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Horse Riding Zambia


Kafue Horse Safaris

; Amongst the locations designed for horse riding is Kafue National Park around the Busanga plains. This region holds unspoiled beauty and is a home for

elephant herds, hippos, zebras, buffalos, wild dogs, water fowl; fish eagles, cormorants, as well as around 500 varieties of birds in the park.

Horse rides are based on the lake Itezhi-tezhi, within the forest acres along with swampy areas across the banks of the river Kafue. The ride is only suitable for the experienced riders for the reason that riding gets fast where the terrain enables some steep climbs as well as descends, river traversing and also rides via the varied topography.

Horse Riding  Adventures

The particular horses are personally picked out and also well trained with the main guide and also owner Steve Rufus and are very appropriate and in excellent shape for the ride. Some of the varieties consist of the Boerperd, Quarterhouse, Thoroughbred-crosses (THB) plus the Warmblood. These particular horses are deemed as among the better in the world. Often the saddles fixed on the backs are fitted as well as created for ease and comfort for long hour rides through the wilderness.

The Best Trails For Horse Riding

Horse Trails along the Zambezi River; take you down Victoria Falls as you may ride by Teak forests as well as the grasslands here, crossing the river and then set up a camp in the night at the banks of this river. It most likely the best ideas to see the great natural beauty of this area.

Chundukwa Adventure Trails

have nightly tours, day break trips or during late afternoon for around 2hrs.

Horse back Safaris around Lusaka

It is so far the ultimate way to view plains game closely given that the animals are not disturbed with the horses’ movement. Lilayi Lodge, just outside Lusaka is the one game safari lodge rendering this option around Zambia as most of the bigger parks are infested with tsetse flies which unfortunately thrwart the arrival of horses.