional drama is as well performed in Dougga during the months of July and August. One exciting city that one has to visit is Matmata; it’s a popular area for motion picture an example is the star wars was filmed.

Besides that, if you want an exciting Tunisia holiday’s encounter, then the gorgeous sand beaches will be the best to visit.You will sit back and relax as you enjoy the cool breeze, it has several water sport activities that you can engage in such as diving, swimming and snorkeling. The sandy beaches have crystal clear waters with coral reefs along with the beautiful marine life. Tunisia is acknowledged for its newly designedgolf courses that are luxurious and offer a memorable encounter of playing golf on a beautiful Mediterranean course.

Tunisia has various accommodations ranging from luxurious hotels and lodges. They are budget friendly to make your Tunisia holiday comfortable. Family units are also available for people that travel with kids. The services and facilities offered are excellent. It has residency accommodation that can contain numerous tourists that come across the world every year.

Tunisia holidays are ideal to families that need to bond or catch up with old time. It’s one destination that can carter for people’s different preferences and demands. One can decide to engage in one activity while the rest are participating in something else. It offers various activities and you will be spoilt by choice. Besides its culture, history and pristine coastline, Tunisia is the best tourist destination that will give you memorable encounters.

Sightseeing In Tunisia

Water sport activities are famous in Tunisia; you will get a chance to discover the ocean on your own. As you go underneath, you will see the gorgeous marine life that will not live you the same person. You can go snorkeling, diving as well as Paragliding. Paragliding is such an adventurous activity that will enable you catch a glance of the bird’s eye as you enjoy the natural beauty of Tunisia.

Hot air balloon ride is another exciting activity, if you want to enjoy nature with your partner Tunisia is the country to visit. You will see animals grazing and as you enjoy your ride and the experience is for a lifetime.

Apart from the water sport activities, you can enjoy

trekking, horse or camel riding

. For something more thrilling, you can take up a 4-wheel drive trip around Tunisia’s several sand dunes. Families will definitely get tired and hungry after a long day of engaging in many activities. Something you must have in mind is that Tunisia holidays are more concerned with different kinds of cuisines both local and international. Truth be told, you can never go hungry when in Tunisia. This is because the food is available and sold cheaply. Their food is made delicious by various spices they use. Tunisia holidays are basically designed for families; it’s a beautiful place to have a vacation with your beloved ones. It’s one destination that is often visited throughout the year.

Coming to an end of your

Tunisia holiday

will never make you happy, because you will think about all the fascinating features that you are going to live behind. Due to work commitments back home, we can’t run away from the fact that we have to return. A Tunisian holiday will play a great role in your family as people will get found of each other and this will surely guarantee a strong relationship. You will be glad to share your experience with friends back home. Because of the joy and happiness you receive on your holiday; it’s worth the money spent on such an encounter.
Whether you are a history buff who loves visiting archaeological and historic places or a classic vacationer who is in for some adventure on a foreign place,

Tunisia is the place for you. From the beautiful beaches to the momentous landmarks, you will surely find that Tunisia is yet another great place in Northern Africa to visit. Here are some places that you have to visit.

Beautiful Spots To Visit In Tunisia

Tunisia’ Coastal Farmlands

The known Atlas Mountains divide Tunisia into two – the crop-yielding and the barren region. You will find the coastal farmlands of Tunisia to be surprisingly heterogeneous, adventurous, meaning you won’t see the same site twice. If you think farmlands are boring, wait until you visit Tunisia’s farmlands.

Saharan Oases

Tunisia covers a part of the Sahara, the largest in the world. Because only the edge of Sahara is covered by Tunisia, Saharan Oases are abundant in the place. Get a glimpse of the Saharan life by going to Tunisia’s Saharan Oases.

Beaches in Tunisia

The best beaches in Tunisia are found in Jarbah and Hammament. Because of Tunisia’s coastal position, many beaches can be found in the place. The kind of experience you will have in Tunisia’s beaches is bound to be one of a kind because of the hot weather condition.Tunisia hotels will offer you excellent facilities and services and you unwind your day.

Ancient City of Carthage

Tunisia was founded by Carthagians – Phoenician traders who eventually settled into the land and built their own city there. Until now, the vestiges of the Ancient City of Carthage still stand strong. If you are into history, you will surely love the sight of it.

Roman ruins at Northeastern Tunisia

Once upon a time, Tunisia was under the rule of the Roman Empire. A visit to Dongya and El Djem will have you enraptured as you see the splendor of Roman architecture. Make sure that you visit the Amphitheater, which was built as early as the 3rd A.D.

Fortified Granaries in Tunisia

To protect their crops from invading nomads from nearby lands, the early people of Tunisia built granaries of impressive architectural design and structure. Until now, these granaries still stand strong and, in fact, have been visited by tourists all around the world. You will surely be impressed with the splendor of Tunisian architecture.

Tunis Panorama

After having treated yourself to a multitude of history trips, you ought to visit the capital of Tunisia, Tunis. Tunis Panorama is very well unlike other capital cities as you will feel as if you are in two places at once. Tunis is divided into two areas – the Muslim quarter associated with narrow and meandering streets and the European quarter with the capacious streets built during the occupation of French in Tunis.

Mosque of Sidi Sahib

If you are interested in matters of religion, you would love Tunisia’s mosque of Sidi Sahib. It is the resting place of Sidi Sahib, a known associate of the founder of Islam faith, Muhammad. Religion buffs as well as pilgrims all over the place flock to this special place of Islam.

Rediscovery of Faith

Most people who have been to Tunisia claim that they have gained a renewed sense of faith. Because the majority of the Tunisian people are Muslims, you will certainly find your faith in the front line. Tunisia is the place to go if you want to have peace and quiet as well as answers to your questions of religion.

Tunisian Market

Though the products of Tunisia are not as popular as other African products, you are bound to purchase a lot of cheap items in Tunisia, most especially in Tunis. Tunis is a commercial port. Its strategic location has allowed a variety of goods to be sold at a thrifty price.

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