Lavushi Manda National Park

The park extends over a space of around 1000sq km and also lies south east of the Bangweulu swamps around Serenje and Mpika. This park is made up of rocky features, miombo woodlands and some sections of the riverine forests around Kanyanga Falls and its particular tributaries.

Game viewing

Like many other national parks on Zambia wildlife safaris, the animal count here has decreased drastically through the years due to poaching and insufficient park management. On the other hand, theĀ  Park continues to be lush habitat for the elephant, lion, buffalo, eland, roan and other antelopes. There are a number of swamp endemic water fowl within this park.

Travel guide

There are particular tracks that lead to the park. When from the east, take the turn to the Lavushi Manda from the Mpika-Serenje road. It can be close 60 kilometres out of Mpika. There is one other road along the TAZARA railway line that makes its way into the park beyond the 12 kilometres beyond the scout office.

It is advisable to use a guide or scout on private game drive and camping . All the roads are usually impassable both during the dry and rainy season; having outstanding gullies from soil erosion throughout the rains.



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