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Elephant Back Safaris Zambia

Elephant Back safaris

have proven to be a wonderful experience more than the adrenaline excitement of sitting on one of the world’s hugest animal. This exceptional type of safaris is surely a chance to relate with the elephants, become familiar with them; the way they eat, and even why they’re easy to use for your ride through the wilderness as well as along the riverine scenery.

Its guides, referred to as handlers, give a simple introductory talk about the elephants; get briefed about the way to deal with the animals if you have to have an excellent ride.

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Adventure with Elephant safari in Zambia

Handlers are usually skilled, armed; bring an emergency first aid kit on the ride and additionally a portable radio or even a tracker.
The trails have plenty of lovely scenery such as the bountiful bush, the valley of the Masuwe River, some within the Mosi-O-Tunya National Park and also to the banks on the Zambezi not forgetting the neighboring river islands.It is necessary to book a ride in advance with any safari owner. Elephant back rides are carried out in the early morning as well as later on during the afternoon as the wildlife will be buried within the bush owing to the blazing heat of the sun. It is usually the exceptional way to observe wildlife, observe the wonderful landscape and also set off birding.Accommodation in Zambia ranges from luxury hotels,lodges,guest houses as well as apartments,choice depends on what you want and you will have a wonderful time in Zambia.