Nyika Plateau National Park

Nyika plateau can be described as stunning montane upland raising up to more than 2200m high. The plateau is bordered by Malawi and Zambia in the east with some national park which is a piece of the extensive plateau park on the Malawi border called Nyika National Park. The views at the plateau are generally stunning and with extraordinary billows beyond the plateau. The particular landscape is of extensive grasslands along with deep valleys, rocky outcrops, breathtaking slopes adorned in wild vegetation, protea shrubs, some tropical woodlands as well as other features.

Game Viewing

Some of the animals contain zebra, roan, eland, bushbuck, reedbuck, warthog and also leopard. Nyika is often known for its elusive red duiker. Night drives offer a good deal namely nocturnal routines; honey badgers,servals, bushpigs, servals, nightjars, civets, genets and then nocturnal insects.

Birding is outstanding for every season however perfect time is often around October and January, in the event that migrant birds aref now here. Woodland birds like the bar tailed trogon, green tinkerbird, greenbul, yellow-streaked bulbul, the robin, Cape batis and the like are quite difficult to find.


Safari walks in the park result in the wide plethora of wild vegetation sights that include the yellow Helichrysums, the subtle Gladioli, Pelagoniums, Hibiscus and orchids among others. Dissotis shrubs give scatters of purple on the rocky outcrops in October. November takes proteas plus the large lobelias to get into bloom.You will find simple areas of forest with big buttress rooted trees, yellowwoods, ebony, red-barked Hagenia trees and many others. Blue monkeys are usually heard calling in the woodlands.

Chisanga Falls

are a short stroll down via the woodlands. The particular falls change around the dry period to rainy period nevertheless there is regularly a sound gush cascading regardless of the time of year.

Travel Guide

Owing to the height, it is fairly warm every day unlike the excessive warmth from the valley in first days in summer. The particular dry period is by September up to May, rains are experienced between December and March. It is usually cold at sunset for this reason you have to get warm clothing and a suitable sun brimmed hat for the day. The cold months are from June until August and frosts sometimes occur. Game viewing is easier within the dry period.

Getting there

Access to the particular park is often within the Malawian end which can be open by 06h00 to 5pm. Entry charges are going to be paid at Malawian Kwacha Checkpoint. Addititionally there is a Zambian entry charge that may be required by the resthouse. There are several alternatives to go to Nyika in line with which time of year going and what kind of car or truck used. During the wet period, a 4X4WD will be required to reach to Lundazi, via the boundary with Malawi at Lusuthu later into Mzimba, Mzuzu as well as the Plateau. Extra fuel supplies is likewise a good idea if not don’t forget to stock up from Rumphi in Malawi, ahead of the plateau.


There is certainly a vintage resthouse over Zambia together with beautiful vistas over the Plateau. Built within 1952, the colonial themed home has been renovated and has 4 bed rooms, fixed toilets, running water, common dining area and then a sitting area fitted with an open hearth. There are laundry washing services as well as self-catering services with fully trained working staff.



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