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A river Safari

around the upper Zambezi River, is actually a incredible and beautiful option to savor the stunning scenery that frames this river before it takes its plunge on the

Victoria Falls

.This perhaps the river is spotted with several islands of distinct size; home to numerous wild birds and also small to medium sized animals.

It was actually around this banks that David Livingstone remarked on the charming scenery he had found down the exploration route.

Where To Stay

Accommodation is by the river bank lodges but also camping out upon the island.The

Canoeing Safari

along Lower Zambezi river will be even more remarkable and exhilarating while you sail flanked by the beauty from this park. The prospects for sighting game over this abundant river are endless.

Hippos are normally viewed, elephant, impalas, zebra, puku, wallowing buffalos, the waterbuck, baboons and crocodiles lay over the river banks.

You will have an armed river guide to guide you in every single remote Island channels for the river.Numerous operators manage day trips or holidays camping in pretty charming and pleasant bush camps and safari lodges on the river banks, having great meals and fine bedding.

A Guide To Canoeing In Zambia

All gear is transported in the canoes and then camps are erected upon some of the islands within the river en route. Everyone is involved as well as in the meals preparation. These kind of camping trips are however of low costs, nevertheless less enjoyable, needless to say thrill from the wilderness is that much more overwhelming.

When To Go Canoeing

You will find a few safari companies managing canoeing trips for this area on the river for example Kiambi Safaris, Tongabezi, Chachacha Safaris and more.Chiawa Lodge, Kiambi Safari lodge, Gwabi Lodge, Chongwe River House,Kingfisher Lodge and Kasaka River Lodge and the like offer lodging and camps in and around Lower Zambezi National Park.The Luangwa River meandering via the Luangwa Valley and even towards South Luangwa National Park stands out as the attraction for different wildlife.Robin Pope Safaris reopen Nsefu Camp for the purpose of boating safaris through time of Jan to the end of March, when the water is actually more for this period

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