Zambia Travel Guide

Zambia is one of Africa’s most visited places and is a prided Africa Safari destination. It is located in south central Africa, bordered by Tanzania to the north east, Zimbabwe and Botswana in the south, Mozambique in the south east, Angola and DR Congo in the west and Malawi to the east. Zambia’s pride in African safaris lies in the magnificent

Victoria Falls

a listed site on the UNESCO world heritage site and also one of the world’s Severn Natural wonders.

Zambia Tourist Attractions

For Zambia wildlife safaris, there are several

Zambia National Parks

to visit such as South Luangwa National Park-famous for the Zambia walking safaris, Blue Lagoon Zambia park, Kafue National park, Lower Zambezi National Park, North Luangwa national park and many others scattered in the verdant Luangwa Valley region and on the banks of River Zambezi. You’ll never be disappointed with Zambia’s wildlife that includes several species of antelopes, giraffes, zebras, buffalos, hippos, warthog, wildebeest, African wild dog, primates, lions, leopards and many others

Zambia’s Cities and towns are another of Zambia Tourist destination. Thanks to the early missionaries, Zambia has several well developed cities and towns with the most famous being Livingstone, Cooperbelt and

Lusaka the capital city

. Livingstone town is named after Dr. David Livingstone the early Missionary explorer from the 18th century and there are many attractions in Livingstone town that pay tribute to his work. They include Livingstone Museum and the memorial.

Other interesting Zambia tourism points include Lake Tanganyika in the Tanzanian border, Bangweulu wetlands, Lake Kariba, Chimfunshi Chimpanzee sanctuary and Zambezi River among others

Zambia weather

Zambia has pleasant weather since its lies in the tropical climate region. There are however three distinct seasons and each comes with different Zambia safari and tour prospects. November to March is the rainy season while April to July is characterized by dry, warm days with cold nights. June to October is the hot and dry season best for game viewing especially for parks around Luangwa Valley. During these months, the murram roads within the parks are more firm for Zambia safari game drives and game walks

The Victoria Falls are most scenic during the months of April and May after the rainy season. The spray of the falls makes a thick misty cloud over the falls  making viewing quite had but the best part of this comes with a full width of the river running over the 100m high gorge. The dry season comes with low river levels revealing part of the huge rock with 5 water falls

The rainy season brings more than 300 sights for a single day of bird viewing within the different parks around Zambia. For bird watching fans, watch out for November-January rains.

Zambia Cultures

Languages-English is the official language for Zambia although more than 65 different local languages are used. With more than 65 different languages, you’ll appreciate the different tribes and cultures from all parts of the country.

Art and crafts-Zambia’s unique cultures have many traditional skills that have made his country distinct in its art and Crafts. You will be amazed by the art work and basketry skills that reflect the day to day lifestyle and passions of the local people. Some of the items made include baskets, pots, canoes, masks, furniture, drums, beadwork and many other items.

Music and dance- Zambia’s rhythms and dance reflect the different tribal celebrations just as for many other tribes across the continent. Several traditional instruments are compliment by westernized rhythms to create a unique blend on 21st century Zambia music, modern and good to the ear. Some of the traditional instruments include Silimba(xylophone), thumb piano and the drum. Drumming plays an important part of rituals, ceremonies, festivities and community communication.

Food & Wine

Although many Zambian safari hotels serve fine continental cuisine, Zambia boast excellent traditional dishes which significant cut across the country and some are shared with a few tribes in Zimbabwe.

The staple food for Zambia is maize pounded into Nshima. Nshima is widely enjoyed across the country, often served with meat stew and vegetables. Some other popular local foods include Mealie, mushy fish, soya beans. Local drink Chibuku is made from finely ground soya beans.

Travel in and around Zambia

Flights to Lusaka Zambia

-The main airport is called Lusaka International Airport which receives Zambia flights from South Africa, UK and also domestic flights within Zambia. There are charter flights from Lusaka and Livingstone airport to Victoria Falls, Mfuwe and to

South Luangwa National Park


Some of the fliers with

flights to Zambia

include Zambezi Airways, British Airways, Aeroflot, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Air France, Air Botswana, Air Malawi, Air Tanzania, Air Zaire, Air Zimbabwe and Kenya Airways among many others

Getting to Zambia by road

; From Harare in Zimbabwe access is via the border at either Kariba or Chirundu; via Bulawayo and across the Victoria Falls Bridge; via Botswana across the ferry at Kazungula near Livingstone. Coming from Malawi, enter Zambia at the Mchinga/Chipata border, or further north at Nyika Plateau. Access from Tanzania is through the Tunduma/Nakonde border post onto the Great North road. Many of the Border entry points are open at 06h00 and close at 18h00 except Victoria Falls which closes at 20h00.

