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Regarding the fact that Tunisia is part of the African continent, many people find it hard to accept that it takes fairly short flight to other tourist destinations. North Africa is a famous destination that can be accessed from UK within 3hours.Its this short flight time that has made Tunisia a popular holiday spot in Africa. It has the

Monastir Airport

that is acknowledged as an international airport that operates to entirely all

Tunisia’s resorts for instance Hammamet, Mahdia, Skanes as well as Port El Kantaoui. As you are landing in Monastir, you will enjoy the cool breeze of the environment.

Cheap Flights to Tunisia

Since Tunisia has become a prominent destination, this has made it easy to get

cheap flights

both in the peak and low seasons. Its favorable climate has earned it a year round tourist destination.

Flights to Tunisia

leave from a big collection of UK airports and these include Manchester, Newcastle, London Stansted, Glasgow and London Gatwick. Traveling to a remarkably beautiful country will surely guarantee you luxury hotels with gorgeous resorts. Thomas cook airlines flight offers the best services and it allows you book extra seats for other people. If you are the kind that loves luxury, you can advance to the Executive lounge that is accessible at any chosen UK airports.

Encounter the best time when visiting Tunisia, it has cheap flights that will make your enjoy your travel. Flights to Monastir airport keep operating to give the best to their clinets.Research on the internet and compared rates until you get something the suits your budget.

When to fly to Tunisia

The best time to travel to Tunisia is during the months of July and August. November is basically good for those visiting the South to enjoy the Sahara desert; there are desert celebrations at Tozeur and Douz around this period. The lowest season is during January and February. The best time to book a flight to Tunisia is during May, June and September. This is when the temperatures are cool and the tourists are few.

When you actually sit back and think about a two and half flight to Tunisia makes you visit this Arabic destination. You may look at it as a far away country and yet in actual sense it’s a front doorstep.

Tunisia has two main airports; Monastir is the major tourist airport, which operates on many vacation resorts. Tunis is well known for its many business and international flights. It has the best historical sites situated in the north making a charming spot for tourists.

By now Tunisia would be getting many travelers although it’s surrounded by Egypt and Morocco that offer discount flights. However due to the influence of the Western Europe, the country has been able to attract its own unique clients. This is because of its coastal resorts that are often visited by tourists. Among the attractions that Tunisia is so proud of include beautiful deserts, mountain scenery, sand, sun, rock hewn, abundant oases and the ancient roman ruins. You can get relatively cheap flights if you book in a advance or probably mid-week. Its close proximity to Europe has played a vital role to the tourism industry of Tunisia. If you can’t do this on your own, contact a reliable tour operator who will have all this done for you at a cheaper rate.