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Uganda safari and tour operators have a lot to offer to tourists especially with local (Uganda safaris) and East African safaris. Find an incredible range of Uganda safari and tour packages with any of the Uganda safari operators and travel agents, from 2 day Uganda safari tours to 14 day Uganda wildlife and gorilla tracking tours in Uganda.

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Whether you search for a gorilla safari in Uganda and Rwanda or marvel at the vast national parks of Kenya and Tanzania, you find that one visit to this region is not enough! There are luxury safari packages, budget safari packages inclusive of transfers, hotels, safari lodges and accommodation facilities.

Find some of Uganda’s safari and tour operators as listed below. However visit any Uganda safari and tours website for travel reviews and articles about reputable Uganda Africa safari operators and travel agents. Look out for the best and affordable travel and holiday packages on Uganda safaris. All tour operators in Uganda are registered with Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).


FAQs About Uganda Safari Companies & Tour Operators

What amenities are provided on a Uganda safari?

When booking a Uganda safari package, scrutinize what’s included versus any hidden or additional charges that may arise. Lodging, meals, park entrance fees and scheduled wildlife drives are typically covered. However budget extra for airfare, laundry services, souvenirs, alcoholic beverages, tips, certain excursions or spa treatments. Ask if provisions like drinking water, snacks and sunscreen will be supplied for long days in remote areas. Peruse the fine print thoroughly so you can focus on the incredible experience rather than penny-pinching.

How can I choose the best Uganda safari company?

Vetting safari tour operators thoroughly is key to an optimal Uganda adventure. Search online reviews, social media, and travel forums for direct feedback on companies under consideration. Ask trusted travel agents to recommend established outfits with expertise and longevity organizing Uganda safaris. Only consider companies certified by eco-tourism associations committed to sustainable practices. A reputable company has flawless safety records, top-notch customized service and contributes meaningfully to local communities.

What size safari group is ideal?

For Uganda wildlife safaris, smaller is better regarding group size. No more than 6 to 8 passengers per vehicle ensures everyone has adequate space to observe creatures without disruptive crowding. Animals also remain calmer when fewer humans are gawking. With a intimate group, you’ll bond with travel companions and derive more individual attention from guides. If a company packs in more than 10 per truck, continue shopping around. Comfort and quality should outweigh minor savings on price.

How environmentally responsible should a Uganda safari tour operator be?

Choose a Uganda safari company exceeding minimal environmental standards. Seek outfits offsetting carbon emissions, recycling waste, employing locals, supporting area schools, using renewable energy, limiting water usage and educating tourists about sustainability. Avoid operators disregarding park rules, leaving trash behind, or disturbing wildlife with loud parties orvehicles. A quality eco-safari leaves the delicate ecosystem unharmed for future generations.

What experience and qualifications should Uganda safari guides have?

A Uganda safari’s success hinges largely on the talents of guides. Look for guides boasting years living and working amongst the very animals and terrain you’ll explore. They should hold certifications from accredited training programs and continuing education. A knack for clear communication and storytelling makes guides shine. Of course proper emergency response skills, medical knowledge and safe driving skills are mandatory. The most brilliant guides exude infectious passion for wildlife conservation.

Should travel insurance be purchased?

Travel insurance provides peace of mind when investing substantial sums into a Uganda safari. Policies generally refund the majority of costs should unforeseen injury, illness or family emergencies arise pre-trip canceling participation. Read the fine print regarding coverage exclusions and claim-filing time limits. For this once-in-a-lifetime splurge, insurance lets you travel worry-free knowing you’re protected financially in the unlikely event plans abruptly change. Don’t risk massive losses; insurance is a wise safeguard.

What should I ask about Uganda Safari accommodations?

