Best Uganda Tour Operators Ranked

Uganda safari and tour operators have a lot to offer to tourists especially with local (Uganda safaris) and East African safaris. Find an incredible range of

Uganda safari and tour packages

with any of the Uganda safari operators and travel agents, from 2 day Uganda safari tours to 14 day Uganda wildlife and gorilla tracking tours in Uganda.

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Gorilla Uganda Bookings

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GoExplore Safaris


Paradise Adventure Vacations

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bright safaris uganda limited

We offer;- Wildlife tours, culture tours, Hiking and coffee tours, Airport Transfers, Hotel booki…
Great Adventures Uganda

Great Adventures Uganda


Inspire African Safaris

The best Safari Operator in Uganda providing both comprehensive and non comp Bespoke Safaris to U…
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Escape To Africa

Escape To Africa is an experienced safari company operating in Uganda and Rwanda with extensions …


Whether you search for a gorilla safari in Uganda and Rwanda or marvel at the vast national parks of Kenya and Tanzania, you find that one visit to this region is not enough! There are luxury safari packages, budget safari packages inclusive of transfers, hotels, safari lodges and accommodation facilities.

Find some of Uganda’s safari and tour operators as listed below. However visit any Uganda safari and tours website for travel reviews and articles about reputable Uganda Africa safari operators and travel agents. Look out for the best and affordable travel and holiday packages on Uganda safaris. All tour operators in Uganda are registered with Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).

Kori Safaris

A tour company registered within Uganda. We’re a trustworthy Tour Operator with broad experience of several years in East African tourism industry. We organize and carry out holiday safaris in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya
Plot 1 Old Kampala, Uganda
Tel +256701600600



When planning a trip to  Uganda  it is important that you do some thorough research before you holiday. You’ll have to get details of necessary travel requirements like Visa, immunization and holiday packages which are all available on the internet.

One sure way to beat the stress of planning a holiday is by choosing a good Uganda travel agent or Uganda tour operator. That travel agent must have absolute knowledge of the travel destination you want on your holidays and also have good connection with service providers in that country. Getting the services of a travel agent does not entirely off load the tasks of arranging a holiday but makes it rather easier. Here are some of the things to ask yourself or the travel agent before you hire a travel agent to do all the planning work.

Travel documentation; the travel agent you choose must be aware of the travel procedures and documents required for tourists going to a particular country. What does the country policy have for travel insurance, Visas, passports, immunization and medication examination? Your travel agent must inform you in advance and help you with all the required travel information before your arrival.

Flights to Uganda and travel; this is a major part of any holiday arrangement that a travel agent has influence on. How do you intend to travel to your destination…using world class airlines, direct flights or cheap airlines with stops in different airports around the World? Your travel preference must fit within your budget and thus a travel agent will give you world travel tips and how to adjust your travel arrangements to fit into your budget before you do the booking. Remember to put your preferences and desires across as you work with your travel agent

Holiday itinerary and adventures; Coming up with the best things to do for a particular holiday is almost 60% of your holiday planning exercise. Ask for travel agent for any advantages of choosing particular activities over others and how changes in travel plans may affect the holiday budget. Any changes made during the holiday should have no financial impact on the holiday arrangements. Make inquiries on what you do not understand on say tickets, entry fees for visiting certain places and hidden charges! The holiday itinerary should specifically reflect your preferences and the places you like to visit the most! There are options for car hire in Uganda as soon as you arrive at Entebbe Airport-other options are available from tour companies and safari companies.

Hotels and accommodation is very important in having the best holiday. Ensure that the travel agent knows the hotel you have chosen for advice on the location, range of tourist facilities there, type of accommodation, any holiday packages given by the hotels, meals and dining, airport transfer and taxi, use of credit cards, reservation fees and any costs that could arise during your stay!

Finally, you don’t want to work with a travel agent who doesn’t respect your preferences and is nagging. Travel agents or tour operators must be registered under some umbrella travel associations as this guarantees professional service delivery

The number one travel rule is insisting on your travel preferences and that gets you a customized holiday plan. Compromising your interests will affect your holiday expectations while seeking the advice of recent travellers on the best travel agents in a particular country makes work easier!

There are several tourist operators and travel agent that can arrange the perfect holiday to Uganda  and some of the tailored packages include honeymoons in Uganda, wildlife safaris, water adventures like kayaking, boating on Lake Victoria, Uganda Holidays and religious tours/pilgrimages to holy places and temples  in Kampala Uganda. You can actually book a holiday with family, friends or for a weekend to one of the countries in East Africa.



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Instinct Safaris

December 26, 2017 at 12:38 pm

Instinct Safaris is a community-based adventure safari and tour company based in East Africa. We operate in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo. Our local and well-trained safari guides have shown the beauty of the region to more than 275 travel groups in the past six years. We commit to strict company guidelines, which allow us to contribute and give back to the local communities as we are on safari with adventurers from all over the world. Being advocates of sustainable tourism, we promote mountain gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, active volcano hiking, and game experiences, such as lion tracking, and more. Please contact us for more information about your very own safari adventure and join our mission to bring positive sustainable change to the Great Lakes region of East Africa!



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