Zambia Walking Safari


walking safaris in Zambia

are certainly more thrilling in comparison with game drive in the wilderness. With a walking safari Africa, there is a closer encounter with the wilderness, the smell of the earth, the screeching insects crawling below, sights of the wild animals…and so much more

The Zambia walking safari usually starts quite early in the day after breakfast, meet your day’s tour guide who will lead you on trails in the tall bushes of say South Luangwa National Park, crossing the Zambezi river, tracking on animals such as the big cats…the cheetah, Lions, Hyenas, and others like elephant herds, Giraffes, hartebeest and other that you’ll find roaming over the savannah grasslands.

Zambia Walking safaris Africa

normally includes trails through the dense forests near

Victoria Falls

, Backup Vehicle trails, mobile camping safari walks plus much more. With walking safaris Africa, remember to carry every thing you need on the trail such as drinking water. Comfortable walking shoes are a must if you’re to enjoy the walking safaris in Zambia.

Walking safaris in Zambia

are either done in the early morning before noon and late in the say as the sun sets over the horizon. Led by an armed and experienced ranger guide your safety while on walking safaris in Zambia is not compromised. In fact you’ll have the rare opportunity to follow different animals by their animal spoors; the guide will tell you some very important tips about the animals’ behavior before you pounce on them. It is surely an enjoyable experience. As a caution; follow each and every safety tips that are given by our ranger guide, carry a binoculars, wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and finally wear long sleeved clothes but avoid bright colors.

South Luangwa National park Zambia

was the very first tourist destination for walking safaris in Africa and offers every unique Zambia walking safaris Packages. It is also the most visited Zambia National Park given is abundant game numbers, well marked walking trails, vast numbers of nesting birds and so much more. Other Zambia national parks that offer African walking safaris in Zambia include

Kafue National Park


North Luangwa National Park


Zambia accommodation on walking safaris is normally as simple as bush camps, Zambia safari lodges or using mobile camps. Many safari lodges and camps in Zambia’s National parks and reserves have Zambia walking safari packages. Refreshments are going to be offered on the way moved by any porter.



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