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Kayaking in Zambia


A different way to encounter the incredible power at the

Zambezi Falls

shall be to row through the rapids along with experienced

white water kayakers.

Immediately after receiving the gadgets;

the paddle, life jacket as well as helmet at the top of the gorge, go on an quick walk all the down to the Boiling Pot, you will receive a complete safe practices instruction plus a practice session ahead of starting your experience.

An experienced white water kayaker will help direct the boat in the rapids along with you putting your help.
The entire trip is run jointly with a rafting expedition for extra safety. It will likely be up to you and your special guide, making sure that that you stick within the kayak or alternatively you can actually end up swimming the other part of the rapids!! There isn’t any past expertise expected for this sport.Accommodation in Zambia ranges from hotels,guest houses,safari lodges as well as apartment.They offer excellent services and facilities.