Food and Dining in Angola

Visiting Angola and Africa as a whole means you are set to explore each and every aspect of the life, landscape and cultures of Angola  people. Ever wondered how food in Angola tastes?  Allow me introduce you some of the tastier Angola Cuisines.

Calulu is a traditional Angolan dish widely consumed in urban and rural
zones of Angola. Calulu, sometime spelled as kalulu, is basically made with
a mix of dry fish and fresh fish, okra, jimboa or spinach stew in palm oil.

Funje – Cassava Flour Porridge – Angola
Funje is a traditional Angolan food made with dried cassava (manioc, yucca)
flour by stirring the cassava flour into water. The food, known in English
as the “Cassava Flour Porridge”, funje is the Angolan version of West
African fufu. However, the preparation method is the same.

Mufete of Kacusso
The Mufete of kacusso is an Angolan traditional food made of fresh grilled
river’s tilapia and a mild spiced onion sauce accompanied with stewed palm
oil beans; boiled sweet potato; boiled plantain and boiled cassava.

Kizaka Peanut Stew
Kizaca is a traditional Angolan dish widely consumed in urban and rural
zones of Angola. Kizaca, sometime spelled as Quizaca, is basically made of
cassava leaves stew in peanut butter. The full recipe of this popular dish
of Angola traditional cuisine is as follow.

Chicken With Okra – Chicken Muamba

Chicken with Okra or chicken of muamba is a traditional Angolan recipe for
a classic stew of chicken in a tomato-based sauce thickened with plenty of


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