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The Zika Forest in Entebbe

Zika forest is situated along Entebbe road and its

25km away from Kampala city

. It positions itself among the main attractions with in the area. The forest is also not far away from the airport which shows that it’s very calm to visit most especially for the foreign tourists. This is where the Zika Virus came from. This is a virus that has spread in the world with fear. Zika virus was first discovered in a monkey from Zika forest and is also appealed to have a link to the microcephaly which is a birth defect disorder.

About Zika Forest

This forest has numerous bio diversity of swamps that is full of crocodiles, grasslands as well as forest types which spreads to Lake Victoria.

There are `140 types of woody plants , 35 saturniid, 60  moth types, leopards, snakes, mosquitoes, monkeys that are found in the Zika forest which is one of the main attractions you need to visit while on your safari to Uganda.


zika forest uganda

Apart from other forests, the Zika forest is also one of the many small forests in Uganda and has got exclusive mature trees and the best for bird watching from Entebbe road. Many of the birders have also said that bird watching here is a great experience with in the forest.

This forest has also got its own virus research field station which is joined to Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI). This forest has got one of the highest research towers with in the country and its 40m high of steel research tower that was repositioned from Mpanga forest 5 o years ago with the influence and funding of World Health Organization.

The steel research tower has given a good platform for the Uganda Virus Research institute for carrying out the detailed research and many ecological studies in the forest.  The tower is also a good spot for the tourists who aim of getting a good view of the monkeys as well as the birds in the Zika Forest.

Zika Forest

The forest will also help you enjoy a fantastic leave and a break from Entebbe and Kampala’s much urban life most especially when you want a picnic holiday. Zika is also one of those attractions you should not miss while

visiting Uganda

. It has got a good nature slot and this makes it among the main list of areas to visit in case you are planning a safari to the pearl of Africa and it’s not far away from

Entebbe international Airport


Apart from its nature, wildlife and history, this forest has got an educational advantage most especially to students study classification and the ability to give breakthrough leisure tourists. Potus J. Carter listed this forest among the must visit attraction as he was disembarking his birding safari in Uganda.

The Virus was discovered in


and came from Scottish Virologist Alexander Hamilton. The virus to Uganda was carried by Aede Africanu Mosquito. However, at present, the pearl of Africa is so free from the virus.

This forest is also home to the famous

Uganda Virus Research Institute

that researches the insects that carry diseases. It’s also an area for school children tour the 24 acre forest as well as the 40m tall research tower inside the forest. The forest is also part of the places for birders and many other tourists. Also the US President Jimmy Carter expressed here on a

birding safari

, so it’s assured that you will be in good company. Apart from the variety of birds that are found here, you can see some leopards, butterflies, snakes, and the red tailored monkeys.

This forest is 24 acres and under human attack, deforestation as well as the humans who clear the forest for houses and gardens. This forest also has remained an area near Entebbe where you can view the historic place where the zika Virus was first revealed and where you can view the forest with the mature trees, monkeys, birds as well as other wildlife species.

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