Don’t skimp on lodging comforts throughout your Uganda adventure. Ask companies about amenities provided onsite at camps and lodges. En-suite bathrooms, hot showers, wifi access, backup generators, conveniently placed electric outlets, laundry services, hair dryers and mosquito netting over beds should be standard. After full days bouncing around in safari trucks, retire to a welcoming oasis with hearty meals and refreshing beverages. You need quality rest to fully appreciate time spent exploring areas teeming with exotic creatures.

How do I choose the best African safari vehicle?

For wildlife viewing, prioritize open-air 4×4 trucks over closed vans when comparing Uganda safari transportation options. With 360-degree visibility and maneuverability off-road, 4x4s allow you to stand and view freely. Watch elephants, lions and giraffes stroll by just feet away through unobstructed windows. Photograph zebras and impalas against uninterrupted landscapes. There’s no substitute for 360 degree access to animals inhabiting their natural environments. Forget cramped buses; choose vehicles designed specifically for safaris.

Where should safari lodges be situated?

Uganda’s prime safari lodges reside deep inside national parks, not just past entry gates. Being engulfed within nature improves sightings of animals roaming free rather than dwelling near humanity. Far-flung locations also provide stunning night skies uninhibited by light pollution and a peaceful soundtrack of nature rather than traffic. While remote, quality operators schedule seamless transportation from lodges to meet your package itinerary. Don’t settle for basic roadside digs; embrace full immersion into Uganda’s wilderness splendor.

What cancellation and refund policies are fair?

Before booking a Uganda safari, carefully analyze the company’s cancellation and refund policies. Look for outfits providing full refunds if unforeseen issues force you to cancel a reasonable timeframe ahead of departure. Others offer partial credit usable on future excursions. Understand deadlines for notification and documentation required. While you hope to avoid canceling a bucket-list adventure, life happens. Protect yourself financially by selecting operators with policies benefiting customers if circumstances change.

Do walking safaris meet my fitness level?

Most Uganda safari time is spent bouncing around in 4x4s, but walking treks are occasionally offered. Confirm if these are mandatory or optional based on your abilities. Journeys on foot, while exhilarating, can also prove strenuous for those unaccustomed to hiking in intense heat and uneven terrain. While observing wildlife up close intrigues, remember to pace yourself. Travel with a group at a similar fitness level. Tell your guide if the pace exceeds your comfort zone; quality outfitters put guests needs first.

What security measures should be in place?

Don’t jeopardize safety when selecting a Uganda safari company. Verify their equipment is well-maintained, extensive emergency protocols are established, vehicles contain first aid kits and supplies, drivers boast training and licenses specifically for game viewing vehicles, and immediate access to medical facilities is available if needed. Ask about contingency plans for vehicle breakdowns in remote areas. Review policies regarding consumption of alcohol while on excursions. Paying more for an operation with obsessive attention to safety is wise peace of mind.

How can I maximize wildlife photography opportunities?

Serious safari photographers should inquire about camera equipment rentals from their Uganda tour operator. Carrying professional long lenses and tripods from home proves burdensome. Instructors can provide guidance on properly utilizing rented gear too. Knowledgeable guides adeptly position vehicles to capture phenomenal animal imagery against unforgettable backdrops. Photography fans should verify their guide’s experience identifying optimal vantage points at the perfect moments to snap once-in-a-lifetime prize-winning shots.

What should rangers carry on walking treks?

When booking walking safaris in Uganda as part of your itinerary, verify an armed ranger will accompany your small group for protection. Wild animals like Cape buffalo, hippos and aggressive monkeys can unpredictably charge humans encroaching on their territory. Rangers act as guides and security, monitoring the perimeter for potential threats. They should carry appropriate deterrent devices and substantial firepower capable of taking down aggressive animals if necessary to save lives. Don’t risk venturing into the bush unprotected just for Instagram bragging rights.

How are local communities supported?

Responsible safari companies financially support initiatives benefiting communities near wildlife preserves. They donate portions of profits to causes like building schools, funding clinics, drilling water wells and organizing food banks in impoverished villages. The most sustainable tour operators hire locals as staff instead of foreigners whenever possible too. Support companies uplifting the region beyond just wildlife conservation. Visiting local schools and craft markets directly connects visitors to communities relying on tourism.

