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Lusaka can be a town within Zambia. Are you likely to go out for a holiday in Zambia? Then rental car inside Zambia is ready to provide you with among the remarkable vacationing encounters. They have top quality automobiles and also their particular services work best. When you can

Zambia international airport

the particular cars are usually distributed throughout the airport terminal, therefore there is no need to trouble buying a vehicle, these people have a competent customer support to consult when you have any kind of difficulties. Their costs are very reasonable and worth the providers which they share with an individual.

Discount Car Hire In Zambia

Their own cars may include quite a lot of miles, therefore you can be assured that they’ll acquire you to definitely virtually any location you need, right after employing your chosen automobile, when choosing it, it’s not necessary to pay out any kind of additional payment, the actual reserving is actually safe and sound and you may hire a vehicle online, the method is easy as well as fast, you just need to read as well as comprehend the actual terms and conditions of the car provider.

If you learn these favorable, fill the info required, and will also be send any coupon credit reporting which you have effectively arranged with regard to the vehicle.

When the coupon will be lost it can be swapped out without any additional expenses, if you’re vacationing with your son or daughter it is possible to inform them in order to reserve a seat.

Where To Book Car Rentals In Zambia

You can now take your loved ones to see the traditional websites inside Zambia, and breeze around the oceans with the beautiful seashores in Zambia. Car hire within Zambia ‘ve got automobiles that can have 5 in order to ten passengers. The particular automobiles are comfy as well as roomy; there is also a space where you can keep the luggage.

If you had arranged for a vehicle and you no longer require that, then after carrying out the actual cancellations they don’t charge a fee, the automobile employ inside Zambia is actually distributed throughout the getaway destinations which makes it much more convenient to suit your needs.

Whether you are visiting Zambia with regard to enterprise concerns or even a getaway, with vehicle hire inside Zambia it is possible to vacation any way you like.

Online Car Hire

If the vehicle you had booked just isn’t available, they have got links rich in top quality automobile companies exactly where they can get you the type of vehicle you need, If you retain the services of a car, after make use of, you can decrease this anyplace near Zambia, In case your airline flight is actually late, all you need to perform is actually let them have the flight amount and they’re going to wait to suit your needs. The vehicles likewise have got a dysfunction assistance in case of any kind of issues, they also give you an extra driver totally free In order to find out much more home elevators the vehicle local rental within Zambia, you can explore through the sites and acquire a lot more elaborate info, exactly where you will get a lot more knowledgeable about their own terms and conditions.




Alendo  Tours & Car Hire

Tel : 1-235964
Fax :1-235962
Cell : 096-767097

Bimm Car Hire

Tel: 260 1 234 372
Fax: 260 1 229 149


4×4 Hire, Local Tours, Transfers,
(disabled friendly vehicle)
Tel: +260 213 320996
Cell: 260 (0) 977 866 492 / 977 870 232


Juls Car Hire

Tel:  292979 / 293972
Fax: 291246

Landmark Car Hire

Tel:260 – 1 – 220476
Fax No. 260 – 1220476
Cell: 096453767

Limo Car Hire

Tel:  278628
Cell:  097 743145

Longacres Business College Car Hire

Tel: 021 1 257526
Cell: 097 7 756859

Sepiso Car Hire
Tel: 0211220388
Tel/Fax: 0211220388
Cell:: 0260977846742, 0955769306

Taiwo Car Hire

Tel: 260-1-291283, 294015
Cell: 260-97-776705, 789268
Fax: 291248

Tozema Enterprises

Tel:  260 (0)95 836 737

Voyagers Rentals

Tel: (+260 1) 253064/5 or 253082/3/4
Fax: (+260 1) 253048

ZeDash Travel and Car Hire

Tel: 271116 / 282907
Cell: 095/097 857891

Trust Car Hire Ltd

Tel: 236825
Cell: 096 437019
Fax: 236825

Polite Car HireNdola Airport

Telefax: 02 614216 / 620172
Mobile: 096 780453 / 095 431522 / 097 880623

Granet Transport and Car Hire

Tel: 226959
Cell: 097 848298



Contact Voyagers Rentals

Imperial Car Hire

– Europecar

Voyagers Rentals

Tel: (+260 2) 225056 or 229102/3
Fax: (+260 2) 224834


Imperial Car Hire – Europecar

Voyagers Rentals
Tel: (+260 2) 311722 / 311642 / 312195
Fax: (+260 2) 312552


Imperial Car Hire – Europecar

Voyagers Rentals
Tel: (+260 2) 617062 / 620604
Fax: 620605


Imperial Car Hire – Europecar

4×4 Hire, Local Tours, Transfers,
(disabled friendly vehicle)
Tel: +260 213 320996
Cell: 260 (0) 977 866 492 / 977 870 232

Voyagers Rentals

Tel: (+260 3) 322753 or 321122
Ext 2431
Fax: (+260 3) 323503



260 1 228682

Intercape Mainliner
+260 (1) 251 358


CR Coaches
Tel: 288425/27
Fax: 288425

Mazhandu Bus Services Ltd

Tel: +260 211 224801 or  +260 966 805064
Fax: +260 211 225190