Zambia Travel by Train

: If you are travelling to Zambia by train, there is train from South Africa to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and then take the ferry train across the bridge to Livingstone and another train to Lusaka, through the Copperbelt or the Northern Province. From Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, the

Tazara line

runs through to Kapiri Mposhi and the Cooperbelt region.

Zambia Entry requirements

Visa entry requirements

for Zambia vary from country to country. While USA citizens require getting a Visa before going to Zambia, the entry requirements are different from other countries-in that, one needs to contact any Zambia consulate of Embassy or Zambia Travel information. Zambia travel agencies and safari companies also offer much need information for Zambia safaris and holidays

Health related issue

s-A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is recognized as an important document for all travelers to Zambia since May 2011. Cholera inoculations are also strongly advised along prescriptions for Malaria. Zambia is considered a high-risk malaria area with no low season. It is suggested that you consult with your personal physician prior to departure.

Zambia Hotels and Lodges

Zambia has a wide range of hotels, guesthouses, motels and safari lodges for overnight accommodation and dining. Zambia Hotels range from five star hotels and first class luxury lodges, to rustic bush camps, guesthouses and campsites.

Camping and safari lodging is another way to get accommodation if you are visiting Zambia on Zambia Safari Holidays. There are many safari lodges from the different Zambia National parks although camping facilities are not as many. If you are looking at out door camping carry enough water, clothes, food, fuel and any other supplies you’ll need for Zambia Camping.

Shopping in Zambia

Get yourself some authentic Zambian crafts include ceremonial masks, copper ware, malachite articles, Barotse basketry and jewellery crafted from precious and semi-precious at  Zintu Handicrafts in Lusaka, the Nayuma Museum found in Mongu, the Tonga Museum of Choma and the Moto Moto Museum found in Mbala.

Handicrafts are distinctive for being eco friendly as local material such as bamboo, roots, grass, papyrus reeds, bark, recyclable materials and sisal can be used. The crafts are subsequently decorated with emblematic designs from traditional dyes made from distinctive colored soils, roots, bark as well as leaves. Most of the crafts are available around markets and craft shops; many make wonderful holiday memoirs and also gift items for holidaymakers.

In suburban areas, shops are open all day Monday through Saturday.  Elsewhere, they are generally closed Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, and all day Sunday. There are plenty of shops in Lusaka and Bulawayo with several goods, groceries, shoes, clothes and several other items.


Zambia is regarded as very safe, although Lusaka can be dangerous at night.  The more remote places like western Zambia don’t get regular travelers and visitors should be alert.  The border with Congo should be avoided.
In Zambia a 3rd on the nation dedicated to maintenance, Zambia gives the visitor the right backwoods as well as animals areas throughout the African continent. A multitude of movement escapades, inside renowned strolling safari to river white water rafting in regards to the mighty Zambezi, permits the real satisfaction of mother nature from it is craziest and countless exhilarating.

A Travel Guide To Zambia

A birder in the process as angler’s paradise, Zambia has noted a great deal additional than 740 bird species in areas of exceptional panoramic elegance and possesses the most excellent freshwater angling obtainable such as excellent Tiger woods angling. On high of that although, Zambia is amongst probably the most steady nations inside African continent, with 73 tribes residing in tranquility.

Facts About Zambia Weather

You will find three distinctive many weeks: Aug-Oct is comfy to be able to heat in the process as dry providing the very best time for based game viewing as consuming water is essentially uncommon;

Nov-Mar is essentially sizzling with thundershowers, but terrific observing birds period mainly because migrants arrive using the north; and Apr-Jul anytime instances are inclined to be dry and heat at the same time as evenings and previously mornings have a tendency to be chilly – also wonderful for game observing.


