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Lusaka Zambia

Lusaka was established in 1905 as a railway stations and declared the capital of Zambia around 1934. Being one of the fastest growing cities in southern Africa, Lusaka doubles as the commercial capital and the administrative port of Zambia.

The city lies in the southern part of the country at an altitude of 4300 feet above sea level thus enjoy good weather all year round. Lusaka is definitely the first stop for all Zambia safari and holidays thanks to the presence of unique tourist attractions like Wanga botanical gardens and Zoo, monuments, museums and so much more.

Culture and traditions

The town was named after the village chief called


whose port was located at the point where the National Assembly building now stands. The area was then expanded to provide settlement for workers working on the railway during the British colonial times. Today, Lusaka is a favorite town for  many tourists, expatriates, students and the Zambians too simply because of the fast growing infrastructure, housing and easy access to services.


Lusaka is predominantly an English speaking town though indigenous languages such as Nyanja and Bemba are also used. The finest school and universities are based in Lusaka where lesson conducted in English

Sights and Sounds

Major tourist attractions in Lusaka are building and monuments. The National museum of Lusaka is one of the highlights of Lusaka Zambia tours with exhibits like sculptures, paintings from all ages, cultural highlights and archaeological displays. Other museums in Lusaka include the political museum, Zintu community museum and private art museums.
Some of the interesting historical points around this town include the Freedom statue, Lusaka playhouse theatre, cathedral of the Holy Cross, Zambian National Assembly, university of Zambia and others your tour guide will point out on the city tours.

To celebrate the best of Zambia nature in Lusaka, spend a day a Kalimba reptile park and the  Munda Wanga Environmental Park. Munda Wanga is absolutely stunning 30-acre garden with over 300 local and foreign plant species, perennial stream, and a fine aviary and zoo.

Travel around Lusaka

Lusaka International Airport, situated around the city and is the main port in and out of the country. The Zambian Airways travels to and from Johannesburg and currently has got scheduled flights to Mfuwe, the Cooper Belt, Livingstone and Chipata. There are also Lusaka Zambia  flights from all parts of Africa and beyond.

Lusaka is at the centre of Zambia. Almost all main routes to the east, west, northern and southern region flow through the city.You can’t find any scheduled bus services however, taxis range between 12 passenger minibuses to dilapidated vehicles, good dial up taxis and chauffeur driven vehicles.

The domestic railway takes you via Livingstone, Kapiri Mposhi and also the Copperbelt. The Tanzania-Zambia Railway also known as Tanzara comes down as far as Kapiri Mposhi, where Zambia train connects for Lusaka. Buses come from Harare, Johannesburg, Lilongwe, Livingstone and the Copperbelt.


Lusaka has got great weather and many have finally built residence because of this basis. Its summer months tend to be warm at the same time sunny, mixed with cooling thunderstorms and also slight winters together with some sunshine.

It does as well get pretty hot around October and March just in case there is no rain. The normal rainfall, around November and April, is about 950mm. Summer heat is normally something like 20 degrees to 32 degrees C. Winter temperatures from 10 and then 26 degrees. Humidity is usually under 40%.


The majority of the banking institutions and several bureaux de change are located around Cairo Road. With regard to groceries and home products, you will find several shopping malls, along Great East Road, Kafue road and then in the outskirts on the way to Leopards hill. There are several suburban shopping centres; Kabulonga, Northmead as well as Woodland serving a number of outlets known to provide what you may need, some imported from either Zimbabwe as well as South Africa.

If you are not interested in store shopping, savor community shopping through taking an outing to one of Lusaka’s market places. It is an captivating, colourful and lively experience also worth your time. The prominent markets are Soweto, west of Cairo Road, some other overlooking the Tazara building from Independence Ave and a different, roofed market built down Freedom Way.

Antiques as well as crafts can be found at Kabwata Cultural Village, Sunday Crafts market, Kubu crafts among others. Moore Pottery on Kabalenga Road boasts excellent variety of ceramics. With regard to Gemstones and wonderful jewellery, visit Jagoda at the Holiday Inn or Intercontinental Hotel.

Zambia Lusaka Hotels and Accomodation

There are several sporting facilities in Lusaka that offer facilities for golf, bowls, squash, tennis and a swimming pool. When it comes to playing golf, make use of the Lusaka Golfing Club, Chainama Hills Golf club and Chilanga Golf Club. Polo is a common sport, notably for foreign expert workers gamed on the Polo field in the showgrounds. Numerous swimming pools are available, for example within the Intercontinental and Pamodzi Hotels and the great Lusaka City Council swimming pool located away from Lubu Road is actually available daily other than Mondays.