Shiwa Ngandu Zambia

Shiwa Ngandu

has an interesting history as the town. Founded by Stewart Gore Brown, a young and enthusiastic British officer, this unique area rose right from the previous century and endures as of today. Just as Gore-Brown commented,

the town is home to probably the most attractive lake, in the middle of a hilly country, with the shores wealthy in mangroves and abundant in wildlife.

The nearby stretch of land is obviously productive and best for farming.

Tour Shiwa Ngandu Zambia

History notes that the local tribe, having arrived from the Congo together with Gore-Brown saw a dead crocodile; Ng’andu which was a gesture of a fantastic omen for them.

They later called themselves Bena Ng’andu meaning ‘the people of the Royal Crocodile’ and even settled across the lake.

The lake was then known as Ishiba Ng’andu – ‘The Lake of the Royal Crocodile’. Gore-Brown acquired 10,000 acres of land near the lake costing 2 shillings for each acre and then called it Shiwa Ng’andu. Upon coming back from the First World War, Gore-brown started constructing the estate with local materials, getting local builders, carpenters and blacksmiths. He was in fact able to construct cottages, a chapel, school, medical center, the post office and later the airstrip. In 1932, the Manor house on the the lake was finished, designed and supplies moved from England.

His lady Lorna had an wide interest for local traditions plus surroundings, encouraging basic research plus carrying out anthropological studies.

What You Must Know About Shiwa Ngandu

Gore Brown was very active in politics and later died in 1967, instrumental in the freedom of Zambia. The eldest daughter and her husband Important Harvey had the administration as well as began

Shiwa Safaris

, which was the only real safari and travel company getting visitors to the estate and even to North Luangwa National Park for several years. Additionally, they continued with the local community development projects started by Gore-Brown. Despite the murder of the Harveys in 1992, the Harvey’s estate plus the safari company survive to date. The estate continues to play an central part for community farming.

Taking in the sights

The conditions in Shiwa Ngandu is fine all through the year. The charming spring will come later during September and the rainy season is on for November until March.Kapishya Hot springs are found within the Shiwa Estate, in the middle of verdant plains plus raffia palms. The setting is quite great for the outdoor escape. The hot water bubbles from the pristine sand of the crystal clear pool run into the Manshya River.

Chusa Falls

are a different outstanding location well-known for the several rapids used in river rafting. They are set just a few kilometers from Manshya River.

3 hour’s stroll to

Nachipala Bareback Hill

will likely be pleasant with a exceptional outpost over Lake Shiwa Ngandu.
Shiwa Lake Boat trip takes guests for a full as well as half day boat trip on rubber rafts is provided, touring about the lake, bird watching and also experiencing in the magnificent sunrise or setting sun.

The cruise trip begins by the lake, to Manshya River, in the rapids and after to the camp in Kapishya. Fishing daytrips are also given on the lake.

Where To Stay

The particular manor house found outside of the Kapishya Hot springs has got simple thatched chalets utilized for accommodation in Zambia and are next to the old farmhouse. Visitors can certainly wallow from the hot spring waters. Private cooking, inhouse catering or outdoor camping is given.

You are may decide to stay in a luxurious hotel,guest house,an apartment  or lodge depending on your choice.