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Car Hire in Uganda

Finding a car to use on your safari tours and holidays in Africa is a vital decision in planning for a holiday. Some of the most important considerations  for car rentals include spacious car for family vacations, pop up roofed cars for safari game drives and most of all comfort for your journey whether the decision is a rugged terrain or not!

Likewise, hiring a car in Uganda requires that you make as many decisions. Many tourists consider just the size of the car. Some new recommendations for choosing a good car for hire on Uganda Safaris may include choosing a car with environmental friendly usage on fuel, other add-on packages from the car rental packages, terms and conditions among other details.  Many car rentals and car hire companies have such information and details given online.

Tips on booking Cars in Uganda

While making your car booking, think of the time you will have the car under your use. If your safari is longer than a week, seek packages from the local travel agents with car hire services since they have an idea of costs on fuel that could last you for your entire safari tour. Longer durations on car hire have advantages of cheaper car rental packages with extras such as fuel and supplies!

There are many car hire companies in Uganda with several cars available for both short and longer safaris. You must make a comparison of the rates charges by different companies by looking online, checking with travel magazines and asking your tour guide/ tour operator for advice on companies with the cheapest car hire services.

After making a comparison, you can now make your booking online or on spot at the company offices. Remember to ask for discounts and cars that suit your taste and holiday specifications like the baggage, number of people on board and so much more.

It wise to have an idea of the cost of car hire and rentals before you make your booking. Car hire rates are normally complied with inner charges such as airport pick-ups and transfers, local taxes, Travel insurance, fuel prices and driver’s fees. Knowing the effects of all these costs on the final charge for car hire help you make your bargain out right. At the same time, keeping records of such extra costs helps you make your holiday within your budget! However, cheap is not always good…the charges on car hire should always offer value for money!

Remember to rent the car at a time when it is not too late. Normally, it is essential to spend a day or two with your hired car before you take it on safari trips in the countryside. Why is this important?  Having you car before your trips gives you time to test the car’s credibility and also get familiar with its operations. You don’t want to get stranded in Uganda’s villages simply because the gear got faulty! Also never rush for last minute car hire because you’ll more than likely have the worst experience with a faulty car for your trip

Check for the mechanical condition of the car of your choice before payment. Things like leaving roofs, car locks, engine condition and car lights should be inspected in your presence. In case of damages, have a consensus and agreement otherwise you might end paying for damage that has been on the car for a long time! Of you are travelling to the hills of south western Uganda; consider hiring a tour van with 4WD over a saloon car. Most of Uganda’s roads are gravel with occasional pot holes nd are slippery after the rains thus you need a robust car no matter what.

Avoid refilling your hired car at a fuel station near Entebbe Airport. Like in other countries, these fuel stations always that inflated fuel prices that may upset your budget plans. When returning the car after the period of car hire, make sure you refill the fuel tank to the amount you used. This is important if you found the car already refilled-otherwise not necessary if you agreed to foot the fuel costs yourself.

There are many advantages associated with car hire and rentals when travelling in Uganda-it doesn’t matter whether it is for business, holidays or personal use. Car hire affords you flexibility, freedom and comfort. Although you might get more for using your own car, it is not feasible to your car tread the rugged hills and pot holes on Uganda’s roads.

Many tour companies have car hire services but we recommend reliable facilities at international firms like Hertz, Euopcar and Avis although they come at a higher price. Cheap car rentals are often available from tour operators in Uganda but consider options like a tour guide for your driver or get a chauffer driven car. Everyone wants to make savings on holidays and safaris in Uganda but be wise on how you deal with car hires and rentals.