People today are encouraged to take pre-entrance precautions in direction of liver illness The,typhoid,malaria, polio, (threat right through every single period around the whole nation) in the process as yellow fever. Extra wellness troubles are diarrhoeal,dysentery diseases, cholera (steer clear of road distributors; purification method and steam consuming drinking water), flu (danger extends all via 12 several weeks), restricted health-related facilities likewise as Assists. The atmosphere aggravates prolonged sinus difficulties. Dust throughout the dry length, molds around the moist period at the same time as pollens higher than average from the 12 months can influence hypersensitive reactions.


ebony carvings; stitched baskets; copper mineral, steel likewise as malachite objects d’art; imprinted material; encounter percussion; xylophones; souvenirs clay containers. may possibly be launched with out limitation, however web-based game trophies in a.grams.pores, tooth,pores and skin, feather, and so forth. are likely to be prone to export allows.

The must see destinations in Zambia

Southern Luangwa

Zambia’s primary from the internet game recreation region talked about as a result of of its dense concentrations of on-line game, with 50 animals along with 400 bird types; the real South Luangwa water functions a great deal more hippos likewise as crocodiles than some other drinking water inside Africa.

Lower Zambezi

Excellent using the web game seeing as a result of kayak or vessel , the area to uncover 1 of your biggest remaining elephant herds inside globe; moreover see buffalo as well as hippo at near collection too as birds by the bucket load.


Around the money, do not miss the vivid markets, Munda Wanga Zoo and Natural Scenery, Kalimba Lizard Recreation region, Kabwata Sociable zintu neighborhood,lusaka musem, Village, Artwork gallery connected with Arts and also Crafts and in addition the Copper mineral Artwork Centre.


Roughly, start to determine the Mosi-oa-Tunya Zoo, the real Railway Museum,Maramba, Livingstone Museum, Sociable City, Mukuni tribal city, typical events in addition as markets. Close by kayak or perhaps cruise on a vessel throughout the best rated Zambezi, proceed bungi leap,whitewater river rafting, absent Victoria Falls hyperlink, micro-light around the Drops and also Batoka Gorge or maybe proceed horse riding, strolling as well as birding trails.
Zambia is genuinely labeled by a lot of as “

the precise Africa

”; it is additionally acknowledged amongst the most secure nations inside the globe to go to. It’s the property from your Victoria Falls, the insane Zambezi , and also a abundance connected with animals,pulsating wilderness as well as parrots. Zambia’s individuals are welcoming likewise as dwell in peace and tranquility. The wildlife is excellent and a few of the biggest safaris around the planet will be identified inside the safari companies. The nation is in fact also lucky with seventeen wonderful falls and a abundance of flora and fauna. The precise Victoria Falls are wonderful, posts of squirt is often observed from miles away, the Victoria Falls Bridge affords an amazing take a look at each down the precise gorge on a single aspect likewise as towards the falls around the other. For a exact pleasure you’ll be able to see this around the environment. Micro-light in addition as fixed aspect flights are usually identified.

A Guide To Zambia Tours

The precise wildlife which is usually noticed lion,cheetah,elephant,giraffe, primates, leopard, together with the considerable bird population believed to become a minimal of 740 May perhaps pleasure any type of bird fanatic. You’ll locate a variety of possibilities for safaris, strolling, canoeing, elephant back again once again, horse back again and open up automobile to title a couple of.Safari lodges are available at an affordable rate.

Within the occasion that collectibles is 1 factor within your plan the most effective spot for an assortment of tasks and curios may likely be the Mukuni Victoria Declines Develop City.

From complicated animal carvings inside rock or wooden, or the gorgeous malachite, encounter drums,masks strolling stays, diamond jewelry and significantly additional. The vendors are normally happy to business regarding issues like Cash tee shirts, batteries, footwear or perhaps something else.

Inside of July of every 12 months the Leya people be considered a component on the Lwiindi Ceremony. The native most people believe the authentic spirits of their forefathers nonetheless reside inside of the gorges with the declines and all through the Lwiindi they provide submit to them for rain.

Things To Do

Mosi To Tunya Nationwide Adventure

location is situated throughout the upper Zambezi from and such as the Victoria Declines,

it provides a home regarding various antelope kinds, zebra, giraffe and in addition the recently acquired white rhinos, 1 of whom gave delivery within the park in 94′.

Choose a nice drive throughout the recreation region in a few hrs in addition as nearly all on the kinds there may be visible at close to variety you’ll find no possible predators, they’re actually relaxed too as find the money for some exceptional image choices.

There may be a huge assortment of hi-action actions in the strolling safari strong during the wilderness to water white rafting, bengi towards the strong gorge beneath the Victoria Falls,canoeing,safaris, abseiling, tiger woods fishing at the same time as amazing African sunsets.



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