Lake Mweru

 Lake Mweru

is found the north western boundary for Zambia as well as the DR Congo. Two important rivers;

Luapula and Kalungwishi

drain into this lake plus nourish the breeding area for fish on their deltas. The Luapula River streaming from the south shapes the formal boundary between Zambia and then the DRC.

Things To Do

This town is a residential for many residents who totally enjoy the lake’s shore. It doubles as their resource of living with fishing tips and farming. The population here is known for a abundant heritage and are dynamic with commerce. The abundant shores and also plentiful lake fish has contributed greatly to the progress of the fishing industry in Zambia.The evenings are striking near this lake for the reason that fishing boats are usually lined across the lake heading for the evening catch. There are actually quite a few traveler facilities as well as accommodation is in fact in several Guesthouses of basic facilities.

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