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Lake Bangweulu

Bangweulu, locally interpreted as ‘the place where the water meets the sky’, is mostly a substantial wetland made up of swamps, lagoons, small islands, the floodplain and the lake.This shallow lake on it’s own can be described as wealthy and assorted habitat having lagoons, a pristine lakeshore, diverse birds, species of fish, wildlife plus a favorable homeland. The scenery is quite breathtaking and is also deserving of the weekend getaway.

Sightseeing Trip

Fishing happens to be a significant aspect of the lake and a major source of income for the nearby residents. The fish caught in the lake include the tiger fish, catfish plus the bream. Although seasonal, this industry sustains most of the local people and even adds much to Fishing in Zambia. It is due to this that fish stock within this lake continues to be more than exploited considerably resulting in a decrease in favorite fish stocks.Popular wildlife watched here is made up of Black Lechwe antelope, zebras, elephants, oribi, the sitatunga and buffalo. Birdlife is made up of the hard-to-find bird species and also swamp endemics much like the flamingo, pelican, ducks, cranes, storks, sandpipers, avocets and many others.

Things To Do

You will find boat trips into the islands of Mbabala, Cishi as well as Chilubi courtesy of the Postal Services Corporation.

You can even hire canoe boat and a local guide to accompany you through any of the wealthy swamps on the lake for just one or two days.

Samfya is most likely the main township to the south western banks on this lake, built during 1950 being a fishing settlement. Although it is unkempt and old, there exists a post office, health care clinic and ample fuel supplies.

Where to stay

Presently there aren’t many options for accommodation in Bangweulu region. Samfya Holiday Beach and Lodge found near the town is one and a common destination with equally people as well as tourists. For more affordable accommodation, try Lake Bangweulu Water Transport Guesthouse.

You may set up a camp here although bathroom facilities are actually dubious.