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About the East African Visa.

What is the East African Tourist Visa?

This idea of the single regional East African Tourist Visa is to make it so easier and attractive financially for the tourists to be able to visit the whole east African region. You will be able to visit the three countries on a single tour. On this exact blog, you will find more details about the East Africa tourist Visa application process for Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Even though these three countries share a tourist Visa, the application process will differ according to the country where you will start your East Africa travels.

Without this visa, it means you will spend a minimum of $180 to be able to visit the three countries: Rwanda $ 30, Kenya $ 50 and Uganda $100. These fees are also single entry and this means that a return visit to nay these countries will imply paying the visa fee again. It was launched in 2014 and was implemented slowly but now it’s been spread across the whole region.

east africa tourist visa

“The owner of the tourist Visa will enter from one country which gave the visa and then move within the two other countries without applying for another visa or to pay for another visa fee.

With the East African Tourist Visa, you can enjoy all the countries including: Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

  • Which countries does the tourist Visa apply?

It includes like Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and many more will join in future.

  • The Cost of the East Africa tourist Visa.


It costs only $100

This visa is free of charge to the foreign residents especially those with a valid working permit. This applies to the three countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The foreign residents as well as the citizens of these countries are required to travel with a valid passport or the national ID or the student ID as well as an interstate pass at the border.


  • How long does the tourist Visa last?


For 90 days only

  • Is there any limit to the number of times that you visit the country?


No, this is a multiple entry Visa, according to the coordinator of East African Tourism platform, this visa enables the traveller to only 90 days constant travel in and out of these three countries.



This east Africa tourist Visa is only a multiple entry with in the east African community and in case you go outside the region, you will need to apply again.

  • Is it possible to extend my East Africa tourist Visa?

It’s not possible to extend your Visa and in order to get a new one, you shall need to exit the region and then apply afresh.

  • Can I also work on an East African tourist Visa?

Work is forbidden.

  • How to apply for the tourist Visa?

The process of buying this visa is different to each and every country, and in case of any questions, contact the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Uganda, Kenya and Uganda.

  • How do I apply for the EATV in case an entering from Kenya?

In case Kenya is your first point of entry, you can then connect with a local Kenyan embassy for more details on how to buy the East Africa tourist Visa before starting your safari. Another alternative might be to purchase the Visa on arrival in Nairobi or Mombasa. You can get the form on arrival at the airport and also pay in US Dollars.

It’s advisable that the application process is still so unclear and so the EATV can be got at any nearest Kenyan embassy before you travel.

  • How do I apply for the EATV in case an entering Rwanda?

In case Rwanda is your first point entry, you can use Rwanda online Application system to be able to apply for the class T12 East Africa Tourist Visa. Under the icon “Type of Visa ‘you can select East Africa Tourist Visa. You will also find an online application form as well as the guidance that is necessary for applying for the East Africa Tourist Visa.

More so, in case you have flexibility in the itinerary, you can enter the East Africa tourist Visa area via Rwanda, this is because it has got the simplest application process with the fantastic guidelines.

  • How do I apply for the EATV in case am in Uganda?

In case Uganda is your entry point, you can also request for the visa any of the local Ugandan embassy. You can also buy the Visa in US dollars upon your arrival at Entebbe International Airport. There is also the Uganda Electronic Visa / Permit application system that was propelled in July 2016, you can also use this system for buying the EATV. At the airport, immigration might also assert you to give a copy of an itinerary that gives on ward travel in East Africa. The itinerary might not be a requirement in order to get the Visa, but you will need to carry it with you.

EATV, East African Tourist Visa

  • What is about the interstate pass and how do I apply for it?

The Nationals of Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda are free to move between these countries with just an ID cards instead of the passports. There are no visas needed and it has no charge. Those with a work permit can also travel with the interstate without wanting to pay for the visa.

The main advice to the east African residents and the nationals is that they should use the national ID or the expatriate pass or the work permit to move to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda for free.

In The same case, the nationals as well as the expats are given an interstate pass document that when they give their ID/ Passport and them leave one of the three countries. This is also free and it’s given at the border.

  • Which other countries that will join the EATV?


Tanzania is yet to join the

East African Tourist Visa

you shall require Visa from the Tanzania Immigration Board.


It’s sad that there are few people going to Burundi due to the present political situation. We pray that the situation improves and we welcome them on board.

South Sudan

This county will also join in future

  • About the real situation of the east African Tourist Visa on the ground.

The fact is that you can only access the


when you first come to East African region, it can be either with advance online or at the embassy/ the diplomatic mission and it can also be on arrival at the airport for Uganda and Kenya.

There are currently four main points of entry for the

East Africa Tourist Visa


  1. Rwanda at Kigali international Airport
  2. Uganda at Entebbe International Airport
  3. Kenya at Nairobi, Joma Kenyatta international Airport
  4. Kenya at Mombasa, port of Mombasa and at Moi international airport.

The other fact is that you can only get the east Africa tourist Visa when you enter the different East Africa countries and it’s a disadvantage for some of the people who may arrive in one of the country without having made the travel plans. It’s also common for some of the tourists to come without the itinerary. Someone might come to Uganda to track the gorillas and can decide to travel to Kenya coast. More so, having a tourist Visa can protect you time crossing from Uganda into Rwanda and Kenya.

The notes from family and friends as regards the East Africa Tourist Visa.

Currently the EATV is not malleable as it could be especially for the backpackers as well as the budget tourists who make up their travel plans.  Right now, you would have to pay $100 to enter into the pearl of Africa, $ 50 to enter Kenya and then $ 100 to be able to return in order to get the flight home. I know of people who have come to Uganda on a single country visa and then decide to travel to other east African countries. And when you are traveling by road, the situation is less clear.

With the Cyanika border at Rwanda or Uganda, you can access the EATV when you cross in to Rwanda by road.

At the Busia boarder of Uganda and Kenya, you can’t access the EATV when you cross into Kenya by the road and returning to Rwanda at the same border post.

Also at Entebbe Airport, the immigration might ask you to bring out a copy of an itinerary that provides an on ward travel with East Africa. This might not be a requirement of the EATV, but you are advised to bring with you, if you have one. You can also use the bradt for your guiding on your Rwanda or Uganda safaris.

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