What ages receive discounted rates?

Family groups with minor children should inquire about discounted safari rates in Uganda. Policies vary, but youngsters around 12 years old and under often receive free or reduced prices, especially when sharing a room with parents. Be sure young kids really want to embark on days-long treks viewing animals before committing. Children under around 6 generally lack the attention span to appreciate safari outings. Teenagers tend to engage more in conservation discussions. Select an operator catering specifically to multigenerational groups.

Should I tip the guide and staff?

Confirm if gratuities for safari guides and staff are included in your Uganda tour quote or if cash tips are customary post-trip. If paying your own tips, budget around $10-15 per traveler for each guide and assistant per day. For shorter staff interactions, $5-10 is appropriate. Carry smaller US dollar bills for convenience. Never feel pressured to over tip. Guides making tourists uncomfortable with hints about tipping amounts should be reported to management. Operators focused on joyful experiences, not guilt-tripping guests.


When planning a trip to  Uganda  it is important that you do some thorough research before you holiday. You’ll have to get details of necessary travel requirements like Visa, immunization and holiday packages which are all available on the internet.

One sure way to beat the stress of planning a holiday is by choosing a good Uganda travel agent or Uganda tour operator. That travel agent must have absolute knowledge of the travel destination you want on your holidays and also have good connection with service providers in that country. Getting the services of a travel agent does not entirely off load the tasks of arranging a holiday but makes it rather easier. Here are some of the things to ask yourself or the travel agent before you hire a travel agent to do all the planning work.

Travel documentation; the travel agent you choose must be aware of the travel procedures and documents required for tourists going to a particular country. What does the country policy have for travel insurance, Visas, passports, immunization and medication examination? Your travel agent must inform you in advance and help you with all the required travel information before your arrival.

Flights to Uganda and travel; this is a major part of any holiday arrangement that a travel agent has influence on. How do you intend to travel to your destination…using world class airlines, direct flights or cheap airlines with stops in different airports around the World? Your travel preference must fit within your budget and thus a travel agent will give you world travel tips and how to adjust your travel arrangements to fit into your budget before you do the booking. Remember to put your preferences and desires across as you work with your travel agent

Holiday itinerary and adventures; Coming up with the best things to do for a particular holiday is almost 60% of your holiday planning exercise. Ask for travel agent for any advantages of choosing particular activities over others and how changes in travel plans may affect the holiday budget. Any changes made during the holiday should have no financial impact on the holiday arrangements. Make inquiries on what you do not understand on say tickets, entry fees for visiting certain places and hidden charges! The holiday itinerary should specifically reflect your preferences and the places you like to visit the most! There are options for car hire in Uganda as soon as you arrive at Entebbe Airport-other options are available from tour companies and safari companies.

Hotels and accommodation is very important in having the best holiday. Ensure that the travel agent knows the hotel you have chosen for advice on the location, range of tourist facilities there, type of accommodation, any holiday packages given by the hotels, meals and dining, airport transfer and taxi, use of credit cards, reservation fees and any costs that could arise during your stay!

Finally, you don’t want to work with a travel agent who doesn’t respect your preferences and is nagging. Travel agents or tour operators must be registered under some umbrella travel associations as this guarantees professional service delivery

The number one travel rule is insisting on your travel preferences and that gets you a customized holiday plan. Compromising your interests will affect your holiday expectations while seeking the advice of recent travellers on the best travel agents in a particular country makes work easier!

There are several tourist operators and travel agent that can arrange the perfect holiday to Uganda  and some of the tailored packages include honeymoons in Uganda, wildlife safaris, water adventures like kayaking, boating on Lake Victoria, Uganda Holidays and religious tours/pilgrimages to holy places and temples  in Kampala Uganda. You can actually book a holiday with family, friends or for a weekend to one of the countries in East Africa.



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